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WOYSM Is Looking For Writers

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Do you love sports so much that you regularly enjoy sitting around with friends discussing the current sports topics? Do you usually find yourself having strong opinions on the subject(s) being discussed?

How many times have you watched a game that your favorite team is playing in and everytime they do something good or bad you immediately point out what made it a success or a failure, having the ability to do it accurately and with logic because of your knowledge of the game. Knowledge that you gained over the years as an avid fan and you not only feel compelled to throw in your two cents worth about it but you always do it with passion because of YOUR passion for the game it’s self.

You and your buddies sit around talking smack during a game putting down each others team to the point that anyone over hearing your rants that don’t know who you are, can’t tell if you and your friends are about to break out in a fight or start high fiving each other and ultimately its some of the best times you ever had together.

If this sounds like you, WOYSM would like for you to consider an internship with us. We can always use passionate fans with the ability to express that passion on paper. A passion that immediately catches the readers eye just from the headline you provide.

Just to give you an idea of how much passion I have for the sport’s I follow, my site is currently non-profit. I write for the love of the sport expecting nothing in return except the enjoyment of writing what ever inspires me or what ever catches my ear and I just HAVE to comment on.

Hopefully WOYSM won’t always be non-profit, but we have to start somewhere however in the meantime if anyone would be interested in writing sports articles for the love of doing so at least for now, I could’t pay you. But hopefully with the right effort and dedication the site will go viral and should that happen it would certainly change everything and that is my ultimate goal. If that dream materializes in the future any writers on staff would certainly be retained and given commission from that point on. So come grow with me.

Currently I work a full time career in the Engineering field as a bridge inspector, so I don’t get to write new articles everyday but only few times a week and sometimes even less when I work long hours. So my goal is to hopefully make up for the lack of quantity with quality. Don’t get me wrong the archive shelves aren’t by any means bare, so far I have published 84 articles, so there’s plenty of reading to keep one occupied.

Anyone wishing to write articles can do so whenever you wish in your spare time or whenever there’s a good story that you just HAVE to speak out about.

Also as owner and editor of WOYSM I only ask that you follow these simple rules.

Always be professional, using good judgement in your words.

Vulgarity or Abusive language and non-fact based accusation’s will NOT be tolerated

Before any articles are published on the site by intern writers they must be proof read and approved by yours truly.

My grammar is no where near perfect and I do not claim to be a journalist so I can’t ask it of you but do the best you can and always spell check red line words.

Express your articles in your own words but until you can establish your own format that I approve of please keep your   articles in the same format that all of the articles here are written in. You write the details of your subject then you express “Whats On Your Sports Mind” about that subject. Once you’ve read a few articles posted here you will get the BIG picture.

I would also consider linking up with other sports blog site owners and co-writing together at both sites.

So if anyone is interested and IF you have always had the dream of writing about sports, then here’s your chance.

Send me an email at the address below and I will get back to you ASAP.                         



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