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Cowboys Future CAN Be Bright

Dallas Cowboys

Even though the 2015 season hasn’t gone as expected for the Dallas Cowboys (4-11-0) there could be a light at the end of a discouraging season for Cowboys fans everywhere. In fact the Cowboys are not as far from being a Super Bowl contender as many might think or their record shows IF they do their homework and make the right moves in the very near future.

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What Should Cowboys Do About Bryant/Murray Situation ?

Dez and DeMarco

With the Cowboys facing the problem of having to re-sign both Dez Bryant & DeMarco Murray during the same offseason, Jerry Jones has hinted that one MAY have to GO…. & he also has said he will NOT allow Dez to get away. With that in mind you have to realize that it’s HIGHLY possible that come the 2015 season Murray will not be part of the Cowboys roster.

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