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Welcome to Whats On Your Sports Mind. This sports blog site was created for the FANS by a fan. I write the blogs from a fans perspective, then I post whats on MY sports mind about the subject and look forward to hearing Whats On Your Sports Mind about it. It’s why the site was gave that very name.

I’m not an expert in any sport, but I know enough about the ones I do cover to hopefully make the articles enjoyable to read and the sports that I am not worthy of writing about, you will not see me covering.

I am the only writer for the site and all of the articles contained within this site are SOLELY The opinion of this Editor with NO Intent to Accuse or otherwise make False Claims about Any Person or Entity Covered or Mentioned in any WOYSM articles and since it is Only Opinions expressed herein, It SHALL be viewed as Just That and ONLY That.

I don’t get to write articles everyday at this time because I work a full time job out of town during the week. Hopefully being that is the case, Instead of putting out articles in quantity the hope is to give you better quality reading.

Whats On Your Sports Mind is a Non-Profit Sports Blog, Which basically means currently WE do it all for free therefore everything provided on our site is free.

Thanks to Everyone in advance for stopping by & Please be sure to come back at your convenience. Thus far I’ve got a LOT of great compliments &WOYSM is VERY Grateful for your Support.

Also please don’t forget to comment (Put in your 2-cents worth) on any and as many of the articles as you wish.

Remember YOU the fan is what its ALL about and why the site’s called Whats On “YOUR” Sports Mind.

WOYSM would also like to thank ESPN for providing RSS feeds for their Top Headlines, Bottom Line Sports, NCAA Team Logos with RSS Feeds To Team pages all of which greatly improves the Quality  and Informative Information of the WOYSM site.

Also for their WEALTH of Sports Knowledge, and GREAT Coverage of  ALL Sports.

Many of the articles on WOYSM would not have been near as interesting without the ability to post one of the most important parts to pretty much any sports article, which are the team and player stats. ESPN and their  Enormous  Vault of Sports History helps make Sports Blogging fun for us ALL.

Here’s to The Sports Giant for all they do and have done over the years to bring Sports into every home in America in so many ways.

WOYSM Salutes you….


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