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February 8, 2018

LeBron To The Lakers?

by Larry Leek

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Orlando Magic

Breaking News! WOYSM has just learned that there are talks underway between the LA Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers which is said to involve a MAJOR trade. If thats the case the Cavaliers can probably say goodbye to LeBron James and it’s beginning to look like they could be receiving basically nobody in return. 

It’s highly possible it may also NOT involve James, but with all the talk the dating back to last season about the possibility of LeBron going to the Lakers you have to wonder.

He already owns a house there and has most of his business’s located there, so for him the move would make sense. It would also make sense for the Cav’s. and Lakers as well. It would free up ton’s of cap space for Cleveland, giving them the ability to try & build a Golden State type team with more than one superstar on the team. The Lakers could definitely use someone like James to booster their roster, James could also help mentor Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball.

It’s not certain just yet what the trade talks involve but for it to be considered major you got to ask yourself beside’s LeBron as far as Cleveland is concerned and considering there is no one major to mention when it comes to the Lakers, to this ole Sports Mind it sound like it could be only ONE thing, but there’s another name on the Cav’s roster it could involve and thats Isaiah Thomas who has been a major disappointment since joining Cleveland.  We shall see, so Stay Tuned….

Even if this is not the actual trade, it’s become obvious that Cav’s owner Dan Gilbert is making it known that he won’t allow James to have control over their #1 pick they acquired from the Brooklyn Netsso it could be the writing on the wall that LeBron is on the way out and what better time than now?




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