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February 4, 2018

Larry’s Losers, Super Bowl LII

by Larry Leek

Larry's Losers

Defending Super Bowl Champs, the 15-3 New England Patriots and their high powered offense led by QB, Tom Brady, will take on the 15-3 Philadelphia Eagles and their backup QB, Nick FolesWe were able to find out in the conference championships that the OLD fable defense wins championships is NO LONGER true, as the top two defense’s in the NFL this year both lost. As far as the two Super Bowl LII participants, which one sports the best offense and defense?


When you look at the offense’s one HUGE difference here is the fact that you have the #1 rated QB in the NFL this year (Brady) also the league MVP against the Eagles backup (Foles) who actually didn’t finish in the top 40 ranked QB’s this season, largely because of how late he entered the lineup after starting QB, Carson Wentz’s injury. Just the same thats a major difference at the most key position on the field. The Patriots also have the #1 ranked offense overall, while the Eagles are ranked 7th. Over on the defensive side, the difference is about as vast as the difference between the two quarterback’s rankings only not QUITE so vast. The Eagles defense finished the season ranked #4 while the Patriots were way down near the bottom at #29 which is just another reason to squash the old saying about dominating defense’s winning titles, especially if the Patriots come out on top of this one.

The Patriots are also trying to become only the second team in NFL history to win back to back SB’s two times. They will join the Pittsburgh Steelers if they manage to accomplish the very difficult task tonight. The Eagles are still trying to win their first Lombardy trophy after losing in both of their two previous appearances, so we shall see if the third times the charm. One things for SURE though, against this Patriots team it won’t be an easy task.

Let’s get to this years Super Bowl Loser…

NFL Super Bowl LII

 Sunday, February 4th

Larry’s Loser: Philadelphia.



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