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January 19, 2018

Larry’s Losers, Conference Championships

by Larry Leek

Larry's Losers

Well last weeks Divisional round did NOT go as expected. Other than New England  who defeated TennesseeI missed on the other 3-games for a 1-3 record and it gives me a total season record of 171-92. Looking at this weeks conference championship games we shall find out if the OLD saying “Defense Wins Championships” still has any meaning with all the new rules that pretty much harness today’s defense’s in the league.

Starting with the AFC Championship you have the #1 defense in the NFL 11-6 Jacksonville at the defending Super Bowl Champs, 14-3 New England and their high powered offense led by QB, Tom Brady, who reportedly hurt his throwing hand in practice earlier this week. Brady was wearing a protective glove on the sidelines during practice the next day BUT the question here, is this a legit injury OR the lame duck act being put on by head coach Bill Belichick, Brady and the Patriots? In the NFC its 14-3 Minnesota, at 14-3 Philadelphia and once again the BIG question here is how well will the Eagles play with QB, Nick Foles running the team against the great defense of the Vikings? At the end of the day you have two GREAT defense’s for the Jaguars and Vikings so we shall see if the old saying still holds true and if EITHER make it to the Super Bowl.

Let’s get to this weeks Losers…

Sunday, January 21st

3:05 PM ET CBS


(10-6, 4-4 Away)


(13-3, 6-2 Home)

Gillette Stadium
Foxboro, MA
45° F
Larry’s Loser: Jacksonville
6:40 PM ET FOX


(13-3, 6-2 Away)


(13-3, 7-1 Home)

Lincoln Financial Field
Philadelphia, PA
49° F


Larry’s Loser: Philadelphia




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