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December 20, 2017


by Larry Leek


The #2 Pittsburgh Steelers fell from the top spot in the WOYSM NFL Top 12 only because they were victims of a bad call which negated what would have been the winning TD. This Sports Mind has NEVER like the new so called rule of a WR having to establish himself as a runner, For Gosh Sake if he caught it, he CAUGHT IT!

Since when does a WR have to become a RB to make a CATCH? The rule is about as dumb as allowing the ground to cause a fumble, Yep at one time in the NFL the ground was not considered a player and we woke up one Sunday and it suddenly was a living, breathing thing.

Moving into their slot atop the poll is none other than the team who LUCKED out the win over the Steelers, the #1 New England Patriots. The #3 Philadelphia Eagles retain their spot in the top 12 as do the rest of the teams all the way down to the #9 spot, since all those teams won last week.

The Seattle Seahawks were the only team to drop from the poll after they had the brakes beaten off at the hands of the #9 LA Ramsthe #12 Detroit Lions take their slot in the Top 12.

Let’s GO To The Poll!!!!


   Rank                 Team             W     L     T    PR

  1. New England    11     3     0    2 
  2. Pittsburgh         11     3     0    1
  3. Philadelphia      12     2     0    3 
  4. Minnesota         11     3     0    4
  5. Jacksonville        10     4     0    5 
  6. Carolina             10     4     0    6 
  7. New Orleans      10     4     0    7
  8. Atlanta                  9     5     0    8
  9.  LA Rams            10     4     0    9
  10. Baltimore             8     6     0    12 
  11. Tennessee             8     6     0    10  
  12. Detroit                  8     6     0    NR     

Others Receiving Consideration: Kansas City, Dallas, LA Chargers, Buffalo.

Teams That Dropped: Seattle

PR=Previous Rank

NR=Not Ranked

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?







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