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November 9, 2017

Larry’s Losers Week 10

by Larry Leek

Larry's Losers

Thing are starting to get back to normal after 2-GREAT weeks. Last weeks 10-3 record makes it 22-4 over the last two weeks with an overall record of 79-52 on the season, so some better. Now that the playoff race is beginning to heat up we should begin to see a separation of the contenders and pretenders.

There are a few games this week that will start to separate the two and we will I will point those out as we go thru who will hopefully be this week LOSERS…. Let’s get started.

Thursday, November 9th

8:25 PM ET NBC


(5-3, 2-2 Away)


(4-4, 2-1 Home)

U of Phoenix Stadium
Glendale, AZ
This is certainly one of those games that will begin to separate the teams headed for the playoffs and those headed for the draft derby. Seattle comes into this game needing a win to keep pace with the Rams in the NFC West. They had the Redskins right where they wanted them last week before they let em get away in a 17-14 loss. The Seahawks had won 4-straight games before losing to the skins. Arizona is still enduring a season long roller coaster ride, they have lost/won every other game this season and it couldn’t get anymore up and down than that. They managed to get the win last week against the winless 49ers 20-10, but it won’t be that easy against a desperate Seattle team and the the Cardinals trend continues they are due for a loss and a loss will likely send them from playoff contention to the draft derby line.
Larry’s Loser: Arizona.

Sunday, November 12th

1:00 PM ET FOX


(6-2, 3-1 Away)


(5-3, 4-0 Home)

New Era Field
Buffalo, NY
This 2nd game pits two playoff contenders and the end result could send the LOSER reeling in the opposite direction. New Orleans has been on fire as of late, winning their last 6-games. Last week they defeated the Buccaneers 30-10. They have averaged just over 30 ppg. over those 6-wins while the defense has given up an avg. of 15.0 ppg which is definitely the recipe for success. Buffalo has looked great at times especially on defense. The Bills have won 2 of their last 3 games, but only 2 of their last 4. Last weekend they lost to the Jets on the road 34-21. Another interesting tid bit, the Saints are 3-1 on the road while Buffalo is 4-0 at home and thats gonna make it a tough out for New Orleans.
Larry’s Loser: Buffalo.
1:00 PM ET FOX


(4-4, 1-2 Away)


(3-5, 2-2 Home)

Soldier Field
Chicago, IL
In a battle between two wait till next year teams, even though you wouldn’t have said that about the Packers a few weeks ago, it certainly appears that way now. Every since Green Bay QB, Aaron Rodgers went out for the season with a broken right clavicle the Packers have been in a tailspin. they lost the game Rodgers was injured in and haven’t won since, losing again on Monday night to Detroit 30-17. Chicago is definitely a team competing for a spot in the draft derby, but they have shown flashes at times, they were in a 2-game winning streak before losing their last game to the Saints, they had their bye week last week. So it’s the battle between two young QB’s in The Packers, Brett Hundley and Chicago’s Mitchell TrubiskySo far Trubisky has been the better of the two.
Larry’s Loser: Green Bay.
1:00 PM ET CBS


(0-8, 0-3 Away)


(4-4, 1-3 Home)

Ford Field
Detroit, MI
Here you have the classic example of one team not only in stiff competition in the draft derby, but also in a 2-way tie for first place and another team fighting for a playoff spot except they are a LONG way from home field advantage, but not out of the race. Cleveland at 0-8 would probably like to get ONE win this year, but they may want to wait on the 49ers to get one first. They had their bye week last week and yes as you can guess they lost their last game two weeks ago. Detroit on the other hand is really a good football team that needs a little confidence at times. Even though they have lost 3 of their last 5, they managed to get a win last week against a battered, down and out Packers team 30-17 but you can’t really call that win a confidence booster and as far as that goes you really can’t consider a win here one either.
Larry’s Loser: Cleveland.
1:00 PM ET FOX


(3-5, 1-3 Away)


(5-3, 3-1 Home)

Nissan Stadium
Nashville, TN
Here’s another game between two teams that appear to be headed in opposite directions. Cincinnati just can’t keep their head above .500 and they are also 1-3 on the road, heading to Nashville, TN to play the Titans this weekend. Even though they have won 3 of their last 5 games, two of those were against the Browns and Colts, they lost their game last week to the jags. 23-7. Tennessee even though they are 5-3, they are tied for 1st place in the mediocre AFC South, they won their last game against the Ravens 23-20. The Titans are on a 3-game winning streak and are a mirror image at home (3-1) to the Bengals road record which could be the difference maker.
Larry’s Loser: Cincinnati.
1:00 PM ET CBS


(6-2, 4-1 Away)


(3-6, 2-2 Home)

Lucas Oil Stadium
Indianapolis, IN
The question here should be how bad is Pittsburgh going to BEAT down on the Colts? The Steelers have won 4 of their last 5 games including their last three, they had their bye week last week and they are also 4-1 on the road. They should be a lock to make the playoffs if they continue the status quo.  Indianapolis is another team running in the 2nd group of derby teams and should they end up with a high draft pick, WHAT position will they use it on? The Colts managed to pull out a 20-14 win last week against a devastated Texans team who had lost starting QB, DeShaun Watson in practice the week prior to the game. One bright spot for the Colts, they are .500 at home (2-2) one dark spot, the team announced earlier this week that QB, Andrew Luck will not return this season and has been placed on IR.
Larry’s Loser: Indianapolis.
1:00 PM ET CBS


(4-5, 1-3 Away)


(2-6, 2-2 Home)

Raymond James Stadium
Tampa, FL
Who knows what the Jets will do from one week to the next, after upsetting Buffalo last week 34-21 getting their 1st home win of the season. New York had lost 3-straight games before beating the Bills, but the last time the Jets won they reeled off 3-straight so maybe they can get into the playoff hunt. One team that can count themselves OUT of the playoff hunt and a serious draft derby contender is  2-6 Tampa Bay  even though both of their wins have come at home it won’t be so easy against a pretty good Jets team. Last week they were Throttled at New Orleans 30-10 and they are currently mired in a 5-game. losing streak, losing 6 of their last 7. Both teams desperately need a win/loss either way, however to remain in their respective races.
Larry’s Loser: Tampa Bay.
1:00 PM ET FOX


(6-2, 2-1 Away)


(4-4, 2-2 Home)

FedEx Field
Landover, MD
Minnesota looks solid at every position except for the main position (QB). First you have injured QB, Teddy Bridgewater who looked very promising before suffering a horrendous knee injury last year. But he might get reactivated soon, it’s uncertain when he will be able to play though. Then theres often injured Sam Bradford who like the Colts did with Luck, the team announced this week that Bradford is gone for the season. then theres the current starter, unproven Case Keenum. Given that you got to give it to the team since they are 6-2. They have won 4 in a row and 5 of their last 6 games, they had their bye week last week. Washington managed to get a nice win last week edging the Seahawks on the road 17-14. They had lost two in a row prior to last weeks win. Both of these teams are still in the playoff race, the Vikings have a 2-game lead in the NFC Central But the Redskins are fading fast at 3rd in the NFC East and another loss will likely kill their chances for making the playoffs.
Larry’s Loser: Washington.
1:00 PM ET CBS


(3-5, 2-2 Away)


(5-3, 2-2 Home)

EverBank Field
Jacksonville, FL
Even though the LA Chargers have played some better as of late, winning 3 pf their last 4 they were unable to beat the Patriots 2-weeks ago before last weeks bye. They beat the Giants, Raiders & Broncos prior to losing to the Patriots and none of those wins were against a team with a winning record. Jacksonville has won 3 of their last 4 with the most impressive being against the Steelers, last week they beat the Bengals 23-7. Here you have the Chargers close to being out of the playoff race and the Jaguars are in the playoff hunt, but if not for their GREAT looking defense they probably would be in the draft derby. Funny thing the Chargers are 2-2 on the road while Jacksonville is 2-2 at home Oh BOY!!!!
Larry’s Loser: Los Angeles.
4:05 PM ET CBS


(3-5, 1-2 Away)


(6-2, 2-2 Home)

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Los Angeles, CA
Houston looked like they had a chance to make the playoffs before rookie QB, DeShaun Watson injured his knee during practice before last week’s game. Last week his absence definitely showed as the Texans lost to the Colts 20-14. The week before with Watson in the lineup the Texas were defeated by the Seahawks but they managed 38 pts. It was Houston’s 3rd loss in the last 4 games and they are likely out of the playoff race.  Unlike the OTHER LA team the LA Rams have looked the exact opposite. They are in a 3-way tie for the 2nd best record in the NFC at 6-2. Winning 5 of their last 6 definitely has them in the playoff hunt and also a shot at home field, they pummeled the Giants last week 51-17. The Texans don’t help their cause at 1-2 on the road, however the Rams aren’t much better with a 2-2 home record.
Larry’s Loser: Houston.
4:25 PM ET FOX


(5-3, 3-1 Away)


(4-4, 1-2 Home)

Mercedes-Benz Stadium
Atlanta, GA
So will Zeke play or sit? Thats the million dollar question. The answer won’t be known until Friday so begin the suspense. Dallas has started looking like their old/new form or should we say last seasons form only one thing different, they have a much younger defense that seems to be getting better with each game. DE, Demarcus Lawrence is having a very nice season with 10.5 sacks already. The Cowboys have won 2 of their last 3 and have looked impressive in doing so, particularly in the run game. They beat the Chiefs on Sunday 28-17 and are definitely a team in the playoff hunt. Atlanta has been a mirror image of themselves compared to last season. they have lost 4 of their last 5 losing last week to the Panthers 20-17. In their defense they have had a tough schedule this season BUT thats what happens when you are the SB runner up. A loss by the Falcons will put them below .500 and could likely put them out of the playoff race, also the winner of this game could depend on IF Elliott plays or not.
Larry’s Loser: Atlanta.
4:25 PM ET FOX


(1-7, 1-3 Away)


(0-9, 0-4 Home)

Levi’s Stadium
Santa Clara, CA
So what do we have here? If you asked the ole Sports Mind I’d say you have a MESS. You got a 1-7 NY Giant team at an 0-9 San Francisco and the way the Giants are playing I honestly think the 49ers are pretty enthused that they will FINALLY get that 1st win this Sunday. I’m SURE the Browns will be rooting for them. There’s no sense in going over who’s lost how many or who’s beat who lately when discussing these 2-teams, because only a couple of things matter. One thing, has the Giants quit on their head coach and the other, will the niners usher in the Jimmy Garoppolo era this Sunday? Well to be honest nothing matters as far as these two teams go except WHO will win the draft derby.
Larry’s Loser: New York (If its NOT a scoreless tie).
8:30 PM ET NBC


(6-2, 3-0 Away)


(3-5, 3-1 Home)

Sports Authority Field at Mile High
Denver, CO
Here we have two more teams headed in opposite directions. New England started out losing their opener looking like they might be slowing down, however they have won 6 of their last 7 games including their last 4-straight. You can say their last 4-games haven’t been against very good teams and they haven’t since they all have records at .500 or worse. They beat the Chargers two weeks ago and had their bye week last week. Denver started their season looking like they were definitely playoff contenders, now they have lost 5 of their last 6 including their last 4-games all by double digits, they were embarrassed last week by the Eagles 51-23 and of the 3-young QB’s on the Bronco’s roster two have tried with neither stepping up. The Broncos are expected to start rookie Paxton Lynch for the first time this season on Sunday so now he gets his shot, Maybe Lynch can save the ranch.
Larry’s Loser: Denver.

Monday, November 13th



(4-4, 2-2 Away)


(6-3, 2-2 Home)

Bank of America Stadium
Charlotte, NC
Fickled Miami is one of those teams you just can’t figure out, they are currently .500, they have also split their last 6-games and had lost their last 2 before their bye week last weekend. They traded away their best RB in Jay Ajayi to the Eagles and instead of making the playoffs for a 2nd straight season, unless things change they will likely end up at the bottom of the draft derby pack. Carolina QB, Cam Newton said last week the team does what it takes keep the Titanic afloat so it will get to its destination, ONLY the Titanic never made it’s destination? The Panthers are however headed in the right direction, lets just wait and see if the ship can stay afloat this time. The Panthers have won 4 of their last 6 including their last 2-games, they beat the Falcons last week 20-17. Miami is 2-2 on the road while the panthers are 2-2 at home. In this matchup, however just about have to go with the best QB.
Larry’s Loser: Miami.

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