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October 20, 2017

Larry’s Losers Week 7

by Larry Leek

Larry's Losers

What a nightmare last week, even when I woke up on Tuesday it still wasn’t any better. After suffering thru a dismal 4-10 record (My personal worst in YEARS) I can hope the only way to go is UP. This brings the overall season record to 50-40, OOOOOOO! NOT! good. So lets see if we can improve and get out of this slump before it gets ANY worse. Maybe this week I can pick the actual LOSERS….

Because the way things have gone lately, (particularly the last two weeks) it sure seems like a LOT of Larry’s Losers are actual winners…. I got to get a new bag, hopefully a winning one. But I got a feeling THIS is the week this Ole Sports Mind ends the slump.

Lets get to this weeks LOSERS.

Thursday, October 19th

8:25 PM ET CBS


(5-1, 3-0 Away)


(2-4, 1-2 Home)

Oakland Coliseum
Oakland, CA
This used to be one of the biggest rivalry’s in the NFL once upon a time and it also used to produce the most fights. Both of these teams were expected to compete for the division title this season and perhaps if that could happen we could see that rivalry renewed. Both the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders are coming off loses last week, but it was the Chiefs first, losing to the Steelers 19-13 and the Raiders fourth straight as they fell to 2-4 after falling to the Chargers 17-16. Maybe the Raiders can get some of that OLD Chief blood boiling again by handing them their 2nd straight loss.
Larry’s Loser: Oakland.

Sunday, October 22nd

4:05 PM ET FOX


(2-3, 1-1 Away)


(0-6, 0-2 Home)

Levi’s Stadium
Santa Clara, CA
MY Dallas Cowboys had the week off last Sunday and boy they needed it after starting the season a disappointing 2-4 and losing a heart breaker to the Packers 35-30 before the break. The Cowboys find themselves playing one of the two winless teams remaining in the 0-6 San Francisco 49ers. Earlier in the week the Cowboys learned that the courts had sided with the NFL in RB Ezekiel Elliott’s Domestic violence case and his 6-game suspension was to begin Sunday, now he has been granted a stay until the judge can return from vacation to rule on Elliott’s appeal (How nice), SO he can play this weekend. Personally after the way he’s played thus far this season this ole Sports Mind would just as soon see him go ahead and start sitting. The 49ers will get more and more desperate for a win with each passing week, will they FINALLY get some relief Sunday? Lets hope NOT but I got a BAD feeling about this one, well not that bad….
Larry’s Loser: San Francisco.
1:00 PM ET FOX


(2-3, 0-2 Away)


(3-2, 2-0 Home)

New Era Field
Buffalo, NY
74° F
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have not lived up to expectations thus far at 2-3, losing last week to Arizona 38-33. Even though they have the nucleus of a good team, they just can’t get the BIG wins with both of their wins coming against the Bears and Giants HA HA, oops sorry. The Buffalo Bills have looked like a team capable of getting those BIG wins and after winning 3 of their first 4 games this season they laid an egg against the Bengals last Sunday 20-16. Which team will get the BIG win this week?
Larry’s Loser: Tampa Bay.
1:00 PM ET CBS


(4-2, 3-0 Away)


(2-4, 1-2 Home)

Soldier Field
Chicago, IL
67° F
The 4-2 Carolina Panthers  head to ancient Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Bears. The Panthers lost a heart breaker at home last Thursday to the Eagles 28-23, while the Bears beat the Ravens on the road 27-24 in a mild upset. The Panthers are still very much in the hunt for a playoff spot, but the Bears just need too much right now to hope for anything but a good draft SLOT however, they are capable of pulling off the upset and the Bears rookie QB, Mitchell Trubisky has looked sensational in his debut. Will they manage to pull off another upset, after beating the Steelers earlier this year and the Ravens last week?
Larry’s Loser: Chicago.
1:00 PM ET CBS


(3-3, 1-2 Away)


(0-6, 0-3 Home)

FirstEnergy Stadium
Cleveland, OH
73° F
The Tennessee Titans are hoping that QB, Marcus Mariota will be back to his old self as well as his hamstring when they play the Cleveland Browns Sunday. Last week the Titans got a much need win over the Colts 36-22 after dropping the previous 2-games. The winless Browns keep playing the QB merry go round. After benching rookie QB, DeShone Kizer  last Sunday for 2nd year QB, Cody Kessler, and the moved yielding a 33-17 loss to the Texans, the Browns have decided to go back to Kizer, but will THIS move provide the spark needed for the Browns to get that 1st win? NOT….
Larry’s Loser: Cleveland.
1:00 PM ET FOX


(3-2, 2-1 Away)


(4-2, 3-0 Home)

Lambeau Field
Green Bay, WI
62° F
The New Orleans Saints appear to have turned things around after winning their last 3-games, two of those were against the Panthers and last week they beat the Lions at home 52-38. Maybe trading RB, Adrian Peterson  to the Cardinals was a good thing at least for the Saints. Now they get a chance to make it 4-straight against the Aaron Rogers-less  Green Bay Packers who lost Rogers for the season with a broken right Clavicle last week in their loss to the Vikings 23-10. Without Rogers the Packers will turn to 3rd year QB, Brett Hundley so brace yourselves Packer fans, their could be a whole lot of worse before it gets better and the season could turn out to be a lot LONGER.
Larry’s Loser: Green Bay.
1:00 PM ET CBS


(3-3, 2-1 Away)


(2-4, 2-1 Home)

Lucas Oil Stadium
Indianapolis, IN
71° F
Everyone thought the Jacksonville Jaguars had a good chance to make the playoffs this year with on paper what looks to be a good young team. If you look at their games played thus far they have won/lost every other game this season and last week they lost to the Rams 27-17, SO if the trend continues the Jags should get the win this weekend right? No one figured much from the Indianapolis Colts this season since it was pretty well known that the Colts would be without the services of their franchise QB, Andrew Luck for most of OR all of the season. Since losing their first 2-games this year the Colts have also won/lost every other game as well and they also lost last Sunday to the Titans 36-22, so something has to give here who’s gonna break the trend?
Larry’s Loser: Indianapolis.
1:00 PM ET FOX





Los Angeles, CA

Twickenham Stadium

Last Sunday the Arizona Cardinals and newly acquired RB, Adrian Peterson seemed to hit it off right out of the gate as Peterson carried the ball for 134 yds. and 2-TD’s on 26 carries in their win over the Buccaneers 38-33. Also the Cardinals are yet another team that has won/lost every other game this season. Does that mean they will lose this Sunday against the surprise 4-2 LA Rams or will Peterson be the difference maker? The Rams on the other hand have won 3 of their last 4 games including last week’s game against the Jags. 27-17. Los Angeles has looked much improved and could be headed for the postseason if things continue to go their way. So it’s youth against experience. Who will win out?                                                                                                                              Larry’s Loser: Los Angeles. 


1:00 PM ET FOX


(3-3, 1-2 Away)


(3-2, 1-1 Home)

Hard Rock Stadium
Miami, FL
88° F
The 3-3 NY Jets were beginning to look like they might be heading in the right direction 2-weeks ago after having won 3-straight games. Then last weekend rolled around and things got back to normal as they lost to the Patriots 24-17. The Miami Dolphins managed to get their heads above water with a 3-2 record by upsetting off the Falcons 20-17, but have the Dolphins improved that much OR have the Falcons taken a few steps backwards?
Larry’s Loser: New York.
1:00 PM ET CBS


(3-3, 2-1 Away)


(4-2, 3-1 Home)

U.S. Bank Stadium
Minneapolis, MN
The Baltimore Ravens  enter this game having lost 3 of their last 4-games including last week to the Bears 27-24. It’s hard to say what the Ravens will do from one week to the next but NONE of their 3-wins have come against very good teams. This week they will be playing a very good team, especially on defense. The Minnesota Vikings are the mirrors image to the Ravens, having won 3 of their last 4-games including an impressive victory against the Packers last Sunday, 23-10. Oh one other thing, the Vikings are also 3-1 at home.
Larry’s Loser: Baltimore.
4:25 PM ET CBS


(3-2, 1-2 Away)


(1-5, 0-2 Home)

MetLife Stadium
East Rutherford, NJ
72° F
The 3-2 Seattle Seahawks coming off their bye week hope to continue where they left off two weeks ago, winning. Even though the Seahawks haven’t looked as potent this season as in the past, they have managed to stay above .500. They managed a win in their last game against a young up and coming Rams team 16-10, so maybe it will give them more confidence the remainder of the year. Speaking of more confidence. No one could have used more of a confidence booster than the 1-5 NY Giants who finally got that 1st win of the season last Sunday. It was actually an impressive win as well over what was thought to be a good Broncos team 23-10. One thing worth mentioning, the Hawks are 1-2 on the road losing both to the Packers and Titans, while the Giants are 0-2 at home, but they haven’t been very good anywhere. I hope that cleared up some things????
Larry’s Loser: Seattle.
and the Giants
4:25 PM ET CBS


(2-3, 1-1 Away)


(4-2, 1-1 Home)

Heinz Field
Pittsburgh, PA
After starting the season 0-3 and now having won their last 2 are the Cincinnati Bengals back to 1st round playoff form? With wins over the Browns and a decent Bills team last Sunday 20-16 it appears they could be. Well lets not go that FAR, in fact lets just stay right here, wait and see. The same question can be asked about a struggling, mediocreish Pittsburgh Steelers team whose 2-losses have come at the hands of the Bears and Jaguars HUM. They did manage to get the win last week against the Chiefs 19-13, handing the Chiefs their 1st loss of the season. SO which team is REALLY back?
Larry’s Loser: Cincinnati.
4:25 PM ET CBS


(3-2, 0-1 Away)


(2-4, 0-3 Home)

StubHub Center
Carson, CA
Who was that Giant that came through and destroyed Mile High Stadium as well as the Denver Broncos last Sunday to the tune of 23-10? OH it was the Giants. It’s always got to be humbling when you give a team their first win of the season, especially after they had 5 tries prior. After starting the season 0-4 the LA Chargers  have won their last 2-games over the Giants and last week over the Raiders 17-16, two teams that have DEFINITELY struggled as well. The Broncos vaunted defense should be the difference maker BUT the Chargers have an edge at QB, so which one wins out?
Larry’s Loser: Los Angeles.
8:30 PM ET NBC


(3-2, 2-0 Away)


(4-2, 1-2 Home)

Gillette Stadium
Foxboro, MA
73° F
Well what do we have here? A rematch from last years SB only right now neither team has looked that super thus far this season. The 3-2 Atlanta Falcons started the season looking every bit the part of picking up where they left off last season even though they lost in the SB, I mean the overall picture of being IN the SB when they started this season 3-0. Since then they have lost their last 2-games to the Bills and last week to the Dolphins 20-17. On the other hand the New England Patriots looked dreadful in their season opener getting blown out by the Chiefs, while their defense was shredded for a whopping 128 pts in their first 4-games. Also their 2-losses were against playoff contenders while their 4-wins were against decent teams. So will things go par the course as it did in last years SB?
Larry’s Loser: New England.

Monday, October 23rd



(3-2, 1-1 Away)


(5-1, 2-0 Home)

Lincoln Financial Field
Philadelphia, PA
That brings us to Monday night and the the two NFC Eastern Division contenders. The 3-2 Washington Redskins travel to Philly to take on the division leading 5-1 Philadelphia Eagles. In the first meeting between these two teams, the Eagles got the win, but the Redskins have won 3 of their last 4 games including last week against the 0-6 49ers 26-24. The Eagles come into this game riding a 4-game winning streak and looking like their not ready to slow down yet. This will be a GREAT game to view if you can stay awake. Can the Redskins bring the Eagles back down to earth with the rest of the division OR will the Eagles fly even higher and soar closer towards winning the division title?
Larry’s Loser: Philadelphia.

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