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October 10, 2017


by Larry Leek


The WOYSM NFL Top 12 is quite the jigsaw puzzle with the pieces ever changing.  Four of the top 12 teams lost last weekend with the Dallas Cowboys being the most puzzling team of all. Even though they lost the game on Sunday to the #2 Green Bay Packers 35-31, they had the game won had they managed the clock better.

 The Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett should have told his offense if they had a clear path to the end zone w/  1:15 to play, to drop at the 1 yd. line. As unethical as it may sound, you just DON’T give the ball back to QB,  Aaron Rodgers with ALL that time left on the clock. Cowboys QB, Dak Prescott could have dropped at the one let the clock run down, snap the ball  and kneel, run 30 more seconds off the clock and they would have had 2-downs and 1-timeout with 15-seconds left to score from the one and END of game.  Now it has cost them a spot in the Top 12 (For now at least) and if they don’t make an immediate turn around they can kiss the playoffs goodbye.

The hard part was trying to decide the last team to put at #12 because it ended up being a team that actually lost on Sunday, the 3-2 Buffalo Bills who lost to the Cincinnati Bengals  20-16 became the odd team IN. The other team making the poll this week for the 2nd time this season, the #8 Jacksonville Jaguars who SMOKED the #9 Pittsburgh Steelers 30-9, who was ranked #3 at the time.

Let’s GO To The Poll!!!!


Rank                 Team         W      L       T   PR

1. Kansas City      5     0     0    1

2. Green Bay        4     1     0    2

3. Atlanta              3     1     0    4 (Bye)

4.New England     3     2     0    5

5. Carolina            4      1     0    7

6 . Denver               3      1     0    9 (Bye)

7.Philadelphia       4     1     0    10

8.Jacksonville        3     2     0     NR

9. Pittsburgh        3     2     0    3

10.Detroit             3     2     0    8

11Minnesota       3      2     0    12

12Buffalo              3      2     0    NR

Others Receiving Consideration: Washington, LA Rams, Houston, Dallas, NY Jets.

Teams That Dropped: Dallas, Oakland.

PR=Previous Rank

NR=Not Ranked

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?



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