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September 29, 2017

Larry’s Losers, NFL Week 4

by Larry Leek

Larry's Losers

Last weeks 9-7 record was decent, there mild upsets that occurred, like the Chicago Bears over the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-17, the Buffalo Bills over the Denver Broncos 26-16 or  the Washington Redskins over the Oakland Raiders 27-10, but thats still no excuse for losing 7-games. The overall record after 3-weeks is now 30-16. Lets go to this weeks games and see who the Losers will be.

There’s going to be some GREAT games to watch this Thursday/Sunday/Monday and even though every team can’t be lucky, um unlucky enough to be one of Larry’s Losers at least 16-teams will make the cut. So lets NOT keep you in suspense any longer by checking out this weeks LOSERS….


Thursday, September 28th

8:25 PM ET CBS


(1-2, 0-1 Away)


(2-1, 2-0 Home)

Lambeau Field
Green Bay, WI
The Chicago Bears gave their fans something to cheer about (finally) by upsetting the Pittsburgh Steelers at home. This week they face another WOYSM NFL Top 12 team in the Green Bay Packers and QB, Aaron Rodgers. The Packers had a TOUGH time beating the Cincinnati Bengals last weekend before finally winning 27-24, Will the Bears to pull another upset this week?
Larry’s Loser: Chicago.

Sunday, October 1st

1:00 PM ET FOX


(2-1, 1-0 Away)


(2-1, 1-0 Home)

AT&T Stadium
Arlington, TX
Last week the LA Rams beat the San Francisco 49ers 41-39 but you can’t really call it a big win, since it was after all the 49ers. The Rams have looked pretty good though as of late with QB, Jared Goff looking to be coming into his own. The Dallas Cowboys got back on the winning track last Monday night by defeating the Arizona Cardinals 28-17. Even though the Cowboys won they still struggled at times and were fortunate to be tied 7-7 at halftime after the Cardinals had some blown opportunities in the 1st half. The Cowboys defense seemed to gel a bit during the game however and you can look for the gelling to continue this week.
Larry’s Loser: Los Angeles.
The New Orleans Saints got a huge win last week when they defeated the Carolina Panthers on the road 34-13. Maybe it was what the Saints needed to get the team back in the playoff hunt, BUT if you are a Saints fan DON’T get your hopes up too high. The Miami Dolphins made the playoffs last year even though it was short lived and if last week is any indication into the Dolphins future you can forget a second straight playoff appearance. The Dolphins were thoroughly whipped last weekend by the hapless NY Jets 20-6. Whats else needs to be said, EXCEPT?
Larry’s Loser: Miami.
1:00 PM ET CBS


(2-1, 0-1 Away)


(3-0, 1-0 Home)

Mercedes-Benz Stadium
Atlanta, GA
This could be an intriguing matchup for sure. The Buffalo Bills looked good in their win last weekend upsetting the Broncos 26-16, they looked better on both sides of the ball. With the Bills now at 2-1 and tied w/ the Patriots for the lead in the AFC East perhaps it’s the Bills who will take the Dolphins place in the post season this year. The SB runner up Atlanta Falcons have also looked VERY impressive in each of their 3-wins, especially the last two over the Packers and last week over the Lions 30-26. The Bills will have to be on their P’s & Q’s if they want to bring down the Dirty Birds this weekend, but look for them to be missing either the P or the Q.
Larry’s Loser: Buffalo.
1:00 PM ET CBS


(0-3, 0-1 Away)


(0-3, 0-1 Home)

FirstEnergy Stadium
Cleveland, OH
WELL! one things for sure, someone should come out of this nasty matchup a winner. In a battle between two winless teams both at 0-3 and both likely OUT of the playoff hunt, there’s not much interest generated in this game. Last weekend the Cincinnati Bengals nearly pulled out the upset win over the Packers before finally losing 27-24, while the Cleveland Browns were defeated by the Colts 31-28. The key to this game will be which defense can play the best and forget the home field advantage because there is none.
Larry’s Loser: Cleveland.
1:00 PM ET FOX


(2-1, 1-0 Away)


(2-1, 2-0 Home)

U.S. Bank Stadium
Minneapolis, MN
This should be a GREAT game to watch. Both teams are trying to stay in the playoff hunt. With the Detroit Lions coming up on the short end last week, even though they didn’t look too shabby in their loss to Atlanta 30-26 and the Minnesota Vikings rebounding from their week 2 loss to beat the Buccaneers handily 34-17. The winner will be the team that wants it the most but the game is basically a You Pickem matchup, so after tossing both teams in the air to see who landed first the CHOICE IS.
Larry’s Loser: Detroit.
1:00 PM ET FOX


(2-1, 1-0 Away)


(2-1, 1-1 Home)

Gillette Stadium
Foxboro, MA
Well before last weekend, I would have said this should be a GREAT game to watch but after the Carolina Panthers stunk up the joint last weekend by dropping one to the Saints 34-13 and the New England Patriots barely managed to come away with the win against the Texans 36-33, it’s pretty much obvious that the Patriots defense is all but a shell of seasons past. You still gotta believe though that SOMEHOW QB, Tom Brady will overcome all obstacles, even HIS own defense.
Larry’s Loser: Carolina.
1:00 PM ET CBS


(2-1, 1-0 Away)


(1-2, 1-0 Home)

MetLife Stadium
,East Rutherford, NJ
The Jacksonville Jaguars looked VERY impressive last weekend with their TOTAL domination of the Ravens by defeating Baltimore 44-7, while the NY Jets finally got a notch in the W-column by beating the Dolphins 20-6 in a mild upset. The BIG question is who will keep the win streak alive at 2-games? The one thing you CAN’T say is the winner will be one game closer to the playoffs, unless you want to talk about the Jags.
Larry’s Loser: New York.
1:00 PM ET CBS


(2-1, 1-1 Away)


(2-1, 1-0 Home)

M&T Bank Stadium
Baltimore, MD
After both teams suffered losses last week and neither looked very good, you gotta wonder if both teams are on the decline. The Pittsburgh Steelers were upset on the road by the Bears 23-17 while the Baltimore Ravens were humiliated AT home by the Jaguars 44-7. So which team has slipped the most? That’s a tough call but perhaps this weeks loser will determine the answer.
Larry’s Loser: Baltimore.
1:00 PM ET CBS


(2-1, 1-0 Away)


(1-2, 0-1 Home)

NRG Stadium
Houston, TX
Two young teams with YOUNG QB’s and both with something to prove. The Tennessee Titans appear to be on their way to claiming the AFC South But NOT if the Houston Texans have anything to say about it. The Titans got a HUGE win last week defeating the Seahawks 33-27, while the Texans came up short in their bid to upset the Patriots, losing a close one 36-33. The Titans enter the game at 2-1 while Houston is 1-2. This should be a NICE game to watch and could determine the front runner for the division title.
Larry’s Loser: Houston.
4:05 PM ET FOX


(0-3, 0-1 Away)


(1-2, 0-1 Home)

U of Phoenix Stadium
Glendale, AZ
The San Francisco 49ers are miles away from challenging for a playoff spot, they may have hung close with the Rams last weekend before losing 41-39, but anytime your defense surrenders 41 pts. theres a reason for concern. The Arizona Cardinals also fell short in their bid to beat the Cowboys on Monday night, losing 28-17. One things for sure, however heading into this weeks game, the Cardinals need a win if they are hoping to get back into the hunt for the NFC West title while the 49ers would just like to win a game, the question is WHEN will that happen?
Larry’s Loser: San Francisco.
4:05 PM ET FOX


(2-1, 1-1 Away)


(0-3, 0-2 Home)

StubHub Center
Carson, CA
The Philadelphia Eagles managed to stay knotted up with the Cowboys atop the NFC East at 2-1 by defeating the winless Giants 27-24 while the LA Chargers are still looking for their first win after dropping their third straight to the red hot Chiefs 24-10. Even though the Chargers are home it hasn’t mattered yet since they are 0-2. The Eagles are 1-1 on the road and they look poised to make it 2-1.
Larry’s Loser: Los Angeles.
4:05 PM ET FOX


(0-3, 0-2 Away)


(1-1, 1-0 Home)

Raymond James Stadium
Tampa, FL
AH! the 0-3 NY Giants try to get on the winning track against the 1-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers who were beat DOWN on the road by the Vikings last Sunday 34-17. The Giants played the Eagles close but couldn’t manage the win in a 27-24 loss. The Buc’s are overly anxious to get back on the winning track and the Giants just want to win so something HAS to give and it WILL!
Larry’s Loser: New York
4:25 PM ET CBS


(2-1, 1-1 Away)


(2-1, 2-0 Home)

Sports Authority Field at Mile High
Denver, CO
Yet another game between two teams that lost in week 3. Both teams are 2-1 and both looking to catch the Chiefs in the division race. The Oakland Raiders looked like anything but SB contenders last week when they got beat soundly by the Redskins 27-10 while the Denver Broncos after the sound beating they gave the Cowboys 2-weeks ago went out and laid an egg against the Bills in a 26-16 loss. It appears the Chiefs have no intentions of letting up so one of these teams had best STEP UP!! Just which team will that be? Well we all know just how LOUD mile high stadium can be and it could cause more problems for the Raiders offense.
Larry’s Loser: Oakland.
8:30 PM ET NBC


(1-2, 0-1 Away)


(1-2, 1-0 Home)

CenturyLink Field

Seattle, WA
Even though the Indianapolis Colts are one of the worst teams in the league they managed to get their first win last week against the Browns 31-28, So I guess we know now who the WORST team is. The Seattle Seahawks are NOT looking very Super these days with a 1-2 record after losing 33-27 to the Titans last Sunday. You would think the Hawks would have this one no problem at home but think again and then think twice.
Larry’s Loser: Indianapolis.

Monday, October 2nd



(2-1, 1-0 Away)


(3-0, 1-0 Home)


Arrowhead Stadium
Kansas City, MO
That brings us to Monday night in a matchup between two tribes that have been on the warpath lately. The Washington Redskins got an impressive win last Sunday against the favored Raiders in convincing fashion 27-10. This week they venture DEEPER into the AFC West to take on the Kansas City Chiefs who have been beating up on everyone with the last victim being the Chargers 24-10. There should be feathers flying everywhere during this MUST watch game and when the smoke signals finally settle there will be one warrior left standing.
Larry’s Loser: Washington.
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