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September 14, 2017

Larry’s Losers NFL Week 2.

by Larry Leek


Week one is in the books and week 2 is underway in Cincinnati. After posting a record of 9-5 (Thursday night game not picked, Dolphins/Bucs Cancelled), it wasn’t a bad start to a new season but time to improve on that right? Well not so fast, this is after all the NFL.

Before we get to the juicy part (Picking the weekly Losers) let’s talk about some Great games to watch this weekend because there will be one or two or five for sure.

Two young teams that have everything to prove and nothing to lose what makes for a better game? This is a MUST watch for any NFL fan even if neither is your team and it’s highly likely neither is, but watch ANYWAY!

this game is even better than the first, too bad they are on at the same time. Oh well just use that remote like it was meant to be used. The Eagles looked very good dominating the Redskins and what can you say about the way the Chiefs manhandled the Patriots. This has the making of an early season classic.

WOO! are you feeling it yet? The NFL is stepping UP its game right? Yet another GREAT matchup but wait it’s also against 2-old SB opponents both of whom appear ready to make another SB run. Who knows maybe this will be a prelude.

Now are you getting the picture? Not only another GREAT game but wait (Yet again), Is this also another old SB matchup renewed? Why yes it is. The NFL has had dwindling attendance numbers the last couple of seasons, but with great games like this IF Americans still love their football an increase is bound to be in the near future. But wait we’re NOT done yet.

Both of these teams have been to SB’s though they could never meet in one. The Packers last trip was in 2011 and the Falcons, just last season. Both teams are considered SB contenders thus creating the makings of yet another GREAT matchup. NFL fans are definitely gonna need a break from the leisure and relaxation of the weekend by the time all of the games are over Sunday night. Heading back to work on Monday morning will have NEVER felt so good Right?

With that said it’s time for the 2nd edition of Larry’s Losers where the owner/editor, picks not the winners, but losers of each game.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

Thursday, September 14th


Perhaps the Texans were still in recovery mode from Hurricane Harvey after they looked completely out of it last week against Jacksonville in their 29-7 loss to the Jags. Perhaps the Jags are that good. Who knows what’s up with Cincinnati losing to Baltimore 20-0. Which team shows up tonight?

Larry’s Loser: Cincinnati

Sunday, September 17th

1:00 PM ET CBS


(0-1, 0-0 Away)


(1-0, 0-0 Home)

Cleveland actually looked pretty good against the Steelers last week before succumbing to them in the end 21-18 and the Ravens surprised Cincy by shutting them out 20 -0. Can the Browns actually hit the road, head to Baltimore and come away with the win? Surprise! Surprise!

Larry’s Loser: Cleveland


1:00 PM ET CBS


(1-0, 0-0 Away)


(1-0, 0-0 Home)

Carolina look like they may be back to their old er, young Super Bowl form after an impressing win in week 1 over  the 49ers 23-3, BUT WAIT thats right, WHO is San Francisco? The Bills also looked well, ok in their win over the ha ha, Jets 21-12, Even though neither team really beat anyone this week you just about have to go with the cats to slay the Bills at home.

Larry’s Loser: Buffalo


Let me clear my throat on this one. Last week I said the Colts would beat the Rams even without Andrew Luck. After LA shellacked the colts 46-9 I think they could have drubbed them with him now. Arizona looked pretty good against the Lions but not good enough to win. Detroit lit up the Cards defense in a 35-23 win. This week it will be good enough to win especially WITHOUT Andrew Luck.

Larry’s Loser: Indianapolis

1:00 PM ET CBS


(0-1, 0-0 Away)


(1-0, 0-0 Home)

Both of these teams looked good in week 1, Except for the fact that Tennessee lost to the Raiders 26-16, while the Jags mauled, ate & spit out the Texans 26-7. This will be a very NICE game to watch, but the difference maker in this one could be the QB.

Larry’s Loser: Jacksonville

1:00 PM ET FOX


(1-0, 1-0 Away)


(1-0, 0-0 Home)

The Eagles looked good in their win over the Redskins last week 30-17, But the Chiefs looked BETTER in their blowout over the Patriots 42-27, not to mention they are home which don’t always guarantee victory of course but his week however it will.

Larry’s Loser: Philadelphia


1:00 PM ET CBS


(0-1, 0-0 Away)


(0-1, 0-0 Home)

Was that a kink in the Patriot’s armor we saw last week? Is Brady starting to show his age (40)? Has their defense taken a huge step DOWN? Yes, Yes & Yes It sure looked like it after getting dominated by the Chiefs 42-27. The Saints looked almost like the AINTs again in their 29-19 loss to the Vikings. Lucky for the Patsys they Ain’t playing anyone this week.

Larry’s Loser: New Orleans


When two forces meet something has to give, HOWEVER the Steelers are home this week after their narrow escape on the road last week against the Brownies 21-18 and the Vikings looked unbeatable (well almost) at home against the Saints in their 29-19 win, however at the end of the day did either team really beat anyone? Plus the Steelers just LOVE playing at home, their record proves it EVERY year.

Larry’s Loser: Minnesota

The Bears looked pretty good for a while in their loss to the Falcons 23-17 but they may need to hibernate early this winter before heading down to Florida to take on a bunch of angry pirates looking to play a dang football game. Tampa Bays game was cancelled last week due to Hurricane Irma but they will be chomping at the plank to get their season underway sunday. Let’s hope they save some teeth for bear meat.

Larry’s Loser: Chicago

4:05 PM ET CBS


(0-0, 0-0 Away)


(0-1, 0-0 Home)

Like the Bucs. the Dolphins are swimming around in circles waiting to begin their season, so it’s uncertain how long it will take them to reach LA for sunday’s game. The Chargers could have beaten Denver last Monday night BUT they didn’t losing 24-21. One thing the Chargers do have in their possession that the Dolphins DO NOT, a QB.

Larry’s Loser: Miami


4:05 PM ET CBS


(0-1, 0-1 Away)


(1-0, 0-0 Home)

Can I laugh again ha ha!!!! Ok I’m better. Well the Jets seem to have trouble with their engines (Yet Again) Especially the ones on the offensive side of the ball after losing to the Bills last week 21-12 and without good engines or ANY engines at ALL it just WON’T FLY. The Raiders looked like they might just be SB contenders after a nice win over the Titans 26-16 last week, but time will tell. Don’t look for much of an indicator this week though, after all you can’t consider the Jets much of a measuring stick but perhaps some other kind of stick possibly.

Larry’s Loser: New York

Are the Cowboys and Raiders on a SB collision? HUMMMM!! could be. The Cowboys looked great in their win over the Giants Sunday night 19-3, even though they only scored 19 pts. they still looked impressive on offensive and their defense is young, up and coming. The Broncos looked decent in their 24-21 win over the Chargers BUT at the end of the game ah day, just how GOOD is Los Angeles #2?

Larry’s Loser: Denver

4:25 PM ET FOX


(0-1, 0-0 Away)


(1-0, 1-0 Home)

Washington looked BAD in their 30-17 opening loss to the Eagles, while the Rams surprised everyone in their 46-9 beatdown on the Colts. Has Jared Goff found his niche? Could be.

Larry’s Loser: Washington

4:25 PM ET FOX


(0-1, 0-0 Away)


(0-1, 0-0 Home)

The 49ers looked anything but good in their 23-3 loss to the Panthers. No offense, No Defense, No NOTHING. It can only get better cause it SURE can’t get any worse. The Seahawks played almost good enough to beat the Packers, ALMOST that is before they lost 17-9. Good news though, this Sunday they WILL play good enough to win (They Better).

Larry’s Loser: San Francisco


What can you say about the Packers? Well try 2-words, Aaron Rodgers Nuff said. Even though he wasn’t great and the offense didn’t put up big numbers in their 17-9 win over Seattle, but you know it’s just a matter of time. Will that time come this week at the SB runner up Falcons who barely squeaked by a Bears team 23-17 thats still missing a FEW (well LOTS of the) pieces of the puzzle. don’t look for gaunty numbers from Rodgers this weekend, BUT do look for a win.

Larry’s Loser: Atlanta


Monday, September 18th



(1-0, 0-0 Away)


(0-1, 0-0 Home)

Ah! what a nice one we have for this Monday eve. The Lions looked really good last week in their 35-23 win over the Cardinals and the Giants looked really bad in their 19-3 loss to the Cowboys BUT you could see a completely different team this week with Odell Beckham Jr. back in the lineup. Lets just hope that dreadful Giants O-line will give OBJ enough time to run a route.

Larry’s Loser: New York





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