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July 13, 2017

Studs Being Studs

by zacbarnhart


Chris Sale

Boston’s Chris Sale, Credit: Boston Globe

The Baseball season is a little more than half way over now which lets a take a look back at the season to date. This article is the first of three articles examining the Studs Being Studs, Breakouts, and Busts.

Studs Being Studs focuses on players who were considered among the best players coming into the year and have delivered thus far. Larry and I have both contributed a few names to the list. Well without further delay let’s get this party started!

Larry’s Picks:

  • Chris Sale SP (BOS)- Sale was apart of one of the huge blockbuster deals made this past offseason. Boston was willing to give up top prospect 3B Yoan Moncada as well as other top prospects in order to acquire frontline ace Sale in hopes he would be dominant for them. They got exactly what they wanted. Through today Sale owns an 11-4 record with a 2.75 ERA accompanied by 178 k’s in 127.2 innings. That’s amazing. He has to do worse in the second half right? I don’t think so, the stats suggest Sale should actually have even better stats moving forward. His FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching) is 2.09. FIP determines where a pitchers ERA should be based on how many HR’s, BB’s, HBP’s, and K’s they get. He has been dominant in every way imaginable, and it looks like he might just keep getting better!


  • Nolan Arenado 3B (COL)- Arenado is good, like franchise player good. His offense in spectacular even by Coors Field standards, and his defense is unmatched at the hot corner. Of course, all claims should be backed up so just check out this slash line   of .301/.351/.554. That’s really good and leads to a OPS (On-base + Slugging percentage) of .905 which is among the best in the league. I don’t even have to try to explain how great his defense is, because Arenado has won a gold glove award four times (every single year he has been in the league). On top of that he is having another phenomenal year on defense and is on his way to win his fifth straight gold glove award. He has been a Stud this year, and us at WOYSM don’t see any way he doesn’t stay a Stud!

My Picks:

  • Joey Votto 1B (CIN)- So disclaimer here, the Reds are my team, but I don’t think my bias takes over when I say Votto is a Stud Being a Stud. Joey is 33 going on 34, and yet he might be putting together his best campaign of his career. JoVo is currently hitting at a clip of .315/.427/.631 with an NL leading 26 homers followed up with 88 RBI. Known for always being able to draw a walk Votto has now become a premier power hitter. This time last year we were thinking that Votto had lost his edge, and then he put on an amazing second half. Votto’s always been known for his second halves so ladies and gentlemen he may somehow get even better.


  • Max Scherzer SP (WAS)- I won’t gush about Scherzer as much as I did Votto, but he deserves it. He already has a WAR (Wins Above Replacement) of 5.0. That leads all pitchers in both leagues. How did he get there? Well he’s 10-5 with an ERA of 2.10 with 173 strikeouts in 128.1 innings. To add to these numbers he doesn’t walk people either with on 27 on the whole season. He started for the NL in the All-Star game and continued to dominate. He’s possibly the best pitcher maybe even player in all of baseball and that’s why he’s a Stud Being a Stud.


That’s What’s on Our Sports Mind, what’s on yours?




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