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July 4, 2017

All Star Game Rosters

by zacbarnhart



Yankee’s Right Fielder Aaron Judge. Credit: Getty Images


Preliminary rosters are set for the 2017 All Star game in Miami, Florida. Both the NL and AL will be able to add one more player to their final roster through the fan’s final vote. Until those rosters are announced these picks are announced the starting rosters are as follows.


C- Buster Posey

1B- Ryan Zimmerman

2B- Daniel Murphy

3B- Nolan Arenado

SS- Zack Cozart

LF- Marcell Ozuna

CF- Charlie Blackmon

RF- Bryce Harper



C- Salvador Perez

1B- Justin Smoak

2B- Jose Altuve

3B- Jose Ramirez

SS- Carlos Correa

LF- George Springer

CF- Mike Trout (Injured)

RF- Aaron Judge

DH- Corey Dickerson


The reserves and pitchers will be added to the post when the rosters are finalized.






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