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November 24, 2016

WOYSM College Top 25

by Larry Leek

Louisville’s Playoff Hopes Dashed By Houston.

With the #23 Houston Cougars driving the final nail in the playoff hopes of #12  Louisville on Thursday night beating the Cardinals 36-10 it allowed the #4 Michigan Wolverines to move back into the top 4 even though they struggled to beat a below .500 Indiana team early on before pulling out the win 20-10.

Unlike the latest AP poll the top 4 teams in the new WOYSM College Top 25 does not include the #5 Clemson Tigers at least for now.  But don’t fret Tiger fans once #2 Ohio St and the Wolverines play on Saturday, providing the Tigers don’t have any more setbacks they should move into the final playoff spot by as early as the next poll release.


#1 Alabama Remained Undefeated After Beating Undermatched Chattanooga

#1 Alabama kept steamrolling through their schedule, but Tide head coach Nick Saban might beg to differ after Saban had stated that it wasn’t Bama’s best effort on Saturday during his post game conference after the Crimson Tide defeated Chattanooga 31-3. Even though the tide had no problem putting away the Mocs they failed to cover the 45 pt. spread and also even though it is a possibility that the Tide could lose in the Iron Bowl on Saturday to rival Auburn, the Tigers would probably have to win by 100 pts. in order to have any chance of kicking the Tide from playoff contention.

#6 Washington continues to be the team on the outside looking in as chances look pretty slim that the Huskies will make the final four teams when all is said and done. Even if they win out there’s just not enough tread left to the 2016 season unless something pretty amazing occurs.

This Is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

It would indeed take a miracle for certain teams such as the Huskies to have any chance of making the playoffs, but possibilities do exist.

For example for teams like Alabama and Clemson this happens to be their rivalry games coming up on Saturday and one thing this Sports Mind knows for sure, having witnessed the Clemson/South Carolina rivalry all of my years, I have seen on quite a few occasions where the better team lost. Even though it’s not likely you “never say never”.

Even if the Tide should lose to rival Auburn they would still probably make the four team field but should the Tigers lose to the Gamecocks after just dropping a game to Pittsburgh two weeks ago, it’s likely they would not and that might just open the door for a team like Washington.

Lets take a look at this weeks College Football Fan Highs and Lows:


Michigan fans have to feel mighty High after receiving a new lease on playoff life after Louisville allowed them to move back into the top four teams of the WOYSM College Top 25. The big question however, is how long will the new lease last or will they be evicted from the playoffs after just one week of getting back in? Tune in next week for the answer.


#2 Ohio St. Narrowly Defeated Michigan St. To Remain In Playoff Contention

Also riding an emotional High, Buckeye fans have to feel fortunate to still be in the top four teams after losing to Penn St. four weeks ago and narrowly squeaking out the win over underachieving Michigan St. last Saturday++

, but you can take it from this ole Sports Mind if they lay an egg instead of a Buckeye on Saturday against the Wolverines they will most certainly be giving up their spot to someone else as will Michigan should they lose. But what better scenario than to have two arch rivals play musical playoff chairs against one another in both team’s final game of the season?

Even though NO playoff implications are involved, Houston fans have to be a bit more on the High side after the Cougars successfully played the spoiler on Saturday by ending any hopes that Louisville had of making the playoffs and also by Oh Yea! increasing their chances of making one of the better “OTHER” bowls not to mention that their team made it back into the WOYSM College Top 25. Now that should REALLY cheer you up.

How about those W. Michigan fans? Even though they have NO chance of making the playoffs, Bronco fans HAVE to be riding a very nice High. If they can beat Toledo in their final game Friday night they will finish 12-0-0 and likely finish in the WOYSM top 10 as well as qualify for one of those pretty good “OTHER” bowls.

My Fellow South Carolina fans have to feel a little High after the Gamecocks managed to beat Western Carolina on Saturday 44-31. Even though the Gamecocks defense had a hard time stopping the Catamounts HIGH powered offense (Well they were HIGH Powered to SC), they did pull out the win and at 6-5-0 thus qualified for one of those NOT so good “OTHER” bowls and they did it just in time, right before the Clemson game. Maybe they can put the icing on their season by playing the Houston (Oops I mean the

+spoiler) against them on Saturday.


Of course the top Low has to go to Louisville fans after the Cardinals came SO close to making the final four teams this season only to have their playoff hopes and dreams devoured by a pack of hungry Cougars, who like wise experienced the same fate a few weeks earlier to a herd of Wild Mustangs.


#3 Wisconsin Beat Purdue Saturday 49-20.               

#3 Wisconsin fans have to be feeling a bit Low. Even though they are in the top four teams in the WOYSM College Top 25 the College Playoff Rankings have shown the Badgers no respect since they have two losses, one more than all of the teams ranked ahead of them which normally would make sense, but what ever happened to the theory that in college football it’s better to lose early than late?

I assume that became obsolete when college playoffs began right? which by the way, in this Sports Mind’s opinion further supports and adds to the reasoning that in college football there should be an eight team playoff format, but of course leave it to the NCAA to get it wrong AGAIN.

No other sports entity could have came up with two playoff formats that are more opposite one another as are the formats for the College Football Playoffs and March Madness. both of which make little sense when you compare them and even though this has nothing to do with our poll (well it kinda does), Let me give you two examples.

Example I: The NCAA college basketball playoff format (March Madness) has 68-teams (64 more teams than the college football playoff format). 32 of those 68 teams are conference tournament champions and the other 36 are at large berths which in most cases are better teams than the tournament champions BUT the conference tournaments guarantee that each Div. I conference will have at least one representative in the playoffs (Tournament).

Every team in each conference makes their tournament at the end of the  season regardless of their record, so basically a team could finish the season with a losing record say for example 5-26-0 win their conference tournament AFTER the regular season and they would make the 68 team playoff field as one of the 32 conference champs which pretty much makes the regular season kind of a waste, ridicules right?

On the other hand in college football only the two best teams qualify for their conference championship (one from each division), neither of which are guaranteed to make the playoffs win or lose so the regular season is everything as it should be but in college basketball where you have all conferences on an even platform when determining playoff teams in college football you don’t, you have the five Power conferences and teams like undefeated W. Michigan are not even considered, ridicules right?

Example II: Both college football and basketball have a Top 25 poll, In college basketball 2.72 x more teams make the playoffs than are in the top 25 (thats 25 x 2.72). In College football 6.25 teams less make the playoffs than are in the top 25 (thats 25 / 6.25), even MORE ridicules right? Just comparing the two makes me feel kinda Low.

I rest my case.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

Let’s GO to the POLL!

WOYSM College Football Top 25

Rank               Team                                              Record/Prv Rk.

1     AlabamaAlabama                                               11-0-0  1  Trending:

2     Buckeyes_logo.svgOhio St                                                  10-1-0  3 Trending: 

3     Wisconsin                                              9-2-0  4  Trending:

4     MichiganMichigan                                              10-1-0  5 Trending :

5     ClemsonClemson                                               10-1-0  6  Trending:

6     Washington                                        10-1-0  7   Trending:

7      W. Michigan                                      11-0-0  8   Trending:

8      Colorado                                              9-2-0  9   Trending:

9       Oklahoma                                           9-2-0 10  Trending:

10    FloridaFlorida                                                  8-2-0 11  Trending:

11     Penn St                                                 9-2-0  16 Trending:  

12    Louisville                                              9-2-0  2   Trending:

13      Boise St.                                             10-1-0 13  Trending:    

14    North CarolinaN. Carolina                                            8-3-0  14  Trending: 

15    Oklahoma  St                                       9-2-0  17  Trending:

16    Texas A&M                                           8-3-0  18  Trending:

17     Auburn                                                  8-3-0 19  Trending:

18   Nebraska                                                 9-2-0 20  Trending: 

19   Navy                                                         8-2-0  21 Trending:

20     W. Virginia                                            8-2-0  12 Trending:

21    USC                                                          8-3-0  23 Trending:

22    Virginia Tech                                           8-3-0  25 Trending: 

23   Houston                                                   9-2-0 NR Trending:

24    Stanford                                                    8-3-0 NR Trending:

25   Washington St                                          8-3-0  24  Trending:


Teams That Dropped: Utah, Troy

Others Receiving Consideration: Temple, S. Florida, Tennessee,  W. Kentucky,                                                        San Diego St,  Florida St, Pittsburgh, Stanford, Wyoming, LSU.

NR=Not Ranked.


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