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November 13, 2016

WOYSM College Top 25

by Larry Leek

#1 Alabama Stomps Miss St.    Bleacher Report

The college football world was nearly turned upside down on Saturday when three of the top four teams fell by the wayside. Just when everyone had pretty much drew up the four playoff teams, besides #1 Alabama the entire playoff picture now has to be scrapped.

With the former #2, 3 & 4 teams all losing Saturday #5 Michigan, #6 Clemson & #7 Washington now find themselves on the outside looking in and even though any of the three could still make the playoffs losing to teams thats not in the top 25 as Michigan and Clemson both did certainly doesn’t help matters. The Huskies on the other hand lost to a USC team that has been hot as of late having won their last 6 games, but a loss is indeed a loss and FALL they must….


Pittsburgh Shocks Clemson     USA Today

The Wolverines lost to underachieving Iowa 14-13 and their offense really struggled for the first time all season, which says a lot for the 6-4-0 Hawkeye defense, while the Tigers lost a game at home to a decent at best Pittsburgh team at 6-4-0 and Washington lost to the Trojans in a game where USC never trailed 26-13.

That means the only team to remain in the top four from the beginning of the season is the defending national champion Crimson Tide who beat the socks off a completely undermatched Mississippi St. team 51-3.

Taking their place in the top four are #2 Louisville, #3 Ohio St. and #4 Wisconsin. The Cardinals struggled early on but managed to pull out the big win over Wake Forest 44-12, while Ohio St. completely MAULED Maryland 62-3 and Wisconsin crushed Illinois 48-3.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:


#4 Wisconsin Blasts Illinois         Fox News

I had a feeling we were going to see more losses within the top four teams before the season was over and now My Sports Mind is definitely convinced that it’s not the end of it especially when you consider that Ohio St. and Michigan still play in two weeks while Louisville travels to Houston and then is at home against Kentucky so no cakewalk for the Cardinals. The Badgers on the other hand do have a cakewalk with only Purdue and Minnesota remaining so in My Sports Mind they could very well end up in the top fouer when the playoff teams are announced.

Lets take a look at this weeks College Football Fan Highs and Lows:


Cardinal, Buckeye and Badger fans all have to be at an all time High since they have been given a new lease on Playoff life, sadly not all of them will be there when role is called.


#8 W. Michigan Downs Kent St. To Remain Unbeaten, Tri-City Herald

#8 W. Michigan fans continue to hang on to a season long High as the undefeated Broncos have slowly moved up the polls ALL the way to #8 as well as #9 Colorado fans the Buffalos are up to #9, but it’s not likely that either team will crack the top four even though both fan bases can already consider this season a HUGE success.

Alabama fans continue to ride the Highest of Highs as the Tide have fought off every team to remain the #1 team the entire season, NICE job.


You don’t have to look any further than Michigan, Clemson or Washington to find the Lowest fans in the country, as all three find their teams (for the moment) OUT of the playoff race. By season’s end however My Sports Mind can assure them that there’s a good chance at least two of them will be back in the land of milk and playoffs.

#14 N. Carolina and #18 Texas A&M fans continue to be up and down with the coaster currently heading down hill as the Low feeling returns, just when the Tar Heels move back into the top 10 they lay another egg and the Aggies have now lost three of their last four.

Baylor fans find their team out of the WOYSM College Top 25 for the first time a two seasons, how Low that must feel and after riding a brief High My fellow South Carolina Gamecock fans have to be back on the Low side after the Gamecocks dropped Saturday’s game to #11 Florida 20-7, but on the bright side IF they can beat Western Carolina next Saturday they will become bowl eligible for you guessed it, One of those OTHER bowls.

‘So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

Let’s GO to the POLL!

WOYSM College Football Top 25

Rank               Team                                              Record/Prv Rk.

1     AlabamaAlabama                                                10-0-0   1   Trending:

2    Louisville                                                 9-1-0    5   Trending:

3     Buckeyes_logo.svgOhio St                                                     9-1-0   6   Trending: 

4     Wisconsin                                                8-2-0   9   Trending:

5     MichiganMichigan                                                  9-1-0  2   Trending :

6     ClemsonClemson                                                   9-1-0  3    Trending:

7     Washington                                             9-1-0   4   Trending:

8      W. Michigan                                          10-0-0  9   Trending:

9      Colorado                                                 8-2-0  10   Trending:

10      Oklahoma                                             8-2-0  11   Trending:

11    FloridaFlorida                                                     7-2-0  13   Trending:

12     W. Virginia                                             8-1-0   14  Trending:

13      Boise St.                                                  9-1-0  15  Trending:    

   14    North CarolinaN. Carolina                                              7-3-0  8    Trending: 

15      Troy                                                          8-1-0  16  Trending:

16     Penn St                                                     8-2-0  17  Trending:  

17    Oklahoma  St                                           8-2-0  18  Trending:

18     Texas A&M                                              6-3-0  12  Trending:

19     Auburn                                                      7-3-0 19  Trending:

20   Nebraska                                                      8-2-0 20 Trending: 

21   Navy                                                               7-2-0 22 Trending:

22  Utah               .                                                8-2-0  25 Trending:

23    USC                                                              7-3-0 NR Trending:

 24   Washington St.                                             8-2-0NR Trending:

 25    Virginia Tech                                               7-3-0  23 Trending: 


Teams That Dropped: Baylor. Wyoming

Others Receiving Consideration: Temple, S. Florida, W. Kentucky, Houston, TCU,                                                                                            San Diego St,  LSU, Florida St.

NR=Not Ranked.



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