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November 6, 2016

WOYSM College Top 25

by Larry Leek

#1 Alabama Defeats LSU.   Saturday Down South

For many teams, yesterday was officially named “National Blowout Day”. With the exception of #1 Alabama who squeaked by LSU 10-0, the remaining top six teams as well as other teams in the WOYSM College Top 25  had somewhat of an EASY day.


#6 Ohio St. Mauls #12 Nebraska,      Bleacher Report

#2 Michigan had no problem putting away Maryland 59-3, while #3 Clemson destroyed Syracuse 54-0. #4 Washington manhandled California 66-27, #5 Louisville had fun toying with Boston College 52-7 and in a game that actually featured two ranked teams, #6 Ohio St. completely Mauled #20 Nebraska (Ranked 11th before the loss) 62-3.

Other blowouts by top 25 teams on Saturday included #9 W. Michigan who pasted Ball St. 52-20 and #18 Penn St. beat up on Iowa 41-14.

With blowouts like these its pretty evident that all of the teams vying for playoff spots were trying to prove on Saturday that they belong, by making a statement and all of them obviously did just that. The only problem of course is that ONLY four teams will make it and there should be NO leap frogging allowed unless someone actually loses over the next few weeks. But you have to wonder if the politics that often take place in college football will rear its ugly head yet again.


Mississippi St Upset #12 Texas A&M     Sports Illustrated

There were also some upsets in the top 25 by unranked teams, #12 Texas A&M took a gracious nose dive OUT of the playoff race by losing to Mississippi St. 35-28 in a shocker while #13 Florida was upset by  Arkansas 31-10 and #24 Baylor was toasted by TCU 62-22.

This Is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

Statements were definitely made yesterday by quite a few teams and unless you are a fan of the teams that won in blowout fashion on Saturday you really didn’t get much enjoyment out of the lopsided games and probably feel a bit cheated. But alas then there was the classic Crimson Tide/LSU matchup at primetime, which turned out to be one of those old fashioned RARE defensive battles which My Sports Mind was quite happy to watch, but can’t help but wonder how many of today’s younger SPOILED fans were bored by the lack of the high scoring offenses.

The Cornhuskers were shucked and cut right down to the cob by Ohio St. Saturday and like the Aggies fell completely out of the playoff hunt and if My Sports Mind were a betting man I’d guess they are probably hiding somewhere in a Nebraska cornfield with a bunch of Buck eyes.

Lets take a look at this weeks College Football Fan Highs and Lows:



#7 Wisconsin Defeated Iowa    Bleacher Report

Fans of ALL of the Top 7 teams have to feel great today riding nice Highs after their teams won on Saturday, but three of them, Louisville, Ohio St. and even #7 Wisconsin fans have to feel some concern about their teams chances of making the playoffs.

Even though W. Michigan fans know it would take a miracle for the undefeated Broncos to make the playoffs they still have to be riding a good High seeing their team rise all the way to #9.

#10 Colorado Buffalo fans are also riding a good High, it’s been awhile since the Buffaloes made the top 10.


I mentioned the losses by Texas A&M and Nebraska and no fans in the country have to feel Lower than Aggie & Husker fans. After things looked so promising a couple of weeks ago for both teams, they have both now fallen on hard times. Maybe they can bounce back next week OR they could be in danger of even bouncing OUT of the top 25.

Trevone Boykin, Andrew Billings

#24 Baylor Drenched By TCU

Baylor fans have to be rather Low today after giving up 62 pts. to unranked TCU, even though giving up 62 pts. is no biggie to Bear fans, not scoring more than the 62 IS.

There are probably mixed emotions among Buckeye fans even though their team demolished the Cornhuskers on Saturday, NOT being in the top 4 teams has to have their fans feeling a BIT Low but as far as this Sports Mind is concerned, thats what happens and should happen when you lose to someone you shouldn’t have.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

Let’s GO to the POLL!

WOYSM College Football Top 25

Rank               Team                                                  Record/Prv Rk.

1       AlabamaAlabama                                                   9-0-0     1   Trending:

2      MichiganMichigan                                                   9-0-0    2   Trending :

3      ClemsonClemson                                                     8-0-0    3    Trending:

4      Washington                                               9-0-0    4    Trending:

5       Louisville                                                   8-1-0    5    Trending:

6        Buckeyes_logo.svgOhio St                                                      8-1-0    6    Trending: 

7      Wisconsin                                                  7-2-0     9   Trending:

8      North CarolinaN. Carolina                                                7-2-0    12  Trending: 

9       W. Michigan                                             9-0-0   13   Trending:

10      Colorado                                                   7-2-0   14   Trending:

11       Oklahoma                                                 8-2-0  15   Trending:

12      Texas A&M                                                6-2-0    7   Trending:

13      FloridaFlorida                                                         6-2-0    8  Trending:

14      W. Virginia                                                 7-1-0   16  Trending:

15       Boise St.                                                      8-1-0  17  Trending:       

16       Troy                                                             7-1-0  19  Trending:

17      Penn St                                                        7-2-0 20  Trending:  

18      Oklahoma  St                                              7-2-0  21 Trending:

19      Auburn                                                          7-2-0 22 Trending:

20     Nebraska                                                       7-2-0   11 Trending: 

21      Wyoming                                                       7-2-0  23 Trending:

22      Navy                                                                6-2-0 24 Trending:

23     Virginia Tech                                                 7-2-0  25 Trending:

24     BaylorBaylor                                                               6-2-0 10 Trending:

25     Utah               .                                                  7-3-0  18 Trending:     


Teams That Dropped: No Teams Dropped.

Others Receiving Consideration: Temple, S. Florida, W. Kentucky, Houston, TCU,                                                                                            San Diego St,  Washington St, LSU, Florida St.

NR=Not Ranked.



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