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October 30, 2016

WOYSM College Top 25

by Larry Leek

Texas Defeats Baylor

Two more top 10 teams fell from the unbeaten on Saturday. The #10 Baylor Bears were defeated by unranked Texas 35-34 and #11 Nebraska lost a close one to #9 Wisconsin 23-17. Both losses allowed #5 Louisville, #6 Texas A&M and #7 Ohio St. to climb back into the playoff hunt.

With the season winding down and we begin to get down to the nitty gritty some teams like Baylor and others are beginning to show their true colors by losing to unranked teams like the Longhorns. Which basically means they have NO business in the playoffs if they can’t beat an unranked team.


#3 Clemson Gets win In Tallahassee.

#2 Michigan and #3 Clemson both looked good in their wins. The Tigers went to Tallahassee and got Dabo his first win ever there defeating the Seminoles 37-34, handing Florida St. their third loss of the season causing the Seminoles to drop from the WOYSM College Top 25.

The Wolverines had a big win over Michigan St. 32-23. It’s hard to believe that the Spartans have now fallen to 2-6-0 and are o-5-0 in the Big Ten. Oh How Far the mighty have fallen.

#1 Alabama finally got a well deserved bye before kicking back up at LSU next Saturday. No CHANCE of this team dropping while taking off.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject.


Ohio St. Downs Northwestern.

I heard talk ALL week about how Ohio St. just simply needs to win out and they will be “IN Like Flint” as far as the college playoffs are concerned. Well This Sports Mind has to say Not So Fast! What about teams like #4 Washington or WOYSM #5 Louisville should they both win out? If the Buckeyes are allowed to leapfrog over both of them right into the fourth playoff slot, it further proves this Sports Mind’s point, that there needs to be an eight team playoff format.

On the opposite end of the vortex you have a team like Baylor who proved by losing to unranked and a four loss team like the Longhorns that they would not belong in an 8-team playoff format at least not this year. With an 8-team playoff format though there would be less of a reason for leapfrogging because once you get past the top eight teams the possibility of more losses plus the quality of the loss or lack there of increase and make it easier to determine those final eight vs a final four.

Lets take a look at this weeks College Football Fan Highs and Lows:


South Carolina v Tennessee

South Carolina Rolls Over Tennessee.

Well I have to give MY South Carolina Gamecocks credit for pulling off an upset by defeating (former) #19 Tennessee 24-21. The new look offense under freshman QB, Jake Bentley looks promising and the defense is playing better than the last couple of seasons, so fellow Gamecock fans have to be riding somewhat of a High for what had been a disappointing season to this point.

Well maybe not so much of a High but a feeling of relief for Buckeye fans as they find themselves still in the midst of the playoff hunt after suffering a huge loss last weekend to #20 Penn St. they managed to narrowly defeat a good but not great Northwestern team on Saturday 24-20. Even though Ohio St. still remains in the playoff hunt, by season’s end, judging by how the team has fared against mediocre competition this season My Sports Mind can see them losing again before the regular season ends.



Wyoming Defeats Boise St.  Idaho Statesman

#23 Wyoming Cowboy fans have to be nice and High right now as they make the WOYSM College Top 25 for the first time this season. The Cowboys have lost two games thus far this season, but their win over #18 Boise St. on Saturday was huge. Wyoming beat the Broncos 30-28.


After coming SO close to the top four teams #11 Nebraska fans have to be feeling mighty Low. Another season gone by the wayside for the once Mighty Cornhuskers, but Oh Wait! there’s always one of those Other Bowls.

Baylor fans also have to be feeling rather  Low after falling to unranked Texas. Just when it looked like the Bears program had escaped from all of the off season issues by making a run at an undefeated season they up and lose to the Longhorns. Maybe Bears fans can look forward now to a bowl matchup with Nebraska 😉

Florida State fans saw their team officially buried for the year after losing to Clemson on Saturday. It was the Seminoles third loss on the season which catapulted the team OUT of the WOYSM Top 25 at least for now.

Last and But Not Least there’s Tennessee fans. At the beginning of the season Volunteer fans thought this would be the breakout season for coach Butch Jones and Tennessee well after losing their last three straight I’m sure they are rethinking that and probably NO longer singing to the tune of Rocky Top or at least very loudly.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

Let’s GO to the POLL!

WOYSM College Football Top 25

Rank                Team                                                  Record/Prv Rk.

1       AlabamaAlabama                                                    8-0-0     1     Trending:

2      MichiganMichigan                                                    8-0-0    2     Trending :

3      ClemsonClemson                                                      8-0-0    3      Trending:

4      Washington                                               8-0-0    4      Trending:

5       Louisville                                                   7-1-0     7      Trending:

6        Buckeyes_logo.svgOhio St                                                       7-1-0     9     Trending: 

7       Texas A&M                                                 6-1-0     8     Trending:

8       FloridaFlorida                                                         6-1-0   10     Trending:

9      Wisconsin                                                   6-2-0   11      Trending:

10      BaylorBaylor                                                         6-1-0     5     Trending:

11        Nebraska                                                  7-1-0     6     Trending:

12        North CarolinaN. Carolina                                               6-2-0   16   Trending: 

13        W. Michigan                                              8-0-0  17   Trending:

14        Colorado                                                     6-2-0  18   Trending:

15       Oklahoma                                                    7-2-0   20  Trending:

16       W. Virginia                                                  6-1-0    12  Trending:

17       Boise St.                                                        7-1-0   13  Trending: 

18       Utah               .                                               7-2-0   15  Trending:         

19       Troy                                                                6-1-0   22  Trending:

20      Penn St                                                            6-2-0  23  Trending:  

21      Oklahoma  St                                                 6-2-0   24  Trending:

22     Auburn                                                             6-2-0  NR Trending:

23      Wyoming                                                         6-2-0  NR Trending:

24         Navy                                                               5-2-0    21 Trending:

25     Virginia Tech                                                    6-2-0  NR Trending:


Teams That Dropped: Florida State, Toledo.

Others Receiving Consideration: Temple, S. Florida, W. Kentucky, Houston, TCU,                                                                                                                              San Diego St,  Washington St, Florida St.

NR=Not Ranked.



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