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October 9, 2016

WOYSM College Football Top 25

by Larry Leek
NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at North Carolina

Va. Tech Downs UNC

As other teams slowly fall by the way side teams like #5 Washington, #6 Baylor, #7 Texas A&M and #8 Nebraska have slowly moved up the poll into the top ten.



Aggies Down Vols.

All are fighting for one of the four available playoff spots, but the top four teams have refused to to give up those spots since the beginning of the season.

The Huskys made quick work of Oregon, chomping on the Ducks until they were featherless 70-21 while The Aggies sent unbeaten #15 Tennessee to the ranks of the beaten taking out the Vols 45-38. The Bears and Cornhuskers had bye weeks.

Other teams that moved up in the poll without so much as strapping on a chin strap, #9 Louisville, #10 Florida and #11 Wisconsin and while #12 Boise St defeated New Mexico 49-21 on Friday Night, all benefitted from the losses by #13 Miami and #14 Houston. The Hurricanes and Cougars were both upset and both suffered their first loss of the season as Miami lost to #19 Florida St. 20-19 and Houston was upset by Navy 46-40.

#23 Virginia Tech moved into the poll for the first time this season after hammering  #24 N. Carolina 34-3. The Hokies are off to their best start since 2014 when they began 4-2-0 before losing three consecutive games. In 2013 they started out 6-1-0 before losing three of their next four. So the BIG question for Va. Tech. and first year coach Justin Fuente is, How will they fare the next 3 OR 4?

This is Whats On My Sports Mind, about this subject:

When you talk about the top four teams, barring any unexpected losses one thing remains a fact. One team from the Big Ten WILL relinquish their playoff spot after #2 Ohio St. and #3 Michigan square off.


Harbaugh Vs Meyer

Last year under Wolverine head coach Jim Harbaugh’s first season the Wolverines gave the Buckeyes all they could handle in a closely contested game. This year will Urban Meyer and company make it two in a row or has Michigan improved enough to take the bucks out? My Sports Mind thinks so, but that doesn’t mean Michigan will win.

Lets check out this weeks College Football Fan Highs And Lows.


Those Husky fans have to be riding a nice High after Washington destroyed conference rival Oregon on Saturday, My Sports Mind couldn’t bare to watch eventually turning the channel. Washington is poised awaiting for anyone of the top four to falter and they will be HAPPY to take whomever’s playoff spot. If they plan to wait on the result of the Buckeyes and Wolverines they better plan on winning out since they don’t play until November 26th. Looking at the Huskies schedule winning out might just be possible.

Texas A&M fans have to be riding a nice High after yet another nice win taking out the undefeated Vols. Just another SEC notch in the Aggies holster as they remain perfect thus far in the west. The BIG question on this Sports Mind has to be, Can they beat the #1 team in the land (Alabama) out for the SEC West? In two weeks Our Sports Minds shall have the answer to that question OR will we? For now My Sports Mind says a LOUD NO!


Boise St. Defeats New Mexico

#12 Boise St fans have to feel High seeing their Broncos inching up in the polls as they get closer and closer to the top ten. How high will they climb? It’s okay for their fans to be on cloud 9, but IF the Broncos are fortunate to make it that high in the poll enjoy it while you can because My Sports Mind does NOT see the team making it any Higher “NO Playoffs”.


Talk about Low. Oregon Duck fans have to be at an all time Low after watching their team give up 70 points to the huskys on Saturday. This post Marioda version of the ducks has GOT to get better or duck fans could wind up drowning themselves in their own duck pond.

Where they were once SO High with visions of playoffs dancing in their heads NOW Houston Cougar fans have to be back down Lower to earth after Saturdays HUGE upset to the Midshipmen. After such a promising start Cougar fans find themselves where they should have expected they would be all along “Out Of The Playoffs”.

Hurricane, Volunteer and Razorback fans are back to their usual Low spot on the totem POLL, Oh wait, did they ever reach a High worthy enough to be considered? My Sports Mind says NO! Of the three Miami had the best chance to earn a playoff spot before Saturday’s loss to the Seminoles but not anymore.

For this Sports Mind things couldn’t get any Lower from a fans perspective than for myself and fellow South Carolina Gamecock fans after the Gamecocks dropped their fourth games of the season (2-4-0 overall) on Sunday to the Georgia Bulldogs 28-14. My Sports Mind couldn’t help but notice just before the Gamecocks went for the onside kick in an effort to try to tie the game with less than 3 min. to play but did I see coach Muschamp googling the correct way to lineup for an onside kick on his smart phone? NO couldn’t have been, or they would have lined up the correct way amd I Don’t think even GOOGLE could have came up with that scheme even for a GIGGLE….

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

Let’s GO to the POLL!

WOYSM College Football Top 25

Rank                Team                                                        Record/Prv Rk.

1              AlabamaAlabama                                                  6-0-0        1      Trending: 

2             Buckeyes_logo.svgOhio St                                                      5-0-0       2      Trending: 

3             MichiganMichigan                                                   6-0-0       3     Trending : 

4              ClemsonClemson                                                   6-0-0       4      Trending:

5            Washington                                               6-0-0       6      Trending: 

6             BaylorBaylor                                                        5-0-0        8     Trending:  

7            Texas A&M                                                6-0-0     11      Trending:  

8             Nebraska                                                    5-0-0     12     Trending:  

9             Louisville                                                   4-1-0      10     Trending:  

10             FloridaFlorida                                                       4-1-0      14    Trending:

11           Wisconsin                                                  4-1-0      15     Trending:

12            Boise St.                                                      5-0-0     18     Trending: 

13            Miami                                                         4-1-0        5     Trending:

14             Houston                                                    5-1-0        7     Trending: 

15            Tennessee                                                   5–1 -0       9    Trending:   

16          W. Virginia                                                   4-0-0     19     Trending: 

17            Mississippi                                                 3-2-0     21     Trending:  

18          Arkansas                                                       4-2-0     17     Trending:  

19           Florida StFlorida St                                                      3-2-0    22      Trending: 

20           StanfordStanford                                                       3-2-0     16      Trending:  

21            TCUTCU                                                             4-2-0     23      Trending:    

22           Utah               .                                              5-1-0     24      Trending:          

23           Virginia Tech                                                  4-2-0    NR    Trending: 

24            North CarolinaN. Carolina                                                 4-2-0     13      Trending:  

25            Maryland                                                     4-1-0    20      Trending: 

Teams That Dropped: Michigan St.

Others Receiving Consideration: W. Michigan, S. Florida, Air Force, Navy, NC State, Iowa, Texas Tech, Troy, So. Mississippi, Middle Tenn, Colorado, Wake Forest, Wyoming, Washington St, Arizona St.

NR=Not Ranked.



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