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October 1, 2016


Marijuana In The NFL.

by Larry Leek

Every season over the years players in the NFL have constantly been suspended for anywhere from four weeks to the entire season or worse for using Marijuana, thus failing the required drug screen that the league demands all of it’s players  be subjected to. While MLB does NOT test their players for Marijuana and the NBA’s stance is pretty lenient (5-game suspension) and even though Marijuana use in the NFL has grown by leaps and bounds the NFL has maintained their stance against the use of the substance.

Even though more than 60% of current NFL players have admitted to using Marijuana, many believe the use to be much higher (Around 75 to 80%). While players have stated that using it helps them to deal with the pain and depression they experience from playing the game and many have said they much more prefer smoking it instead of taking prescribed (Unnatural) pain pills that science has proved over the years to have much more harmful side effects down the road than Marijuana, such as and including addiction and depression.

The NFL however continues to test and suspend players for its use. Even NBA and MLB players have called for the ban to end on Marijuana use in Pro Football.

As states are beginning to legalize its use either recreationally or for medical use including Colorado and Washington where you have the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks it is also banned for the players in those states to use it but it’s ok if they want to go out and booze it up on the town, when in reality both are LEGAL there now.

So how can the NFL or any other company in those states test their employees and subsequently fine, suspend without pay and/or terminate their employment without facing legal implications for doing so? Mainly because it is still a federal crime in those states to use the drug and for that reason ONLY businesses in those states still have one leg left to stand on at least for now.


Things are changing very rapidly however in the US, since it is now possible to buy Marijuana stock from any stockbroker in the country legally without any federal or state penalties what so ever and not only that these stocks are beginning to grow by leaps and bounds to the point that it is now predicted that Marijuana will soon become the United States #1 cash crop and thus provide the best chance the country will have to help to get its failing economy turned around and headed in the right direction. So it is only a matter of time before the Feds give in and accept it for what it is, which is a Multi BILLION dollar a year money maker. Even sports leagues like the NFL should consider jumping on the bandwagon, because they won’t have a choice down the road.

One things for sure it could certainly help with depression that many players experience during times when they are rehabbing injuries or after they retire while continuing their addictions to prescribed pain pills they started taking while playing or so recent studies have shown as well as others testimonies. not to mention that it has been proven to have many different medical uses. such as allowing cancer patients to maintain their appetites while undergoing chemotherapy. In other words it gives them the munchies.

marijuana Support Growing Louder In The NFL.jpg

The chorus of football players advocating for marijuana as a medicinal alternative for pain management and concussion therapy however is growing louder, as five former NFL athletes participated in a panel discussion at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo at Manhattan’s Javits Convention Center.

The panel, according to the New York Daily News , was moderated by former Giants defensive lineman Leonard Marshall and included former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon, former Broncos tight end Nate Jackson, former Broncos wide receiver Charlie Adams and former Jaguars offensive tackle Eben Britton.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

Boy OH Boy!!!! The NFL has always prided itself  for being innovative, always a step ahead of the rest of the professional sports over the years which is one of the reasons the sport to grew more and more popular than the others back in the early 70’s, spreading the gap wider and wider in popularity between it and other sports, however in recent years as far as this Sports Mind is concerned that gap has narrowed, the league has hurt its popularity in this country in more ways than one by inflicting more and more damage to it’s own shield and thus putting kinks in the league’s own armor.

For example many fans as well as this Sports Mind have become frustrated with all the new rule changes the league has implicated in recent years that has made it more and more difficult to follow the game. The league has all but banned any type of player celebrations one thing that has always excited fans while they have also came under fire recently about head injuries and how so many former players health rapidly declines after they retire while former popular players like Junior Seau and others have ended up committing suicide because of post career depression that many believe to be associated with head injuries occurred while playing. MAYBE if the league had allowed those players to smoke Marijuana they could have better dealt with their depression. This Sports Mind will never know.

Check out an article I wrote a few months ago on this subject “NFL, Football And CTE”

Now it’s becoming very apparent that more and more parents are against their kids playing the sport because of the reports that has become centered around football and head injuries, so much so that the number of kids participating in Pops Warner and even High School Football leagues around the country are drastically dwindling more and more each year.


When this Sports Mind see’s that other leagues like MLB are already jumping on the Marijuana bandwagon by allowing its players to use it, I see the NFL has begun to head in the opposite direction of how it use to be which was making progress and accepting change.

The league has in My Sports Mind became old fashion because of their own stubbornness to the point that league officials have become stale and downright boring and IF the league wants to remain atop the big 3 in popularity they had best start to smell the roses or in this case the weed.

Every year year in year out this sports mind reads about player after player getting suspended for Marijuana use and for many of those players it becomes evident of their unwillingness to give up smoking it because in the end their entire careers are ruined because of numerous failed tests and its NOT because they are addicted to it since you can’t get addicted to Marijuana, its simply because they enjoy it and because of the fact that they miss entire seasons due to suspensions teams are eventually FORCED to give up on them and they are released.

Players lives/careers have been ruined for using it and they end up drowning in ridicule from reporters and others that pass judgement on them for using it, while in reality way over half of the players are using it today.

Maybe one day soon the league and people in general will WAKE UP and realize the wrong they have committed by passing judgement on others for something they do in their personal time. Especially when that something doesn’t affect their abilities, attitude or how they live their lives.

It would also be good for the league if they would become better at accepting change by keeping up with the times and if they are worried about their already tarnished image by making it okay for their players to use it, HEY here’s an idea maybe they can just silently QUIT testing for it and no one will be the wiser 😉

So Whats On Your Sorts Mind about this subject?




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    • Nov 24 2016

      Yes thats why the site is called “Whats On Your Sports Mind” Guests posts/articles/comments are ALWAYS welcome here, We are TOTALLY dedicated to you the readers.


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