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September 25, 2016

WOYSM College Top 25

by Larry Leek

#21 Utah Utes,

Nothing changed this week as far as the top 6 teams are concerned in the WOYSM College Top 25, but from there down it was somewhat similar to a rock slide where every team from the #7 Miami Hurricanes to the #25 Toledo Rockets either moved up, dropped down or as in Toledo’s case moved into the polls for the first time this season.

Also entering the WOYSM College Top 25 for the first time this season are the #21 Utah Utes and #24 Navy Midshipmen. Utah managed to defeat USC 31-27 while the Midshipmen downed Tulane 21-14.


#24 Navy Midshipmen,

With some BIG games looming in the coming weeks, the ranks are beginning to tighten up and the men are beginning to separate from the boys. For teams like the Hurricanes, they managed to move up without so much as strapping up their chin strap, but thats how it goes . Having a bye week can often be beneficial and other times not so much.

The only teams that dropped in the poll this week however are the teams that came out on the short end of the score.

#12 Michigan St. was soundly beaten by #11 Wisconsin 30-6, while #20 Florida lost to #13 Tennessee 38-21 after the Gators jumped out to a 21-0 lead before allowing the Vols. to come ALL the way back for the win.

Northern Iowa v Wisconsin

#11 Wisconsin

#22 Georgia was soundly WHIPPED by current unranked Mississippi 45-14 and #23 Arkansas lost to #14 Texas A&M 45-24.

This Is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

#1 Alabama still looks the part while #3 Michigan continues to look better each week as does #5 Louisville who has an intriguing game next week which will pit the Cardinals against #4 Clemson who has managed to remain undefeated thus far but in reality has not been tested thus far this season and also have squeaked by some teams that many feel the team should have beaten more handily. Mark My Sports Mind, they will be severely tested this week.

Time for the WOYSM College Football Fan Highs and Lows of the week.


Well it looks as though Vol. fans might finally have something to feel good about as they remain in the top 25 by defeating Florida for the first time in twelve tries, but hold that feeling as long as you can Vol. fans because it only gets tougher over the next 3-weeks, ultimately culminating with their biggest test coming three weeks down the road. They play #22 Georgia next week then #14 Texas A&M before they have to play against the #1 ranked Crimson Tide the third week. My Sports Mind see’s the Vols. stumbling at 1-2 during those three games, but we shall see.


#14 Texas A&M,

Baylor fans have to be VERY happy and relieved at the same time. After ALL of the off field issues during the offseason which ultimately led to the firing of head coach Art Briles, the #10 Baylor Bears haven’t seemed to skip a beat as they continued their winning ways by beating up on Oklahoma St. 35-24 and managed to knock the Cowboys from the WOYSM top 25.


#10 Baylor,

How about those Utes? Their fans have been patient all season as Utah finally managed to crack the Top 25 for the first time since last season, so Cudos to the Ute fans while Navy and Toledo fans also  have to be ecstatic over the start of their respective team’s season as both are back in the WOYSM College Top 25 for the first time since last season as well.


Oklahoma St. fans have to be sad as the Cowboys stumbled out of the top 25 for the first time in over two seasons. Things haven’t gone well for the team as of late as they have dropped two of their first four games this season losing the first to unranked Central Michigan 30-27.

Spartan fans have to be sick after the Spartans lost their first game of the season to the #11 Badgers. Even though mathematically the Spartans still could make the playoffs since they did not fall too far down, but this Sports Mind feels they are done for the year concerning playoff hopes.

Gator, Bulldog and Razorback fans can also at best hope for a bowl bid in one of those OTHER bowls as their playoff hopes were all dashed as well Saturday. So look at it this way, it could be worse you could be like this Old Sports Mind.

 My South Carolina Gamecocks showed what they were made of Saturday night, basically a bunch of cock -N- Bull um feathers, losing their 2nd game of the season and falling to Kentucky 17-10 and also falling to .500 at 2-2. The defensive line looked good at times in this game BUT at the end of the day WHO were they playing? If the Gamecocks manage to win 5 games this season, it will surprise My Sports Mind.

 So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

Let’s GO to the POLL!

WOYSM College Football Top 25

Rank                Team                                            Record/Prv Rk.

1              AlabamaAlabama                                                      4-0-0       1       Trending:

2             Buckeyes_logo.svgOhio St                                                         3-0-0       2       Trending: 

3             MichiganMichigan                                                      4-0-0       3      Trending : 

4              ClemsonClemson                                                      4-0-0       4       Trending:

5              Louisville                                                     4-0-0       5    Trending:

6              StanfordStanford                                                      3-0-0        6     Trending:  

7              Miami                                                           3-0-0        8     Trending:  

8              Washington                                                4-0-0        9     Trending:  

9             Houston                                                         4-0-0       10    Trending   

10            BaylorBaylor                                                            4-0-0       13     Trending:  

11           Wisconsin                                                      4-0-0        14   Trending:   

12            Michigan StMichigan St                                                  2-1-0        7     Trending:   

13            Tennessee                                                      4–0        15     Trending:  

14           Texas A&M                                                    4-0-0       17     Trending:  

15            Nebraska                                                       4-0-0      18      Trending:  

16           Florida StFlorida St                                                        3-1-0        20   Trending:  

17             IowaIowa                                                                3-1-0       21    Trending:   

18            North CarolinaN. Carolina                                                    3-1-0       23     Trending:  

19             TCUTCU                                                                3-1-0        24     Trending:  

20             FloridaFlorida                                                           3-1-0        11      Trending:   

21             Utah               .                                               4-0-0       NR     Trending:    

22            Georgia                                                          3-1-0         12      Trending:   

23           Arkansas                                                         3-1-0         16       Trending:  

24            Navy                                                                 3-0-0     NR         Trending:

25           Toledo                                                                3-0-0     NR         Trending:

Teams That Dropped: LSU, Oklahoma St. Oregon

Others Receiving Consideration: Mississippi, Boise St, San Diego St, W. Virginia, Memphis, Wake Forest, Maryland, Minnesota, W. Michigan, Arizona St, S. Florida, Air Force, Virginia Tech, Cincinnati.

NR=Not Ranked.




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