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September 18, 2016

WOYSM College Top 25

by Larry Leek

Louisville QB, Lamar Jackson

The first Saturday of the college football season was supposed to have the biggest line up of games in NCAA history and there was indeed a lot of great games that weekend. As hard as it might be to believe, the NCAA did a one up on that week Saturday by having all three of the top 3 ranked teams play against ranked teams for the first time ever.

Of course that was as far as the AP poll goes, BUT as far as the WOYSM poll goes, even though #3 Michigan did not play a WOYSM top 25 team #20 Florida St who at the time was ranked #4 by WOYSM was the AP’s #3 team. Oh well 3 out of 4 ain’t too bad.

The Wolverines struggled early against unranked Colorado but managed to put the Buffaloes away handily in the end 45-28 while the Seminoles were destroyed by a very good #5 Louisville team 63-20. It was the most points ever  surrendered by a Seminole defense.

#1 Alabama finally got the 2-year monkey off their back but struggled in the process against Ole Miss. before finally coming out on top 48-43. Both defenses by the way took the day off.


The 3rd Time Wasn’t The charm For The Runnin Rebels.

#4 Clemson had their best game of the young season beating the socks off South Carolina St. 59-0. After struggling offensively the first two weeks against mediocre opponents it appears the Tigers may have got on track Saturday, The Bulldogs however just might be the worst team the Tigers play all season, so it’s still yet to be determined how good they really are.

#2 Ohio St. remained unbeaten knocking off Oklahoma 45-24, they not only knocked them off, but also managed to knock the Sooners out, right out of the WOYSM top 25 and if I were a betting Sports Mind I’d say right out of all other polls as well.


#2 Ohio St. Buckeyes

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

It was nothing less than a complete massacre that occurred Saturday in Louisville, Ky. when Florida St. was ambushed by a bunch of Angry (Red) Birds.

From what this Sports Mind witnessed, I believe that if Louisville had taken their entire offense off the field except for QB, Lamar Jackson (13-20, 216 Yds, 1 TD & 17 Carries, 146 Yds, 4 Td’s) and WR, James Quick (7 Rec, 122 Yds.) the end result would have more than likely had the same outcome.

The Seminoles defense was NO match for Jackson who completely humiliated them, scoring pretty much at will, I just can’t help but wonder if any of the Seminoles players were able to sit when they took the flight back to Tallahassee afterwards. You want to talk about a BUTT Kicking and one they won’t soon (If EVER) forget.

Time for the WOYSM College Football Fan Highs and Lows of the week.


While we are on the subject, it certainly can’t get much higher for Louisville fans. they still have a couple of BIG games remaining against #4 Clemson and #10 Houston, but for now Cardinal fans have to feel good about their chances of making the playoffs this year.

Husky fans have to be floating on cloud 9 as #9 Washington managed to crack the top 10 for the first time since 2002 when they began the season ranked, Yep you guessed it #9.

They really haven’t played anyone yet unless you consider Rutgers someone. The Huskies beat up on Portland St. Saturday 41-3. But for now if I were a Husky fan My Sports Mind wouldn’t get too comfortable up there just yet.

Oregon v Washington

QB, Jake Browning, Washington Huskies

How about those Razorback, Aggie & Cornshucker oops Husker fans. Thanks to other thoughtful teams like Ole miss, Oklahoma and Notre Dame for dropping their 2nd game each of the season and thus OUT of the top 25. Making room for #16 Arkansas, #17 Texas A&M and #18 Nebraska. Even though I’m sure Hog, Aggie & Husker fans greatly appreciate the favor, I’m also equally sure that Rebel, Sooner & Irish fans are NOT  in any way in a “Your Welcome” kind of mood.


Nebraska Cornhuskers


While we are on THAT subject, who could be any lower than Rebel, Sooner or Irish fans, for them the best they can hope for now is to  play in one of those OTHER bowl games that has zip to do with any playoffs and where everyone gets a trophy afterwards. If this Sports Mind was a fan of any of the three, I honestly wouldn’t have had High hopes to begin with.

There actually is one fan base that without a doubt has to be in mourning after watching their team literally get the DOORS beat then blew right off Saturday. The loss was the worse beating they had ever HAD to witness before. For those faithful that stayed for the whole game, that had to be REALLY hard. My Sports Mind salutes ya.

Last week I mentioned what a High Florida St. fans were on (Ain’t it amazing how fast things can change IN football IN just one week) and I will guarantee you before Saturday’s game there was not a Seminole fan in the country that thought their team would do any less that win IT ALL this season. Now after the nightmare that was, there’s probably not one thats recovered from the shock enough to realize the serious consequences of last night’s drubbing. Let me enlighten you, NO PLAYOFFS.

But alas there is one bright side, maybe you will get to watch the Noles play against either the Runnin Rebs, Sooners OR Irish in one of those OTHER bowl games.

But don’t feel too bad, this ole Sports Mind has absolutely no reason to brag about my team either. Even though MY South Carolina Gamecocks are 2-1 on the season, two of the three teams they have played currently have losing records including the team (Miss. St.) that beat them and on Saturday night they held on to beat a decent at best East Carolina team 20-15, WOE is me.

Even though many teams playoff hopes for 2016 have already faded after three short weeks and turned into yet another “Wait Till Next Year” season, Dashing the hopes of their fans once again, It’s still football and My Sports Mind still intends to make the BEST of it ;).

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

Let’s GO to the POLL!

WOYSM College Football Top 25

Rank                Team                                                               Record/Prv Rk.

1              AlabamaAlabama                                                           3-0-0       1       Trending:

2              Buckeyes_logo.svgOhio St                                                             3-0-0       2       Trending:

3              MichiganMichigan                                                          3-0-0       3      Trending:

4               ClemsonClemson                                                          3-0-0       5       Trending:

5               Louisville                                                         3-0-0       10     Trending:

6               StanfordStanford                                                            2-0-0        6     Trending:

7              Michigan StMichigan St                                                        2-0-0       7      Trending:

8                Miami                                                                3-0-0       14     Trending:

9               Washington                                                       3-0-0       15      Trending:

10            Houston                                                               3-0-0      16      Trending:

11              FloridaFlorida                                                                3-0-0        9      Trending:

12              Georgia                                                                3-0-0       12     Trending:

13               BaylorBaylor                                                                   3-0-0       15     Trending:

14             Wisconsin                                                              3-0-0       17     Trending:

15             Tennessee                                                              3-0-0       22      Trending:

16           Arkansas                                                                  3-0-0       17      Trending:

17           Texas A&M                                                              3-0-0       NR     Trending:

18            Nebraska                                                                3-0-0        NR     Trending:

19            LSU LSU                                                                        2-1-0        18       Trending: 

20           Florida StFlorida St                                                               2-1-0          4       Trending   

21             IowaIowa                                                                      2-1-0          8        Trending:  

22             Oregon Oregon                                                                2-1-0          11       Trending  

23             North CarolinaN. Carolina                                                           1-1-0         23       Trending   

24              TCUTCU                                                                        2-1-0         24       Trending  

25             Oklahoma St.Oklahoma St.                                                        2-1-0         25        Trending  

Teams That Dropped: Oklahoma, Mississippi, Notre Dame

Others Receiving Consideration: Utah, Navy, Toledo, Boise St, San Diego St, W. Virginia, Memphis, Central Michigan, Wake Forest, Maryland, Minnesota, W. Michigan, Arizona St, S. Florida, Georgia Tech,  Air Force, Indiana, Army.

NR=Not Ranked.






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