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September 11, 2016

WOYSM College Top 25

by Larry Leek

Alabama Crimson Tide

It appears things may have settled down a BIT after week #1 and that things were back to the norm. for most teams in the WOYSM College Top 25. The #5 Clemson Tigers struggled with a decent at best, Troy team before finally pulling 0ut the win 30-24. After Saturday’s lackluster performance the Tigers and Tiger fans have to be concerned about their title hopes as the Tigers are on a downward trend.


Louisville Fundraiser for Stadium Expansion

Clemson has struggled both the first two weeks of the season, but the team won’t get their first real test until Oct. 1 when they host the #10 Louisville Cardinals who are playing VERY well. The way they Tigers are playing, just MAYBE they can remain undefeated but it won’t be easy.

Elsewhere in the top 5, #1 Alabama remained undefeated beating W. Kentucky 38-10, as did #2 Ohio St. who beat Tulsa 48-3. #3 Michigan beat up on Central Fla. 51-14, while #4 Florida St. pummeled Charleston Sou. 52-8.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

Teams in college football no matter how highly ranked cannot expect to squeak by not only unranked teams but teams WAY down in the rankings and expect to continue to hold their slot in the polls. Clemson has narrowly won their first two games of the season struggling with Auburn in week one & Troy on Saturday. Troy was actually in the game the whole way, losing by only 6 pts. and NO WAY anyone is going to tell this Sports Mind that Troy is THAT good of a team.

Time for the WOYSM College Football Fan Highs and Lows of the week.


The Crimson Tide fans have to be the MOST spoiled fans in the country right now and for good reason, can anyone de-throne the defending champs this season?  

NCAA Football: Florida State at Georgia Tech

Florida State Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher

 Seminole fans have plenty to be excited about so far in this young season, while many polls have them as high as #2, WOYSM is NOT quite convinced that the team should vault to the #2 slot JUST YET.

Duck fans have to feel pretty good about the way the team has started the season, even though both wins have been against decent teams at best at least they are trending up and not the other way like last season. Still it remains to be seen if the team can remain consistent, My Sports Mind thinks they will struggle when they play teams in the top 25.


University of Texas Longhorns

Other teams that have looked good early on and have gave their fans plenty to be excited about are the Florida GatorsArkansas Razorbacks,  Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M Aggies. All of the above except for the Gators have yet to crack the WOYSM Top 25 but if they continue their winning ways their fans could see them there in the near future.


Clemson Tigers.

Once again MY South Carolina Gamecocks disappointed again this week, does this surprise anyone? The Gamecocks lost to a Mississippi St. Bulldog team that couldn’t even manage to beat South Alabama in week #1. Maybe The Bulldogs should have got a mention in the Highs section (NOT).


TCU Horned Frogs

TCU and Oklahoma St. fans had a HUGE let down on Saturday as the Horned Frogs lost to a MUCH improved Razorback team 41-38, While the Cowboys laid an egg against a good Central Mich. team 30-27. Even though its very early in the season, climbing back into the playoff hunt will be a nearly impossible feat for both teams. Note the Razorbacks ARE in the Highs  section 😉

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

Let’s GO to the POLL!

WOYSM College Football Top 25

Rank                                   Team                                                       Record/Prv Rk.

1                AlabamaAlabama                                                              2-0-0        1       Trending:

2                Buckeyes_logo.svg Ohio St                                                                2-0-0        3        Trending:

3                MichiganMichigan                                                             2-0-0        4        Trending:

4                Florida StFlorida St                                                             2-0-0        5       Trending:

5                 ClemsonClemson                                                              2-0-0        2       Trending:

6                StanfordStanford                                                               1-0-0        6       Trending:

7                Michigan StMichigan St                                                         1-0-0         7       Trending:

8                  IowaIowa                                                                     2-0-0        8       Trending:

9                  FloridaFlorida                                                                 2-0-0        10     Trending:

10                Louisville                                                            2-0-0        12      Trending:

11                 Oregon Oregon                                                                2-0-0       13       Trending:

12                Georgia                                                                 2-0-0       14       Trending:

13                BaylorBaylor                                                                    2-0-0       15       Trending:

14                Miami                                                                    2-0-0       16       Trending:

15               Washington                                                           2-0-0       17      Trending:

16                Houston                                                                2-0-0        18      Trending:

17               Wisconsin                                                              2-0-0        19     Trending:

18                LSU  LSU                                                                        1-1-0       20      Trending:

19                OklahomaOklahoma                                                              1-1-0        21      Trending:

20                Ole MissMississippi                                                           1-1-0         22      Trending:

21              Our Lady Notre Dame                                                            1-1-0         23     Trending:

22               Tennessee                                                                2-0-0        24      Trending:

23               North Carolina N. Carolina                                                             0-1-0        25      Trending:

24                TCUTCU                                                                          1-1-0          9      Trending:

25               Oklahoma St.Oklahoma St.                                                          1-1-0         11      Trending:

Teams That Dropped: No Teams Dropped.

Others Receiving Consideration: Texas A&M, Arkansas, Texas, Utah, Navy, Toledo, Boise St, Marshall, San Diego St, Pittsburgh, Nebraska, W. Virginia, Memphis, E. Carolina, Central Michigan.

NR=Not Ranked.





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