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August 21, 2016

Romo Best Stay Healthy In 2016

by Larry Leek

Cowboys QB, Dak Prescott Throws To WR, Terrance Williams

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the Cowboys lately, It appears that they may have found the heir apparent to Tony Romo. Who you ask? Well Look no further than former Mississippi St. QB Dak Prescott.

If Prescott’s first two preseason auditions are any indication and are a possible look into Dak’s future with the Cowboys it looks VERY bright indeed. In Dak’s first two games he is 22/27 for 338 Yds. with 4-TD’s and 0-Int’s. He also has 1 rushing TD, not bad at for the rookie who was picked by Dallas in the 4th Rd. of this years draft with the 135th pick overall.

Cowboys rookie camp

Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys during rookie minicamp at the Cowboys headquarters in Irving, Texas. Photo by James D. Smith/Dallas Cowboys

Prescott has even been praised for his abilities by the Cowboys current incumbent QB,  Tony Romo.

For the Cowboys current starter staying healthy has been anything but easy and even though leading up to last season Romo had only missed only two regular season games over 4 years  from 2011-2014 (1-game each in 2013 & 2014). Last season Romo missed all but 4 games and the last season Romo played all 16 games was in 2012.

With that said and considering Prescott’s performance thus far in the preseason, (granted it IS the preseason which is miles apart from the regular season) Romo had better stay healthy this season because in this business all it takes is just one window of opportunity for a younger player and a veteran can lose their starting job for a team permanently.

Injured Tony Romo

2015 Romo Suffers Clavicle Injury In Week 2.

This Is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject.

After this seasons draft by the Cowboys I had mixed emotions. I was happy that they had drafted a high caliber RB in Ezekiel Elliott  but this Sports Mind felt that the RB position could have been addressed later on in the draft. I felt that they should have drafted Paxton Lynch in Rd. 1 with the 4th pick and the fact that Jerry Jones tried frantically to move up in the latter part of Rd. 1 to get Lynch FUMED me even more.

Now fast forward ahead to the present and I’m starting to feel a bit better about this years draft and especially the 4th rd. selection the Cowboys invested in Prescott. After watching him in the first two preseason games he has REALLY impressed this old Sports Mind So much in fact that I feel he may just be the boys next superstar.

I look for KEY intangibles that make a QB not only great, but smart and I see those in Prescott. One thing that I liked when I watched Dak against the Rams on Aug. 13th was the fact that he didn’t panic under pressure by taking off running, but instead was poised in the pocket and if it collapsed he showed tremendous ability scrambling out of the pocket, still able to find the open receiver quickly and efficiently. The few times he did run the ball the thing that I really like was the fact that he did NOT take on the defensive players zeroing in, but instead he slid. He also showed great ability in getting rid of the football from the pocket very quickly and never suffered from a case of the happy feet while trying to find the open receiver.

Dak reminds me a lot of Seattle Seahawk QB, Russell Wilson only faster and with a stronger arm and if the Cowboys can get similar results from Prescott down the road it could turn out Super for the team who has not appeared in a Super Bowl since 1995.

This ole Sports Mind knows very well that its far too soon to put this young man on such a pedestal so early in his career, however in all my years of evaluating players I’ve yet to be wrong about those that look special and appear to have IT. Prescott has IT and for now I can only say that if Romo goes down again this season and Prescott steps in and continues playing like he has, it could spell the end for Romo as the starter in Big D. Remember you heard it here first 😉

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?




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