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February 28, 2016

NFL Combine In Full Swing

by Larry Leek

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Future NFL hopefuls have gathered in Indianapolis, IN. with some players looking great and some not so much former North Dakota State QB, Carson Wentz is one that has impressed everyone with his throwing ability and strong arm, while another, Ohio State’s QB, Cardale Jones injured his hamstring while attempting to run a second 40 yarder and had to cut his combine short.

When talking Quarterbacks, the three top prospects in the 2016 NFL Draft have to be North Dakota St., Carson Wentz, Memphis State’s, Paxton Lynch and San Diego St. prospect Jared Goff.

The main questions about these three QB’s are:

How high will they go?

Where will they go?

How well will they do in the NFL?

With a number of NFL teams needing QB’s and so few available, though many scouts do not believe either of the 3 are worthy of a 1st rd. pick, you can bet the answer to question #1 is that by the time rd. 2 rolls around neither of the 3 will be there and in all likely hood at least two of the QB’s will be gone after the Cleveland  Browns (2nd pick) and Dallas Cowboys (4th pick) have chosen.

With the college QB prospects showcasing their talent yesterday all 3 of the afore mentioned did not hurt their chances with all of them looking great.

Even though the quarterbacks steal the show every year, being the most popular part of the combine, other noteworthy talent at the 2016 combine are definitely worth a mention.

Here is the actual top 10 ranked players in the combine, destined for greatness in the NFL:

  1. DE, Joey Bosa, Ohio St.
  2. OT, Laremy Tunsil, Mississippi 
  3. CB, Jalen Ramsey, Florida St.
  4. DE, DeForest Buckner, Oregon
  5. OT, Ronnie Stanley, Notre Dame
  6. CB, VI Hargreaves, Florida
  7. OLB, Myles Jack, UCLA
  8. QB, Carson Wentz , N. Dakota St.
  9. QB, Jared Goff, San Diego St.
  10. OLB, Jaylon Smith, Notre Dame                                                                                                          
NCAA Football: Ohio State at Maryland

Top Ranked Prospect, Joey Bosa

If you look much further down the list to #24 you will find Memphis St. QB, Paxton Lynch.

After his combine performance however, scouts could well be moving Lynch above both Wentz & Goff, also you have to consider Lynch’s huge size 6′-7″, 245 Lbs) and strong arm, both of which give the former Memphis St. Tiger a big upside.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

Joey Bosa is going to be a beast in the NFL count on it, anyone spending the pick on this guy will have a future MULTI pro-bowler on their hands for sure.

Laremy Tunsil as all BIG offensive linemen do, definitely makes this Sports Mind’s mouth water. Anytime you add force on your O-Line you cannot go wrong, though Tunsil lost a lot of playing time last season at least it wasn’t due to injury.  You also have to consider a Ronnie Stanley from  Notre Dame another top tackle coming into the league, both of these guys are in the top 5 players on the board and will be gone early for sure. Top O-linemen have always been early departure’s in the NFL Draft of course for good reason. They play a huge roll in the success and longevity of a teams starting  QB and also the success of the WR’s and RB’s

For a team looking for a shutdown corner, look NO FURTHER than Florida St. CB, Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey could be the best CB, to come from the school since one of the greatest shutdown corners this Sports Mind has seen in Prime Time  himself Deion Sanders.  

For this Sports Mind however being that I’m a Lifetime Dallas Cowboys fan, also being the fact that this quite possibly could the biggest and most important draft for this team since 1989, when they used the #1 pick that year on now Hall Of fame QB, Troy Aikman. It’s very important that they get this draft right.

So for My Sports Mind the QB’s are the most interesting part of the combine being that the Cowboys are at the point where they need to bring in QB, Tony Romo’s aire apparent.

I still think Memphis St. QB Paxton Lynch is the best of them but My Sports Mind also can see potential in all three of the top QB prospects.


Paxton Lynch 

Lynch’s size 6′-7″ 245 Lbs and arm strength just cannot be ignored, My Sports Mind has to believe, as with all young QB’s entering the league as well as any of the veterans that in order for them to have success they have to have a great mentor in their QB’s coach. How well any of these three young prospects fare in the NFL will greatly depend on that.

Carson Wentz looks great but many question the fact that he did not play on the div. 1 level. My Sports Mind believes you should never judge a player by where he came from, but how he got there and what he accomplished while there. Four Straight Div. 2 National Championships is quite an achievement and nothing to sneeze at.

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz










Jared Goff Also shows plenty of promise and for now is ranked above Wentz & Lynch.


Jared Goff










For all three of these young QB’s however, many elements will determine their success. Their tutelage, which team they land on, their O-line and other supporting cast can make or break anyone of the three and prove to be beneficial or fatal to their careers.

For all of these young athletes the NFL Combine presents the beginning of a whole new life and the fulfillment of a childhood and lifetime dream. To play in the NFL. 

This Sports Mind wishes each and every one of them the best of luck.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?






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