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February 20, 2016

Give Title To Golden State Now?

by Larry Leek
Wizards v/s Warriors 03/02/11

Golden States, Stephen Curry

Since many have pleaded with NBA officials for years to shorten the season and maybe they should. After all the key is to leave your audience wanting more, NOT glad its finally over right? Well this year they probably could get away with shortening it and just go ahead and give Golden State the title. The Warriors (48-4-0) are 10-games better than the second place and LeBron James led Cleveland Cavaliers  (38-14-0) in the Eastern Conference, but only 5-games ahead of Western Conference leading San Antonio 45-9.

We all remember what happened when they played Cleveland on January 19th (whom many think have the best chance of dethroning Golden State), when the Warriors trounced the Cavs. 132-98 and LeBron was a non-factor.

Were the Cavaliers playing the lame duck act when the two teams met in January or was that the BEST Cleveland had? If it were any other team other than a LeBron James led team that might be possible (holding back until the game counts down the road in the post), but you have to believe that James always gives 100%, though some games over the years including this one would have you think other wise.

LeBron James

With Golden State on track to have the best regular season ever in the NBA, chasing the Chicago Bull’s  1996 record season (72-10-0), it now appears they could shatter the record if their streak continues.

The amazing thing is that against all of the Division Leaders and Second Place teams thus far this season the Warriors are undefeated. Below is a breakdown of the game dates and the final score against all of the top teams in the league. The only team Golden State has yet to play is the East’s, Southeast Division leading Atlanta Hawks.

Golden State Warriors  record vs DL and SP teams.

DL Teams 6-0                                                                                                                                                  

SP Teams 9-0
Record 15-0
Division Leaders
Toronto 0-2
Nov. 17th lost 115-110
Dec 5th lost 112-109

Cleveland 0-2
Dec 25th lost 89-83
Jan 18th lost 132-98

Atlanta 0-0

Oklahoma City 0-1
Feb. 6th lost 116-108

San Antonio 0-1
Jan. 25th lost 120-90

2nd Place Teams
Boston 0-1
Dec. 11th lost 124-119

Indiana 0-2
Dec. 8th lost 131-123
Jan. 22nd lost 122-110

Miami 0-1
Jan. 11th lost 111-103

Portland 0-1
Jan. 8th lost 128-108

LA Clippers 0-2
Nov. 4th lost 112-108
Nov. 19th lost 124-117

Memphis 0-2
Nov. 2nd lost 119-69
Nov. 11th lost 100-84

Golden State’s four losses are

Dec. 12th @ Milwaukee 108-95

Milwaukee is currently in last place in the East, Central Division with a 22-32 record. When the two teams met on the 12th the Bucks were 10-15, six days later Golden State hosted the game between the two teams in their second meeting with the Warriors coming out on top 121-112.

Dec. 30th @ Dallas 114-91

Dallas is currently in 3rd place in the West, Southwest Division with a 29-27 record, they were 19-13 when the two played on the 30th. The two teams meat again on Jan. 27th @ Golden State with the Warriors winning 127-107.

Jan. 13th @ Denver 112-110

Denver is currently in 4th place in the West, Northwest Division with a 23-32 record, they were 15-23 when they played on the 13th. Before that game they played each other twice on Nov. 6th @ Golden State, The Warriors won 119-104 and again on Nov. 22nd @ Denver with the warriors also taking that game 118-105.

Jan. 16th @ Detroit 113-95

Detroit is currently in 4th place in the East, Central Division with a 27-28 record, they were 22-18 when the met on the 16th. Before that game they played on Nov. 9th @ Golden State with the Warriors winning 109-95.

Ironically the closest team behind the Warriors and also making a nice run as well are the ageless San Antonio Spurs @ 45-9, who seem for now to be the biggest challenge for Golden State when the post season finally rolls around.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

First thing, you GOT to look at are the wins against division leaders (DL) and second place teams (SP) and the fact that they have won everyone of them thus far.

They are playing @ Portland tonight and now it’s become obvious that they will lose their 5th game of the season and first to a division leading team, with the Trailblazers leading 130-98 in the 4th with under 2 minutes to play and once again it’s on the road.

They will have their first meeting of the season against Atlanta on Monday, Feb. 22nd, so another tale, tale game against another division leader.

The losses, well to this Sports Mind is obvious that they were resting players against mediocre teams all on the road, not to mention that their first loss against the Bucks culminated the end of a seven game road trip over 10-days.

Their first two losses occurred 18 days apart with their second loss five days after Christmas and the last two twelve and fifteen days after New Years, just 3 days apart and the biggest key you can take from all four losses is the fact that they ALL were on the road, so if someone is going to beat them it would appear they will need homecourt advantage which is NOT likely.

Even though My Sports Mind at this time believes that no team will stand between the Warriors and their second straight title and even though they look totally unbeatable, well on track to breaking the Bull’s 96 record, you never know what the future holds and especially if injuries to key players should arise, anything could happen.

If there were NO playoffs Golden State would win unanimously garnering all the votes, however lets be thankful there are playoffs but this season My Sports Mind feels you may as well just “Give The Title To Golden State” because if none of the division winners  (other than Portland) or possible wildcard teams have figured out a way to beat them after 15 out of 16 attempts between them all (except for the Hawks), I’m not sure they will. Even though the Trailblazers defeated them tonight My Sports Mind believes there’s NO WAY a team like Portland could do it in a five or seven game series.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?





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