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February 7, 2016


Super Bowl 50, Who Will Win?

by Larry Leek
Super Bowl 50

With the big day Finally upon us and the final game of the NFL Season here at last “Super Bowl 50”, it also marks the time of the year for those traditional Super Bowl parties.

Homes will darn the team colors of one or both of the team participants and some might not have either teams colors but the colors of their team as they sit watching still proud to show off their team thou absent from the Big Dance. Either way it’s a special night in America when the country will crown yet another World Champion. 

Super Bowl 50 pits the Carolina Panthers   (15-1-0) against the Denver Broncos (12-4-0) in a game that has the seasons #1 scoring offense against the #1 defense for the championship, a feat that’s never been in any Super Bowl preceding it.

2015 Denver Broncos

Carolina’s #1 scoring offense and QB sensation Cam Newton will carry a 31 pt. scoring average up against the Bronco’s #1 ranked defense.

Also The Bronco’s sport QB, Peyton Manning who though a future hall of famer for sure, has had probably his worst season since his rookie season. Peyton was banged up so bad at one point this season he had to miss 5-games just to mend.

Manning was subbed by QB, Brock Osweiler during that tenure before returning to the lineup to lead the Bronco’s to the Super Bowl in what could possibly be the 39 year old QB’s last rodeo.

Carolina Panthers

So we have a matchup between a new up & rising gunslinger in QB, Cam Newton and a great future hall of famer who is riding off into the sunset in Peyton Manning.

But the biggest question even more than the young up and coming QB vs the aging QB HAS to be “who will win the game?”

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

Panthers QB, Cam Newton said recently that no other QB in the NFL has ever had ALL the tangibles that he brings to the game and quite frankly this Sports Mind has to agree with him to a degree and the main reason I have to say that is because of his size and the fact that he is probably the only QB that this sports mind  has seen who does not make me cringe when he takes off running.

I have never been in favor of a QB that runs the ball because of what can happen if a teams QB should go down to injury. They are at risk enough when they go back to pass, let alone taking off running with the ball and taking on defensive players head on.

With Newton his size and strength matches him up well with the linebackers in the NFL better than any QB ever has. But that’s where it begins and ends with this Sports Mind because as far as any other required skills that the QB brings to the table, this Sports Mind cannot see any difference between Newton or any other great and yes I did say great, because Cam is obviously a future hall of famer in his own right.

Now on the other side of the ball the big question and one this Sports Mind thought he would never ask about Peyton Manning is which Manning will show up? The Peyton Manning of old or the Peyton who threw only 9 TD’s with 17 Int’s this season while completing only 59.8% of his passes, however thus far in the postseason he has been better but not great going 38-69 for 398 yds. (55.1 %) with 2 TD’s and 0 Int’s.

The bottom line and the main elements which will determine the winner of this game will in My Sports Mind come solely down to the movable vs the immovable objects. Namely the Panthers high powered #1 ranked scoring offense vs the Broncos STIFF #1 ranked defense and In case you sports buffs missed it this marks the 1st time thats ever occurred.

So who’s going to win you ask?  Well first I have two more stats to add to the equation and as far as My Sports Mind is concerned it is perhaps the two most important stats that will be the difference maker and in the end determine the winner, AGAIN In My Sports Mind. 

The Broncos might have the #1 defense in the NFL this season,  but the Panthers are not that far behind with the 6th best defense in 2015 and on the offensive side of the ball the Panthers have the top ranked scoring offense, they averaged 31 ppg. where the Broncos were ranked in the middle of the pack at #16 in total offense and they averaged only 22 ppg. So basically the Panthers are the most complete team and in My Sports Mind I cannot see the Bronco’s offense being able to keep up with the Panthers. THAT task will rely totally on the Bronco’s defense no doubt.

Final Score: Carolina 42 Denver 17.




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  1. Jason Leek
    Feb 7 2016

    I also believe this is going to be a Panther’s victory if Peyton can’t show up one last time and have the game of his life. The Broncos may have the #1 D, but the Denver offense is going to have to set the stage & be effective enough to allow the D to rest, esp considering they ARE playing the #1 Offense in all the land. I think simply this entire game rests on how well Denver’s offense plays.

    • Feb 7 2016

      Yep I agree part of the two biggest keys I mentioned. As I said the Panthers are the most COMPLETE team….


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