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January 24, 2016

Manziel Or RG III To Dallas?

by Larry Leek

With the Dallas Cowboys fresh off a disastrous 2015 season, finishing at 4-12-0 and with the main reason for finishing with only 4 wins (Injuries to QB, Tony Romo) its become apparent that the Cowboys need to find the successor to Romo and they need to do it quickly.

Over the last three seasons Romo has suffered everything from multiple back to multiple shoulder injuries and it seems near impossible for the Cowboys starting QB to make it thru an entire season without missing games or playing hurt with NO decent backup in site.

NOW the Cowboys have the 4th pick of the 2016 NFL draft, there are some QB’s in the draft that garner mentioning, those are Memphis St. QB Paxton Lynch and California QB, Jared Goff. Also in the same sentence when you ask anyone who’s spoken to Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones are the names Johnny Manziel and RG III (Robert Griffin III).

Paxon Lynch

Memphis QB, Paxton Lynch,

Even though many do not project either Lynch or Goff to be worthy of such a High pick as that owned by the Cowboys, if Dallas does not select either of the two it’s also very likely that neither of the them will be there when Dallas picks in rd. 2. So one thing is obvious.

If the Cowboys do not select either Lynch or Goff in the draft you can be certain, if Jones has it his way either Manziel or Griffin will wind up in Dallas. Should that happen are the possibilities greater that either of them in “Big D” will help the Cowboys cause or cause more controversy than either of the two are worth? 

Since Manziel entered the league he has checked in to rehab for alcohol abuse, gotten into confrontations in public with strangers, he’s been no shows for team meeting(S) as in more then once and even LIED to his coach’s and as of recent was believed to be seen in Las Vegas when he was missing from Browns headquarters.

RG III was benched by current Redskins head coach, Jay Gruden for the entire season and he is not liked by most team members and on more than one occasion RG III has been accused of pointing fingers at other team members publicly over losses.

It’s always understood between players that issues between them are to be kept internal and to violate that trust, taking it to the media means the team loses trust in that player.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

Look up the definition of Quarterback in your local dictionary and it will say, well never mind that just believe me when I tell you that the word means several things like “Team Leader”, also “Team Foundation” and don’t forget “Face Of The Franchise” and what about “Role Model” for young fans, perhaps the most important.

When you look at Johnny Manziel or Robert Griffin III you have yet to see ANY of these qualities in either of them in fact only the EXACT opposite and it appears to have gotten worse since they entered the league not better.

My Sports Mind can’t even conceive what ANY team owner, GM or head coach would see in either of the two and if they wanted to continue their careers, well ehhh. perhaps Canada should come to mind?

If My Sports Mind was going to take a chance on any of the four I would MUCH rather take it on the young arm of either Lynch or Goff and if My Sports Mind had the final say so I would make it Paxton Lynch for a few reasons. His size 6-7, 245 Lbs (Right out of the Big Ben Roethlisberger mode), his Junior season stats 296-443 for 3,778 Yds. with 28 TD’s and only 4 Ints.

But even with such size and nice stats like those perhaps the biggest reason why My Sports Mind would NOT pass on this kid and the reason NO ONE seems to pick up on is the fact that before Lynch, Memphis Football was completely non-existent until he came on the scene and it was 90% Paxton Lynch that put this football team in the top 25 for the first time that this OLE Sports Mind can ever remember.

Don’t judge him by his TEAMS performance against a BIG name school like Auburn in their bowl this season, judge him by what he helped his team achieve this season for the first time ever.

Another thing that intrigues me about Lynch or even Goff for that matter vs Manziel or RG III is that both are born TEAM leaders that actually know the position and under the right tutiledge from a great QB’s coach could excel at the next level.

So If you are reading this Jerry Jones, take my advice like you did WAY back in 1989 when I wrote Dallas Cowboys Weekly’s Editor (before you bought them) and stated they needed to talk to Jimmy Johnson about a future head coaching job and even though I said FUTURE. Boy did I catch a lot of heat from fellow Cowboys fans thinking I wanted Coach Tom Landry fired.

OH I forgot to mention that after Jones bought the team and had hired Johnson, I wrote the editor again and told them they had so many holes to fill they needed to trade the ONLY player on the team of value (NOT Meaning Troy Aikman of course) to the Minnesota Vikings for as many draft choices and free agents as possible. I still got the issues that the letters were published in. So I say again, “Are you listening JERRY” ?  😉

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?











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