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January 1, 2016

And Then There Were Two

by Larry Leek

The setting was great, two huge games on the eve of our new year and there were no surprises this time with no upsets occurring and we will actually have a legit #1 and #2 (WOYSM College Top 25) squaring off for the National championship.

2016 College Football Playoff Bracket II

Both games got off to a slow start yesterday but in the end it was #1 Alabama and #2 Clemson coming out on top with the Crimson Tide completely dominating the Michigan St. Spartans 38-0 and Clemson defeating Oklahoma 37-17 in a game that looked for a bit like it could go either way before the Tigers took control in the 2nd half.

Even though game two looked the same way for a short time with both teams failing to put points on the board for a good part of the first half, once the Crimson Tide finally found the end zone it seemed like they just couldn’t get enough.

The Spartans goal was to stop Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry (20-carries, 75 Yds, 2-TD’s) and  for a good part of the 1st half they did just that but Bama QB, Jake Coker (25-35, 286 Yds, 2-TD’s) finally got on track opening up the passing game and taking the heat off Henry.

Clemson and Oklahoma were going back and forth in the 1st half with neither being able to pull away until the 2nd half when the Tigers finally broke it open.

Tigers QB, DeShaun Watson (16-31, 187 Yds, 1-TD, 1-Int) wasn’t overly impressive thru the air but got the job done and it was his rushing (24-Carrries, 145 Yds, 1-TD) and also RB, Wayne Gallman  (26-Carries, 150 Yds, 2-TD’s) that made the difference in the game.

This Is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

What better night to have college football playoffs than on a celebrated night like New years Eve? Maybe once they expand the college football playoffs to two rounds they can have them on Christmas Eve as well.

Watching the first half of both of these games did have My Sports Mind wanting to look for a good movie to watch until things FINALLY got going. The only team that never got out of the gate was Michigan St. who failed to produce any points and Alabama’s top ranked defense was a large part of the reason, holding Spartan QB, Connor Cook to 19/39 passing with 210 Yds, 0-TD’s and 2-Ints. Also the Spartans used six (thats 6) different rushers but could only manage 53-yds with 0-TD’s. between all six.

My Sports Mind tells me you should NEVER have to use that many rushers, on the contrary you should give one of those guys a chance to get going.

Also Oklahoma should have had the advantage over Clemson since they had the privilege of NOT having to play in a conference championship game, giving them extra time to nurse any injuries and prepare while the Tigers had to play N. Carolina in the ACC championship game and did not have that luxury. My Sports Mind does not feel that should have been allowed to begin with but if just goes to show you how unorganized the NCAA  continues to be.

Since college football now has playoffs just like the NFL it is in My Sports Mind’s opinion that all teams should have to play the same amount of games and if that includes a conference championship then so be it. This time the Sooners failed to take advantage of it but thats totally on them.

Now as far as the national championship game, it’s time for My Sports Mind to predict who will take the trophy home with them. My opinion hasn’t changed and I still have Alabama ranked #1 especially with the showing they put on last night.

I do not feel that Clemson’s passing game will be effective enough to open up their rushing attack and I also do not feel that they will have enough defense to consistently keep Bama’s offense out of the endzone.

Final Score: Alabama 35 Clemson 10

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?





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