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December 28, 2015


Cowboys Future CAN Be Bright

by Larry Leek
Dallas Cowboys

Even though the 2015 season hasn’t gone as expected for the Dallas Cowboys (4-11-0) there could be a light at the end of a discouraging season for Cowboys fans everywhere. In fact the Cowboys are not as far from being a Super Bowl contender as many might think or their record shows IF they do their homework and make the right moves in the very near future.

Cowboys OT, Zack-Martin

When you look at the Cowboys last two drafts they haven’t been bad at all for the Cowboys, like their 2014 draft Steal OT, Zack Martin (Pictured Above)

In reality before the 2014 NFL draft the Cowboys were a team that desperately needed rebuilding in quite a few areas on both sides of the ball and even after their last two drafts and prior to this season it was evident to WOYSM that the rebuilding process wasn’t complete, especially when considering QB, Tony Romo’s age plus the departure of RB, DeMarco Murray to the Eagles.

But even though the Cowboys record this season is a dismal 4-11-0, had they actually won more games this season after Romo’s injuries with backup QB’s, Brandon Weeden or Matt Cassel and finished any better, say 8-8 for example vs a possible 4-12 it could have been much worse for the Cowboys FUTURE than actually going 4-12 because of the fact that they do need quite a few more pieces of the puzzle to complete their rebuilding stage.

byron jones photo

In the 2015 draft the cowboys drafted some nice players on defense picking up CB, Bryon Jones  (Pictured Above) and DE, Randy Gregory and they also got another HUGE steal in undrafted FA OT, La-el Collins who went undrafted due to possible criminal charges that never materialized.

Collins was a sure fire top 5 pick, when NFL scouts heard RUMORS that Collins was wanted by authorities in the murder of his ex-girlfriend and as it turned out Collins was never a suspect and was only being sought for questioning and Dallas benefited even though going undrafted certainly wasn’t a fair shake for La-el.

Now that the Cowboys have only one game remaining playing at East Division champion Washington Redskins, if they CAN manage to lose that game they will have one of the top 4-picks in the draft and depending on what other teams do they could move up even further.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

Paxon Lynch

First off since the Cleveland Browns will likely pick before the Cowboys at 3-13, IF they pick yet another QB and IF that QB happens to be Memphis’s Paxon Lynch (Pictured Above) then I will be VERY upset.

As many QB’s as they have drafted the last few years including QB, Johnny Manziel in rd. 1 of the 2014 draft, I think its time they quit hogging them up and let somebody else draft one. too bad my opinion amounts to JACK.

Looking at the other two teams that would pick ahead of  Dallas  (should the season end today) only the Browns concern this  Sports Mind.  Now if Lynch is available and the Cowboys pass on him, WOW! I will be SO Mad and the last thing this Sports Mind wants to hear (and BETTER NOT hear) is for Jerry Jones to not draft lynch and say that Romo is good for five more seasons, If I do I will absolutely LOSE IT!!!!

The other two teams that would currently pick ahead of the Cowboys are Tennessee and  San Diego (see complete current draft order below).

Should the Cowboys lose on Sunday and depending on how the other three teams ahead in the order fare, MY Cowboys could pick as high as 2nd, so LOSE Cowboys LOSE and believe me you don’t know how much it HURTS for me to say that but right now since the Cowboys have fell this far, one more step down certainly won’t hurt them anymore but could help improve the team’s quality of draft picks even that much more plus their value should Dallas want to trade any of their latter rd. picks for additional draft choices.

This Sports Mind can also see a couple scenarios for the Cowboys even with their first rd. pick, especially if they end up with the 2nd pick and the Browns don’t select Lynch.

Tennessee certainly won’t pick a QB and if the Chargers resign QB, Phillip Rivers (As they should) they won’t either and looking down the list you would have to get to the 12th pick (Philadelphia) before it would be a real possibility for any team below Dallas to select one so they could trade down three or four slots, still get Lynch plus pick up some very good additional picks quite possibly.

I have to say this will be one of the most exciting drafts this ole Cowboys Sports Mind has got to watch since the 1989 draft when former Cowboy GREAT QB, Troy Aikman  was selected and we ALL know (As the headline picture shows) what the end results of that draft helped yield for the Cowboys 😉

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

Order Team Record Opp. Strength Of Schedule
1 Tennessee Titans 3-12 0.492
2 Cleveland Browns 3-12 0.536
3 San Diego Chargers 4-11 0.523
4 Dallas Cowboys 4-11 0.529
5 San Francisco 49ers 4-11 0.552
6 Jacksonville Jaguars 5-10 0.471
7 Miami Dolphins 5-10 0.475
8 Baltimore Ravens 5-10 0.506
9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-9 0.483
10 New York Giants 6-9 0.492
11 New Orleans Saints 6-9 0.508
12 Philadelphia Eagles 6-9 0.513
13 Detroit Lions 6-9 0.536
14 Chicago Bears 6-9 0.544
15 Indianapolis Colts 7-8 0.498
16 Buffalo Bills 7-8 0.510
17 Oakland Raiders 7-8 0.511
18 St. Louis Rams 7-8 0.527
19 Atlanta Falcons 8-7 0.471
20 Pittsburgh Steelers 9-6 0.511
21 Washington Redskins 8-7 0.471
22 Houston Texans 8-7 0.498
23 Seattle Seahawks 9-6 0.527
24 New York Jets 10-5 0.438
25 Kansas City Chiefs 10-5 0.494
26 Minnesota Vikings 10-5 0.510
27 Green Bay Packers 10-5 0.527
28 Denver Broncos 10-4 0.506
29 Cincinnati Bengals 11-3 0.473
30 New England Patriots (forfeited pick) 12-3 0.460
31 Arizona Cardinals 13-2 0.469
32 Carolina Panthers 14-1 0.4




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