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WOYSM NFL Top 15 (Week 10)

Tom Brady

New England’s Tom Brady

With eight the teams in the WOYSM NFL Top 15 losing this week its ironic that NO teams dropped out of the poll. It’s getting so that all of the teams with the exception of #1 New England and #2 Carolina have become questionable indeed from one week to the next. Read more »


WOYSM College Top 25 (Week 11)

The college football playoff picture perhaps became a bit clearer this weekend IF the top 4 teams can win out their remaining schedules, But the WOYSM College Top 4 Teams, which had remained solid and in tact for most of the college season (Week 3 – week 9),  every since #2 Alabama  (9-1, 6-1 SEC) lost back in week three 45-37 to Mississippi.

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WOYSM NFL Top 15 (Week 9)


Can ANYONE Knock the #1 New England Patriots from the top spot? With only three teams left that’s unbeaten its beginning to look like the Patriots have a good chance to run the regular season table for a second time. If they do, can they close the deal this time? Oh WAIT we are only halfway thru the season and still have eight games left to play…. Will it matter? Read more »