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November 3, 2015

WOYSM Pro Top 15 (Week 8)

by Larry Leek


Well the NFL’s Top 4 teams finally had a tremor occur in week 8. #2 Denver claimed that slot after beating former #2 and now #5 Green Bay 29 to 10 and in dominating fashion. #1 New England remained unbeaten defeating #14 Miami thumping the Dolphins 36 to 7 and extended their lead in the race for the most #1 ranks during the season to the point that NO team can catch them now.

The Patriots now lead the rest of the league 9 weeks to 0 (Including the preseason poll) and the race is now over, the only question remaining is how LONG will the streak continue?

Elsewhere in the WOYSM Pro Top 15, #3 Cincinnati  and #4 Carolina remained unbeaten as the Bengals managed to beat #12 Pittsburgh on the Steelers home field 16 to 10 in a game where the Steelers lost more than just the game, also losing RB,Le’Veon Bell believing to have torn his Rt. MCL. Bell is expected to be lost for the season. The Panthers won on Monday Night 29 to 26 over bad Indianapolis  who fell from the Pro Top 15.

The middle of the Top 15 begins with a much improved Vikings team #6 Minnesota barely beat Chicago 23 to 20, running their record to 5-2.

#7 Arizona looked good in their win over the hapless Browns 34 to 20. Will Cleveland ever field another playoff team? Well it looks like #8 St. Louis has certainly improved, especially in the running game with RB, Todd Gurley. The Rams defeated San Francisco 27 to 6 and Gurley had 20 carries for 133 yds. and a TD. He now has 94-carries for 575 yrs. on the season.

Dropping to ninth was Atlanta after losing to a decent but not all that good Tampa Bay team 23 to 20 in Tampa. The #10 Oakland Raiders round out the middle half of the WOYSM Pro Top 15. The Raiders were not in the Top 15 last week but return for their second time in the poll this season replacing the Colts, they defeated the #11 NY Jets 34 to 20, the jets fell to eleventh after the loss. Also all Losers #12 NY Giants, #13 Pittsburgh and #14 Miami also all dropped in the poll.

The Giants lost to New Orleans 52 to 49, FYI both teams defenses had the night off. #15 Buffalo was idle.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

In case NO ONE’s noticed, we don’t have a representative in the WOYSM Pro Top 15 from the AFC South now whats up with that? Well when the division leader(s) are all knotted up at 3-5-0 that’s just TERRIBLE! So My Sports Mind tells me no one is worthy…. OR deserving of a ranking.

In FACT! I’m not sure in this first year of the WOYSM Pro Top 15 that there deserves to be a bottom half of the poll. In my early years of doing the poll on my own for kicks, there was always  five teams that deserved those last 5-slots. I’ll take it even further. To be honest thus far this season I’m not sure there should be more than a Top 5 when you look at the divisions.

In the NFC East the NY Giants are a whopping 4-4-0 and lead the hapless Eagles and Redskins by ONE game while MY Cowboys are hanging out in the BASEMENT at 2-5-0, because their backups can’t even win a single game without QBTony Romo. In other words they CANNOT adequately perform their jobs!!!!

I got word yesterday that Romo will miss at least two more games and even with the Giants a dismal 4-4, My Sports Mind tells me that two more games could and probably will spell doom for the Cowboys as far as this season’s POST season hopes are concerned if the backups continue their current “Not so amazing” streak.

In every other division with the exception of the NFC North and NFC South the second place team has no more than four wins with none of them showing they can win consistently. Even the second place Falcons and Vikings have looked anything like contenders yet. So as the season progress’s it’s looking more like the Top 5 will be the only ones to matter come seasons end.

I do like the way the Rams are playing and looking under Head Coach, Jeff Fisher and the beast they have for their RB, Todd Gurley. I had the Cowboys picking Gurley in the 2015 draft, now My Sports Mind can on;y dream about what could have been…. I think Gurley (baring any injuries) will be the next GREAT RB in the NFL.

BUT before you get to critical of the the Pro Top 15 having fifteen teams, let me explain why.

As we all know ten teams will make the playoffs, so the Top 10 is reserved for the 10-favorite teams to make the playoffs, even though in the end the combination might not be possible because there may be more Reps from the AFC than NFC for example it still makes the races interesting. The last poll of the season WILL have the Ten playoff teams in the Top 10 with the final five (11 thru 15) being the teams left out. But the final Top 10 will be in the order of the teams favored to win it all. So if the Colts jump back in on the last poll with a 7-9-0 record don’t expect any better than a #10 rank.

The bottom half of the poll OR bottom feeders I call them are the teams on the bubble for your viewing. The teams on the bubble that are on the outside looking in with an outside chance of getting in. so they are there for a reason. I hope this makes you understand the reason for the poll and also that the teams do not drop out of or as far in the Pro poll as quick as they do in college polls because in the NFL where they have a DRAFT all of the teams are on a MUCH more even platform as far as competition vs college, so no game is ever a huge upset. 

Maybe College should have a College DraftI wrote an article about it and one way it could work, check it out.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

                                                        WOYSM NFL Top 15

Rank                                   Team                                                                                                         Record

1                     Patriots  New England                                                                                                7-0-0

2                     Broncos  Denver                                                                                                           7-0-0

3                     Bengals  Cincinnati                                                                                                      7-0-0

4                     Panthers  Carolina                                                                                                         7-0-0

5                     Green Bay  Green Bay                                                                                                      6-1-0

6                     Vikings  Minnesota                                                                                                        5-2-0

7                     Cardinals  Arizona                                                                                                             6-2-0

8                     Rams  St. Louis                                                                                                            4-3-0

9                     Falcons  Atlanta                                                                                                               6-2-0

10                   Raiders  Oakland                                                                                                            4-3-0

11                   Jets  NY Jets                                                                                                               4-3-0

13                   Giants  NY Giants                                                                                                          4-4-0

13                   Steelers  Pittsburgh                                                                                                         4-4-0

14                   Dolphins  Miami                                                                                                                 3-4-0

15                   Bills  Buffalo                                                                                                               3-4-0

Bye: Buffalo, Philadelphia, Washington, Jacksonville

Dropped From Poll: Indianapolis

Others Receiving Votes: New Orleans



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