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October 28, 2015

WOYSM NFL Pro Top 15 (Week 7)

by Larry Leek

Just like in college football, the Top 4 teams have kept their positions for pretty much the whole season and once you get past the Top 6 teams you have some inconsistency thru out the rest of the poll. But the bottom feeders that rank below the Top 10 are right now at best all .500 teams.

The only thing different about the top seven teams is the two teams at sixth and seventh, the #6 Atlanta Falcons 6-1-0 and the  #NY Jets  4-2-0 swapped slots after the Jets loss to the Patriots 30 to 23.

#1 New England  6-0-0 has all but wrapped up the title for the team with the most #1 rankings during the season without so much as a challenge, The Patriots have been the #1 team for the eighth straight week (Including the preseason poll) and lead 8 weeks to 0 for the other 31-teams. But with five other teams that still remain undefeated of course you can’t help but wonder if one of those, particularly a team like #2 Green Bay  6-0-0 might have taken the Patriots out if they had been on the schedule.

#8 Minnesota  4-2-0 and #9 Arizona 5-2-0 both moved up one slot and the #10 NY Giants 4-2-0 moved up 5 slots to round out the Top 10 after their win over Dallas  27 to 20. The Cowboys 2-4-0 dropped from the poll as did Philadelphia 3-4-0 after losing 27 to 16 to undefeated #5 Carolina 6-0-0.

#11 Pittsburgh 4-3-0 starts the bottom third of the WOYSM Pro Top 15, The Steelers dropped three slots after losing to Kansas City 2-5-0, 23 to 16.

Moving back into the poll for the second time this season are #12 St. Louis 3-3-0 and #13 Miami 3-3-0. New Dolphin Head Coach, Dan Campbell has Miami playing much better but can they keep it up? The Rams have had a improving defense since the season began but now with former Georgia RB, Troy Gurley  suddenly playing like he did before he injured his knee last season, the offense is beginning to look much better.

The Top 15 finishes up with #14 Buffalo 3-4-0 and #15 Indianapolis 3-4-0. Both teams slid 2-slots after losses Sunday. The Bills lost 34 to 31 to hapless Jacksonville 2-5-0 while the Colts lost to New Orleans 3-4-0 by a score of 27 to 21.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

The way #1 New England is playing My Sports Mind see’s no one that can cause their Super Bowl title defense to be stopped short of anything but. The season is not over yet however and as everyone knows anything can happen with still just over half of the season to play.

Over in the NFC , #2 Green Bay 6-0-0 appears to be just as invincible and the other two teams in the Top 4 (Denver and Cincinnati both 6-0-0 ) in My Sports Mind appear to have a few kinks in their armor.

Bronco’s QB, Peyton  Manning is beginning to show his age and its become obvious that his arm strength has diminished considerably and the Bengals still have to prove that they can go further into the post season than one game.

#5 Carolina has looked good at times as well as bad, but the key for the Panthers is the play of QB, Cam Newton since Cam IS 90% of their offense and everything including the Panthers success depends on him. The same holds true for Atlanta 6-1-0 and how well QB, Matt Ryan is playing.

The rest of the Top 15 teams are nothing more than a crap shoot with no team looking capable of knocking any of the undefeated from from the unbeaten ranks.

The BIGGEST thing on My Sports Mind is MY Dallas Cowboys, Since QB, Tony Romo and WR, Dez Bryant went out with injuries I had hoped and stated that if the Cowboys can just manage to win two games minimum they would still have a shot at winning the NFC East. Now after just six games the Cowboys have already managed to lose as many games (4) as they did all last season and the MAIN question I have concerning this is WHY THE HE*& are you paying these so called back up’s as much one thin dime and when they are needed MOST and they can’t even go out and win ONE single game?

The only thought on My Sports Mind, is that I’d cut em so fast they would need stitches. I think it’s too late now, I just don’t believe that Romo will get back in time and Dez’s return won’t even matter when NOT ONE of the backup QB’s are even capable of getting him the ball enough to matter, So the best thing for Bryant is to sit it out until Romo is back or go out there and run an even higher risk of getting injured again because less than average QB play from the likes of a Branden Weeden or Matt Kassell.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

                                                        WOYSM NFL Top 15

Rank                                   Team                                                                                                         Record

1                     Patriots  New England                                                                                                6-0-0

2                     Green Bay  Green Bay                                                                                                     6-0-0

3                     Broncos  Denver                                                                                                           6-0-0

4                     Bengals  Cincinnati                                                                                                      6-0-0

5                     Panthers  Carolina                                                                                                          6-0-0

6                     Falcons  Atlanta                                                                                                             6-1-0

7                     Jets  NY Jets                                                                                                             4-2-0

8                    Vikings  Minnesota                                                                                                        4-2-0

9                    Cardinals  Arizona                                                                                                             5-2-0

10                  NY Giants - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy  NY Giants                                                                                                          4-3-0

11                   Steelers  Pittsburgh                                                                                                       4-3-0

12                   Rams  St. Louis                                                                                                            3-3-0

13                  Dolphins  Miami                                                                                                                 3-3-0

14                   Bills  Buffalo                                                                                                               3-4-0

15                   Colts  Indianapolis                                                                                                       3-4-0

Bye: Green Bay, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver

Dropped From Poll: Dallas, Philadelphia

Others Receiving Votes: Oakland, New Orleans


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