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October 13, 2015

WOYSM PRO Top 15 (Week 5)

by Larry Leek

Sundays in the NFL never disappoint with plenty of excitement to go around. There were three matchups yesterday in the league pitting ranked teams against each other and all three of the games were won by the higher ranked teams. New England, Denver and Cincinnati  all managed to remain unbeaten while pushing all three of the losers Dallas, Seattle and Oakland  to the brink of extinction from the Pro Top 15.

New England’s  dominance over the Cowboys during the Brady era continued as the Patriots QB ran his record to 4-0-0 while running the score up against Dallas in the 34 to 6 win. The Patriots also have refused to relinquish the #1 ranking since the beginning of the season and now have a commanding 6-game lead (Including the preseason poll) for the WOYSM Top Rank Crown.

Green Bay continued to nip at the Patriots heals by holding on to the #2 slot, also since the season began. Looking at last weeks top seven teams actually reveals that nothing changed with all seven retaining their positions.

The Arizona Cardinals  moved up a notch from 9th to 8th. Carolina, the NY Jets and Minnesota were all idle and only the Vikings benefited moving up in the poll with out lifting a chin strap. Pittsburgh, NY Giants and Buffalo moved up, taking advantage of a hobbled Cowboys team and the puzzling Seahawks both of whom are on the bubble in danger of falling out of the WOYSM Pro Top 15.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

FIRST things FIRST!!!! I hope the Patriots feel good about their selves right now, you know the guilt has to be kicking in about now because as far as My Sports Mind is concerned I think ALL of the Patriots players should be locked up with the keys thrown away. WHY? you asked. well I’LL tell you.

First they should be ashamed of themselves

Second the NFL should be as well. I mean how could the league allow them to just go out and beat up on a bunch of HANDICAPS? I mean MY Cowboys are already missing half of their team (Romo & Dez)  and while I was watching the game yesterday I KNOW I saw fifteen to twenty Cowboys out on the field confined to wheelchairs, So I hope the Patriots are happy….

My question to the Cowboys. 

What the HELL kind of conditioning program are ya running down there? Hanging out at the team pool and taking turns running sprints to the fridge for more beer AIN’T cutting it! Am I the only one with a Sports Mind  that’s seen the movie Coach Carter?  if it was up to yours truly anytime they made the mistake of using their legs for standing they would be RUNNING…. do you hear me, RUNNING.

If they should meet me on the street during the off season while on vacation with their Grandma, they had BEST be RUNNING. They would be all even be dreaming about it while sleeping at Valley Ranch looking like a Marathon turned Bedathon.

When My Sports Mind sees a team suffer through injury after injury after injury each and every week I will ALWAYS question their conditioning program first thing.

I hope the Cowboys brass realizes that after the first five weeks of the season they are one loss away from losing the equivalent of the total number of games they lost all season last year (4) and I got one more thing I gotta throw out there.

What did Dallas have to lose by benching QB, Brandon Weeden  putting newly acquired QB, Matt Kassel in the game yesterday? Not saying it would have mattered, but after the Cowboys and Weeden went 3 & out on SIX consecutive possessions it didn’t take a rocket scientist or My Sports Mind to realize that a dead fish can’t swim. So the Cowboys ended up six for six (six down & outs and six points).

Back to the WOYSM Top 15.

After what My Sports Mind has witnessed thus far thru the first five weeks I’d say you don’t have to look two deep into the Pro Top 15 in order to find this years probable contestants for the 50th Lombardy trophy and note when I said too deep I spelled too, two as in Top 2. But before I get way ahead of myself being that the season is just barely a quarter of the way done I’ll reserve those thoughts until at least next week.

While the Patriots and Packers  have both been superb, the Broncos, Bengals and Falcons have also all looked nearly unbeatable and together all five teams have appeared to have formed an impenetrable fortress around them forsaking entry to all.

Arizona looks better each week and if they can protect QB, Carson Palmer  keeping him healthy all season, when you throw in their defense they will become a SERIOUS contender.

Once you get past the Cardinals the rest of the Top 15  slots could become like a revolving door and it’s beginning to look like half of the teams that make the playoffs could all have subpar below 500 records. I can’t remember any one season where I saw SO many 2-3 or 1-4 teams

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

                                                        WOYSM NFL Top 15

Rank                                   Team                                                                                                             Record

1                     Patriots  New England                                                                                                  4-0-0

2                     Green Bay  Green Bay                                                                                                       5-0-0

3                     Broncos  Denver                                                                                                             5-0-0

4                     Bengals  Cincinnati                                                                                                        5-0-0

5                     Falcons  Atlanta                                                                                                              5-0-0

6                     Panthers  Carolina                                                                                                             4-0-0

7                     Jets  NY Jets                                                                                                                3-1-0

8                    Cardinals  Arizona                                                                                                                 4-1-0

9                    Steelers  Pittsburgh                                                                                                             3-2-0

10                     Vikings  Minnesota                                                                                                          2-2-0

11                     NY Giants - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy  NY Giants                                                                                                            3-2-0

12                     Bills  Buffalo                                                                                                                  3-2-0

13                    Colts  Indianapolis                                                                                                          3-2-0

14                     Seahawks  Seattle                                                                                                                    2-3-0

15                     Cowboys  Dallas                                                                                                                     2-3-0

Dropped From Poll: Oakland 

Others Receiving Votes: San Diego, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Oakland



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