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October 11, 2015

WOYSM’s College Football Top 25 (Week 6)

by Larry Leek
Michigan St. Logo

Michigan St. Logo

There were some upsets in week 6 with the biggest perhaps coming at the hands of the Texas Longhorns. After the fiasco that occurred last week when they were pasted by TCU 50 to 7, they managed to bounce back and defeat unbeaten #11 Oklahoma 24 to 17 at home in a game where the win could prove to be pivotal in deciding  Longhorn Head Coach, Charlie Strong’s future at Texas and if so at least for one week the hot seat he had been sitting in should be much cooler.

Michigan St. remains the #1 team for the second straight week and now trails former #1 Ohio St. (who led the nation for the first 5 weeks, Including the preseason Poll) by three weeks.

Should the Spartans fail to hang onto the #1 slot for at least three more weeks minimum it will be near impossible for any other team to catch the Buckeyes in the race for the team with the most weeks atop the poll this season.

As far as other teams in the Top 25 Georgia who looked very strong early on, now after the last two weeks appear to be out of the playoff picture after suffering back to back defeats to Alabama two weeks ago and losing to unranked Tennessee yesterday 38 to 31, causing the Bulldogs to fall in the poll all the way from 9th to 19th. It would take a miracle now for the Dawgs to climb back in the hunt.

All of the Top 8  teams actually retained their positions from week 5, however three of the next four teams The #9 ranked Bulldogs, #11 Sooners and #12 Trojans  all lost and those slots were grabbed up by Notre Dame moving up to #9 and Texas A&M claiming the #10 spot, (both of whom were idle in week 6) to finish out the Top 10.

Also Ole Miss, Utah, Oklahoma St, Stanford, Iowa and Florida all moved up benefiting from the losses by Oklahoma who fell to #17, USC and Northwestern who dropped to #18, the Trojans dropped from the Top 25 for the second time this season and also dropping from the Top 25 were Missouri and Oregon.

Rounding out the Top 25  beginning with #20 are UCLA, Michigan, California, Boise St. (returning to the poll for the second time) and new comers Toledo and Memphis. 

This is Whats on My Sports Mind about this subject:

The way the season is going its going to be a crap shoot for the four playoff spots up for grabs and if the season were to end today all four playoff spots would be occupied by two teams from the Big Ten (Michigan St. and Ohio St.) and also two teams from the Big 12 (TCU and Baylor) with the closest SEC team two slots out of the picture. BUT My Sports Mind tells me it WON’T be that way when the teams are announced.

LSU and Alabama could both make strong cases for at least one of the four slots and right now My Sports Mind gives the nod to LSU who beat MY Gamecocks 45 to 24 in a game that was supposed to be the home game for South Carolina  but wound up being just the opposite as the game was moved to Baton Rouge because of the heavy flooding in Columbia caused by Hurricane Joaquin.

Early on I thought South Carolina looked decent on both sides of the ball before LSU took over late in the 3rd quarter BUT My Sports Mind tells me that a lot of teams who face or could face LSU down the road will spend a lot of time looking at the game film because the Gamecocks in their loss did manage to reveal a few kinks in the Tigers armor.

Either Clemson or Florida St, The ACC’s only two representatives in the Top 25 could make a case for one of the four slots, but its likely only one will be in position since the two still have to play each other in week 10.

Welcoming to the WOYSM Top 25 for the first time ever and probably for the first time in decades if not for the first time in the AP Poll are the #24 Toledo Rockets and #25 Memphis Tigers.

Here’s a fun fact, if Missouri hadn’t dropped out of the poll this week and Memphis would have still moved in there would be four teams in the poll with the nickname Tigers but for now I guess we will just have to settle for three.

The Sec still has the most representatives in the Top 25 and the breakdown of teams per conference representing the WOYSM College Top 25 are as follows: SEC=6, Big 10=5, Pac 12=4, Big 12=4, ACC=2, Mountain West=1, American Athletic=1, Mid American=1, Independents=1.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

WOYSM College Football Top 25

Rank                                   Team                                                                                                             Record

1                    Michigan St   Michigan St                                                                                                     6-0-0

2                    Buckeyes_logo.svg   Ohio St.                                                                                                            6-0-0

3                     TCU   TCU                                                                                                                 6-0-0

4                     Baylor   Baylor                                                                                                               5-0-0

5                     Florida St   Florida St                                                                                                          5-0-0

6                    LSU   LSU                                                                                                                    5-0-0

7                    Alabama  Alabama                                                                                                             5-1-0

8                    Clemson   Clemson                                                                                                            5-0-0

9                    Notre Dame   Notre Dame                                                                                                      4-1-0

10                 Texas A&M   Texas A&M                                                                                                        5-0-0

11                 Ole Miss   Ole Miss                                                                                                              5-1-0

12                 Utah   Utah                                                                                                                     5-0-0

13                 Oklahoma St.   Oklahoma St.                                                                                                      6-0-0

14                 Stanford   Stanford                                                                                                               4-1-0

15                 Iowa   Iowa                                                                                                                      6-0-0

16                 Florida   Florida                                                                                                                  6-0-0

17                 Oklahoma   Oklahoma                                                                                                            4-1-0

18                 Northwestern   Northwestern                                                                                                      5-1-0

19                 Georgia   Georgia                                                                                                                 4-2-0

20                 UCLA   UCLA                                                                                                                   4-1-0

21                 Michigan   Michigan                                                                                                              5-1-0

22                 California   California                                                                                                             5-1-0

23                 Boise State   Boise St.                                                                                                                5-1-0

24                 Toledo   Toledo                                                                                                                   5-0-0

25                 Memphis   Memphis                                                                                                               5-0-0

Dropped From Rankings: USC, Missouri, Oregon

Others Receiving Votes: Temple, Duke, Kentucky, Penn St, Marshall,                                                                                                                                    Western Ky, Arizona, Houston, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio




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