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September 22, 2015

NFL Top 15 (Week 2)

by Larry Leek


Once you get past the Top 5  teams in the NFL  eight of the next 10  Top 15  teams all lost in week 2.                                   Even though the #3 Cowboys won in Philadelphia they lost more by paying the higher price of injury than perhaps losing the game could have cost them so early in this young season.

Dallas lost starting QB, Tony Romo for 8 to 10 weeks it is believed with a broken Collarbone to make matters even worse after they lost star WRDez Bryant last week to a broken foot. Bryant is expected to miss 6 to 8 weeks but it could be longer.

The Cowboys 2nd string QB, Brandon Weeden  will get the start in next weeks game at home against the high flying Atlanta Falcons who like the Cowboys, are 2-0-0 coming off a win against the NY Giants. 

The New England Patriots sit a top the NFL Top 15 for the 2nd straight week and take a 1-week lead over Seattle in the lead for the most weeks as the #1 team.

Green Bay remains at #2 after knocking off the Super Bowl Runner up Seahawks  at Lambeau Field  Sunday.

Dallas, Denver and Cincinnati round out the Top 5.

Pittsburgh moved back into the Top 10  at #6, Arizona, Carolina and Atlanta all moved into the Top 15 for the first time this season actually moving into the Top 10 at #7 thru 9, while the winless Seahawks fell to #10.

Currently the only thing keeping Seattle in the poll is their resume from the previous two seasons, but even that won’t work for them should they drop three straight.

The remaining five teams rounding out the Top 15 are all on the bubble and who knows, one more loss by any could present opportunities for other new comers in the poll.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

One thing I learned over the years doing an NFL Top 15 poll is that there’s always surprises, like when 75% of the teams all lose and none of those 75% are in the Top 5. 

This is the NFL after all and every team is supposed to be professionals so upsets ARE going to happen every week and in many cases like this past week they will happen in abundance.

As the season winds down it will get more interesting watching to see which of the bottom five teams (11 thru 15) will be on the outside looking in when it comes to the ten playoff spots which will be held of course by the Top 10  teams so stay tuned there’s PLENTY of fun to come 😉

I fear for my Cowboys with Romo and Dez  both out for at least the next 8-weeks. It’s going to be very tough getting the W’s in the upcoming games.

Their schedule is as follows: Vs Atlanta, @ New Orleans, Vs New England, Bye Week,  @ NY Giants, Vs Seattle, Vs Eagles, @ Tampa Bay, @ Dolphins, Vs Panthers.

If they split they could still be in business in the NFC East race and they already are one game up IF you count the Bye week. My Sports Mind tells me they can.

One thing I did like about MY Cowboys, Even though they limped in to Philly and they crawled out at least they weren’t the Lame Ducks (Notice I said Ducks) in the Game. The Eagles offense was anything BUT that and looked quite anemic. Maybe Head Coach, Head Chief in Command, Chip Kelly might just want to consider changing the Eagles name to the Ducks 🙂 

Right now perhaps the team playing the best in the NFL is the Arizona Cardinals and if QB, Carson Palmer can stay healthy they could EASILY be the NFC representative in this years Super Bowl  but that’s still a LONG ways off.

For the most part the largest majority of the teams in the NFL somewhere in the neighborhood of 85% are still playing like it’s preseason.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

                                                            WOYSM NFL Top 15

Rank                                   Team                                                                                                             Record

1                     Patriots  New England                                                                                                   2-0-0

2                     Green Bay  Green Bay                                                                                                        2-0-0

3                     Cowboys  Dallas                                                                                                                2-0-0

4                     Broncos  Denver                                                                                                              2-0-0

5                     Bengals  Cincinnati                                                                                                         2-0-0

6                     Steelers  Pittsburgh                                                                                                         1-1-0

7                     Cardinals  Arizona                                                                                                             2-0-0

8                     Panthers  Carolina                                                                                                            2-0-0

9                     Falcons  Atlanta                                                                                                              2-0-0

10                    Seahawks  Seattle                                                                                                               0-2-0

11                     Chiefs  Kansas City                                                                                                    1-1-0

12                     Dolphins  Miami                                                                                                              1-1-0

13                     Jets  NY Jets                                                                                                             2-0-0

14                     Chargers  San Diego                                                                                                        1-1-0

15                     Vikings  Minnesota                                                                                                       1-1-0

Dropped From Poll: IndianapolisDetroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Buffalo

Others Receiving Votes: Tennessee, Buffalo, Oakland, St. Louis, Indianapolis



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