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September 9, 2015

Week 1: WOYSM College Football Top 25

by Larry Leek

Ohio State Logo, NCAA

Well week one is in the books and it’s time to release the first WOYSM College Football Weekly Top 25.                               

Each week the WOYSM Header (Picture) will feature the #1 team in Division I College Football.

Which team’s logo will be featured on the article cover the most this season as the Nation’s #1 team? So far Ohio St. has been on the cover twice, the pre-season and week #1’s polls.

Alabama and TCU exchanged spots with Bama’s dominant performance against Wisconsin and TCU’s mediocre win over Minnesota.

Every team from #4 thru #15 remained the same from the pre-season poll, however gone from the top 25 is Arizona St. after they were upset by Texas A&M (Was it really an upset 😉 ).

Wisconsin fell from #18 to #22 after their loss to Alabama while Arizona St. and the Badgers loss enabled Georgia Tech, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Arizona, Missouri and Boise St. to all move up a slot each.

Tennessee moved up from #25 to #23 while Texas A&M and Mississippi St. moved into the Top 25  after Arizona St. and Stanford dropped.

Stanford dropped from #21 after their loss to Northwestern.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind About this subject:

With week one in the books their were some upsets to set the tone for the 2015 season and their were under performances in My Sports Mind to call for teams such as TCU to drop as well as teams like Arizona St. and Stanford to completely slide out of the Top 25.

I have a couple of dark horses in the race to bump up in the polls, but time and schedule will determine if My Sports Mind is right.

I think Tennessee and  Ole Miss. could both do some climbing if what I’ve seen thus far can hold true.

Ultimately dethroning the Ohio St. Buckeyes as National Champs will be a tall order for the other Top 24 teams to accomplish. Unless some unforeseen seen injuries occur this team is solid at every position and even more so at QB.

So for now it’s the Buckeye’s up in the WOYSM College Football Top 25 Poll  2 #1 listings to 0 for everyone else.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

Also Check in every week for WOYSM’s Very Own NFL Pro Top 15  Our WOYSM Exclusive….

1.     Ohio State            1-0-0
 2.                         Alabama                                       1-0-0
3.  TCU 1-0-0
4         Baylor     1-0-0
5 Oregon 1-0-0
6 Michigan State              1-0-0
7 Auburn 1-0-0
8 Florida State     1-0-0
9 Georgia 1-0-0
10  USC 1-0-0
11 Notre Dame     1-0-0
12                    Clemson                            1-0-0
13    LSU  0-0-0
14   UCLA  1-0-0
15   Ole Miss    1-0-0
16 Georgia Tech        1-0-0
17 Oklahoma    1-0-0
18                       Arkansas                                                                                                    1-0-0
19 Arizona 1-0-0
20 Missouri  1-0-0
21 Boise State   1-0-0
22 Wisconsin  0-1-0
23 Tennessee  1-0-0
24 Texas A&M  1-0-0
25   Mississippi State  1-0-0

Dropped From Rankings: Arizona St, Stanford.


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