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September 6, 2015

Week #1 Is Just That…..

by Larry Leek


When you look at who played who and then the final scores if you didn’t even know the time or date you would still ask yourself “Wow what was this week one?” and in the end Week #1 Is Just That….

The very first game of the season, North Carolina vs South Carolina the final was 17 to 13.

Even though neither team was in the top 25, if this game was deeper into the season you would expect more than 30 total pts. between the two.

Look at #2 TCU vs unranked Minnesota the final was 23 to 17 TCU. again very close and NOT what you would expect 4 or 5 games into the season.

Look again at #5 Michigan St. vs Western Michigan again another unranked team. The final score Michigan St. 37 W. Mich. 24  again no blow out not to mention that Mich. St’s Defense allowed 24 pts.

Even though #22 Arizona managed 42 pts. against (Patsy) Texas San Antonio their defense also allowed 32 pts. (Not good).

#23 Boise St. wins but not in pretty fashion against the Washington Huskies 16 to 13.

#21 Stanford didn’t take long to lose it’s first game, losing in week #1 to Northwestern  by a score of 16 to 6, again very low scoring for both teams. Would this game have had the same result even in week #3?

But there are those that seem to haven’t skipped a beat since last season.

#17 Mississippi, #9 Georgia, #12 Clemson and #13 UCLA  all won their week one games and won big. Those that didn’t the question you have to ask is was it game one jitters OR can we expect worse?

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject….

For teams like South Carolina, TCU and Stanford I have to say things don’t look good early on.

For the Gamecocks to allow over 400 yds. to the Tar Heels is nothing to sneeze at and makes you wonder if their defense has improved much from last season’s total collapse and especially when you realize they have the SEC opponents beginning immediately, so they had better GET better QUICK or My Sports Mind tells me it could be a LONG season for MY Gamecocks and of course I hope My Sports Mind is wrong 😉 . GO Gamecocks!!!!

Also when I watched the TCU/ Minnesota game I was not overly impressed by either team and #2 TCU could have actually lost the game.

Stanford’s loss to Northwestern (I know ESPN’s  Mike Greenberg  is jubilant today) looks really bad for Stanford  while yielding 16 pts. even worse was managing a pultry 6 pts. against the Wildcats defense. For now you would guess that Stanford’s  national title hopes are dashed BUT do not forget it’s only week #1. Losing to Northwestern  For My Sports Mind has me questioning Stanford  though.

Give the Wildcats credit where credit is due, they did get the win.

The Georgia Bulldogs , Alabama Crimson Tide, Ole Miss. Rebels & Clemson Tigers  to name a few had no problems running up the score against their week #1 (What My Sports Mind  calls Patsy Teams) so on to bigger and better things (Maybe) for those teams.

The Tennessee Volunteers looked good in their debut and could be the dark horse in the SEC East  with those top recruiting classes Head Coach Butch Jones  appears to have the Vols  headed in the right direction.

Mississippi  simply Mauled Tennessee-Martin 76 to 3 (Expected 🙂 (Patsy)) So No surprises there.

We still have one game yet to watch Labor Day night (Is this a NEW Tradition?) when the Defending National Champion Ohio St. Buckeyes travel to Blacksburg, VA to take on the Virginia Tech Hokies (Shout Out to My Cuz & Hokie fan Tim Pace).

My Sports Mind  tells me the FUN is just beginning for College Football . Bring on the NFL.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind  about this subject?




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