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August 27, 2015

Races Heating Up In MLB

by Larry Leek
Pittsburgh Pirates

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With Races Heating Up In MLB, It’s time to take a look at who will be the likely teams to make the postseason. There are a some pleasant surprises with teams like the Chicago Cubs, New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays making a lot of noise in their respective divisions and it appears this baby will go down to the wire….

It’s great after many years of seeing the same teams competing for the world championship to finally see the teams competing for the postseason, that haven’t in years. still in the divisional races so late in the season. In fact a couple of the hottest teams in MLB are two of those.

The Chicago Cubs (under new skipper Joe Maddon) have completely did a 360 since Maddon became the Cubs manager.

The New York Mets who are currently enjoying a six game winning streak, In first place in the NL East and are 6.5 games up on the Washington Nationals, Appear to be doing anything but looking back.

Even though the Cubs are in third in the National League Central 7.5 games behind St. Louis and 3  games behind the 2nd place Pittsburgh Pirates, (who also is playing great ball in their own right), they do appear to be headed for the postseason if they can hold on to the 4th best record in the NL

Also in the National League as always you have the St. Louis Cardinals who have lead the NL Central all season and even though they have the best record in MLB with 81 wins they have shown a few kinks in the armor lately, but will they be enough to enable the Pirates or Cubs to dethrone the Cardinals as champs of the NL Central?

The Cardinals have won the NL Central the last two years and are trying to make it three straight.

Right now the Pirates and Cubs are in the driver’s seat for the two wild card slots in the NL and unseating either will be a tough task for any team. Both teams have also currently better records than either of the East or West division leading Mets OR Dodgers just to give you an idea.

In the NL West The Dodgers and Giants are locked up in a race for the division with the Dodgers up by only 2.5 games and at this moment it appears that the team that wins the division as in the NL East, will be the only teams from those divisions in the postseason.

Over in the American League you have the Kansas City Royals with the best record in the AL with 77 wins and quite possibly the best team in the AL IF not all of MLB. They are in first place in the AL Central and even though the Minnesota Twins are in second place in the Central division and they have a winning record @ 65 – 61 they are currently 12 games out and it would take a complete collapse by the Royals for the Twins to have ANY chance of catching them.

The hottest team in MLB currently is the AL East leading Toronto Blue Jays who have won 5 straight and 20 out of their last 24 games. They lead the Yankees by only 2 games so the East is completely up for grabs.

Over in the AL West the surprise Houston Astros are 5.5 games up on the second place Texas Rangers and 6 games ahead of the Los Angeles Angels. Even though the Astros have lead all season the division title is still NOT in their grasp.

So if you could predict who will be the final 10-teams to make the postseason by season’s end who would they be?

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

Over in the National League the Mets and Cubs are SCORCHING hot as are the Blue Jays in the American League.

MY Sports Mind tells me as the Summer season winds down and things begin to cool off, some of the bats and hot teams will start cooling down as well, Still the competition is going to be great down the stretch between the teams still vying for playoff spots.

Over in the National League I do NOT think anyone is going to have a better record at the end of the season than St. Louis, In fact I do not think anyone will have a better record period than the Cardinals.

I think they will win the Central for the 3rd consecutive season, I think the Champion Giants will overtake the Dodgers in the West and I do not think the Nationals have enough to catch the amazing Mets in the East.

For the two wildcard slots in the NL it’s no doubt it will be the Pirates and Cubs and MY Sports mind tells me either team is better than the Giants OR Mets BUT My Sports Mind still tells me the Giants are going to be a TOUGH out for any team to send packing from the post season.

I would love to see MY Pittsburgh Pirates win it all but as good as they are it will be tough for them to go all the way.

In the American League the Central leading Kansas City Royals ARE IN! Go ahead and hand the Central division to them because NO ONE’s catching them and no one else from that division is getting in.

In the East you now have a great battle brewing between the New York Yankees and Blue Jays with the Orioles all but faded from the picture. Come the end of September My Sports Mind tells me it will be the Yankees winning out because I just don not think the Jays will be able to sustain this kind of intensity that long.

That don’t mean the Jays won’t be in the postseason because My Sports Mind tells me they will. I don’t think any 2nd place team in the AL will have a better record than Toronto once the season is done.

Over in the AL West My Sports Mind has to give it to Houston, because like St. Louis in the NL, the Astros have lead the AL West all season and I do not see that changing. Even though they are only 5.5 games up on the Rangers, I’d almost give the division to them now, BUT hold on and lets wait and see what fall brings and which teams are added to Fall’s Fallen list….

Since I already gave you Toronto as one of the two wildcard teams, the other team is up for grabs between the Minnesota Twins, Texas Rangers, Los Angeles Angels, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians. My Sports mind tells me it’s going to be Texas earning the final spot.

So there you have my final 10. Who’s YOUR final 10 and,

Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?



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