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August 17, 2015

Geno Smith Making Bad Decisions Off The Field

by Larry Leek
NY Jet QB, Geno Smith

NY Jet QB, Geno Smith

New York Jet QB, Geno Smith made the social media headlines again. Just two days after doctors performed surgery on Smith’s broken jaw, installing hardware in the process, Geno was videoed throwing a football with a friend at an apartment complex AFTER doctors and coaches had told Smith to rest and not to get involved in any physical activities.

The breaking news did not sit well with the Jets or their Head Coach, Todd Bowles.

“He shouldn’t be doing it right now,” Bowles said. “We handled that internally. We had that discussion.” Bowles said in an interview.

Smith told the newspaper he felt “great,” bragging, “You see me throwing, right?” Apparently he wanted to show everyone he was hard at work and already on the road to recovery, looking to reclaim his starting job. He of course, could not have been more wrong.

For a Quarterback in the NFL, a position that generally is held by the smartest player on the team in most cases, some of the decisions Geno Smith has made as of recent has shown Smith still has immaturity issues.

The reason Smith had the surgery on his broken jaw in the first place was due to an altercation with now released Jet LB,  IK Enemkpali which stemmed from what was said to be a failure to pay up on a bet for $600 by Smith, which is nothing more than chump change for these high paid players.

The fight occurred at the Jets facility last week and Smith was hardly the innocent person in the ordeal. Teammates stated that Smith pretty much provoked the whole thing and afterwards Enemkpali was the one that took the fall, being immediately released by the team because of the altercation.

Smith’s decision making on the field has yet to impress anyone thus far in his young career and he certainly has not shown any better ability to do so off the field and now it appears the Jets patience in the 3rd year QB  could be running out.

The other two QB’s on the Jets  roster are former Bill, Ryan Fitzpatrick and unproven rookie Bryce Petty.

This is What’s On My Sports Mind about this subject:

To be perfectly honest, I was never impressed with the Jet’s decision to draft Geno Smith and I can’t help but wonder if the Jet’s made the right decision concerning which player they released.

In My Sports Mind, I feel the money they could have saved by releasing Smith would have been all worth the wild, The organization showed signs that they were already beginning to lose faith in Smith during this past NFL draft when they used their 4th round pick to select Baylor QB, Bryce Petty.

It’s not known exactly how much time Geno Smith will miss but when you look at the fact that Smith basically provoked the whole thing over a mere $600 just blows my mind, I mean COME ON Geno $600 are you kidding me? You are (or were) a starting QB in the NFL and you mean to tell me that you are going to back out on paying off a $600 bet????

Not ONLY did he fail to honor the bet, but to provoke an NFL linebacker just makes me realize that I was right over two years ago when I LAUGHED at the Jet’s selection when they drafted Geno.

I LOVE it when I’m right….

So What’s On Your Sports Mind about this subject?



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