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August 8, 2015

Chip Kelly A Racist?

by Larry Leek

Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach, Chip Kelly has come under scrutiny as of late by some of the Eagles former players and even Stephen A. Smith has raised the question.

LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Macklin, Brandon Boykin & DeSean Jackson were all let go by the head coach during the off season and a couple of them (Boykin and McCoy) recently stated that they believe it was race motivated.

Philadelphia Head Coach, Chip Kelly denied the accusations saying he only recruits football players and those not fitting into his scheme or too high priced will not be retained, also stating that he is NOT racist.

Since letting McCoy, Jackson, Macklin & Boykin go the Eagles have signed twelve free agents, eight of which are African Americans, so from that stand point it does not seem to be the case.

One thing that Analyst Stephen A Smith has continuously harped on is the fact that Kelly let high profile players like RB, LeSean McCoy go sign with other teams while he has retained WR, Riley Cooper, who was caught on tape a few months back using the “N” word.  Even though Stephen A. said he accepted and is good with Cooper’s apology and is done with the subject, he certainly does not sound like it’s under the table.

Many have said that Coach Kelly is not a people person and that his mentality is more suited for the college level than pro. Whether that’s the case or not Kelly who has had success in Philly since arriving, winning 10 games in each of his first 2-season’s now appears to be on the hotseat for his off season moves.

BUT does releasing high profile players like McCoy and Jackson mean that Kelly’s a racist?

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject:

First I have to admit I do not personally know Chip Kelly and unlike Stephen A. Smith, I would have no problem meeting OR knowing him, but being that’s the case I can’t truly say if in fact that Kelly is racist. I can only go by what I see and have seen on a day to day basis in the NFL over the years.

When Kelly had the revolving door, revolving at high speed during the off season, I definitely questioned his moves, but I never saw them as racist.

I questioned Kelly’s moves, but the reason I questioned them for one. he let RB, LeSean McCoy go, who had been a great and well liked player for the Eagles and then he signed DeMarco Murray (also African American). Granted Murray was the NFL’s leading rusher last season even though that was the case I questioned the moves because of Murray’s injury riddled career in his first three seasons prior to last year vs McCoy’s pretty much injury free career.

I also questioned Kelly letting QB, Nick Foles (a Caucasian player, though his career has not been brilliant he has shown promise) leave for St. Louis in a trade made between Kelly and Ram Head Coach, Jeff Fisher for often injured QB, Sam Bradford (Another Caucasian player).

Those are the only controversies that I have seen and should be the reason IF any that Kelly would be on a hotseat.

Stephen A. Smith said that he had accepted Eagle’s WR, Riley Cooper’s apology for what he said when he used the “N” word and that he believed Cooper’s apology was sincere but also says in the same piece that he couldn’t understand why Kelly didn’t release Cooper because of his statement. Sounds to My Sports Mind like he didn’t really get over it. You can see the tape by clicking the link below.

The bottom line here and on EVERY NFL team is winning, just like in college and if the head coach don’t achieve that his tenure won’t last anywhere, so if Chip Kelly can’t win with this new group of players he has amassed then he like MANY other’s over the years in the NFL, won’t be in Philly long.

One thing you have to consider when concluding IF Kelly is racist in My Sports Mind is the fact that while enjoying the success he & his teams had while he was coaching at Oregon is that he regularly successfully recruited African American players while there and the whole time not EVEN ONE of those players ever complained that Kelly was racist and it would seem that the ONLY high profile players that have accused Kelly of being racist are those that are no longer Eagles. So could there be some bad feelings there because of that?

In My Sports Mind I think that Coach Kelly is just trying to build his team with players who he can bring in for less money and he feels that some positions like WR for example do not warrant the big contracts. I for one disagree and would base how I would pay a player on his level of skill, toughness and importance to the team and it’s those reasons that make me question the moves Kelly has made.

So What’s On Your Sport’s Mind about this subject?



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