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July 11, 2015

Redskins Name Offends Who?

by Larry Leek

NFL, Washington Redskins Logo

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder says that Washington’s nickname honors the native Americans where as many critics say it is nothing more than a racial slur. But is it in fact there to honor the native Americans or was it’s intentions merely to discredit or dishonor them?

The argument has been going on for decades and shockingly thru out the years it’s been increasingly discovered that the LARGEST majority of our native Americans are NOT offended by the name.

In fact over 115 professional organizations representing civil rights, educational, athletic, and scientific experts have published resolutions or policies that state that the use of Native Americans names and/or symbols by non-native sports teams is a harmful form of Ethnic stereotyping that promotes misunderstanding and prejudice which contributes to other problems faced by Native Americans.

But of the 150 organizations, FEW of these are Native American organizations.

Lets take it a little FURTHER Shall WE?

The recent decision by an obscure administrative law board to cancel the Washington Redskins‘ trademark registrations came despite the fact the agency hadn’t received a single letter from a member of the public complaining about the team’s name, records show.

The Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, which is part of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, ruled last month that the name was disparaging to American Indians. The team is appealing that decision.

In fact, the agency doesn’t have any record of correspondence from the public about the Redskins‘ name — expressing sentiments one way or another — prior to the board’s June 18 ruling.

A Freedom of Information Act request from The Washington Times asking for any communications from Congress or the public produced just 13 pages of records.

Six of those pages were a handwritten, meandering letter from a man in Lubbock, Texas, whose position on the team name controversy isn’t clear.

Another writer congratulated the appeals board after its decision but questioned whether the judges would “go after” the United Negro College Fund, (which is just another name or word that’s offensive to African Americans however they view it as NOT being offensive since it’s used by an organization OWNED by African Americans, ARE YOU KIDDING ME). Both letters were sent after the ruling.

So if the largest amount of complaints are not coming from the Native American’s & IF the largest majority of them do NOT have an issue with Washington’s nickname, then WHO does?

There were a few pages of email correspondence between staffers for the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office ) and Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District of Columbia’s nonvoting member of Congress. Ms. Norton has been a vocal critic of the team name, but her staffers were mostly seeking background information on the case.

The board made its ruling last month based on a legal challenge from Amanda Blackhorse and four others, who petitioned the USPTO against the Redskins, calling the team name offensive to American Indians. After the ruling, she called the decision a “great victory for Native Americans and all Americans,” saying the team’s name was “racist and derogatory.”

Both sides in the widely publicized case introduced thousands of pages of evidence and testimony from experts. And the decision hinged, in part, on the testimony of linguistics experts. which is an organization (LSA) that are mainly media experts from their particular field of coverage.

This Is Whats On MY Sports Mind about this subject.

First off I want to make it KNOWN that even though I’m not full blooded Cherokee my Grandad pretty much was and he had NO issue with the name, nor do I.

Myself growing up as a Cowboy’s fan, I learned to appreciate the Redskins and also the rivalry that came along with the team’s nicknames

To hear that the largest majority of native Americans have NO issue with the name Redskins, but IN FACT organizations like the USPTO DO, really burns me up.

Do they NOT realize that they are NOTHING more than a service in this country and in My Sports Mind have NO SAY in matters like this? I feel they should simply SHUT UP and do their JOB, which is to distribute patients to companies and individuals in their UNIQUE designs, ideas and NAMES ect….

Once the Redskins have lost the fight and it appears now MORE than EVER that they will, I hope all the other sports organizations realize their nicknames will be next in line.

So you can say goodbye to ALL of these nicknames: Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Blackhawks, Recently Crowned Champs, Golden State Warriors and Florida State Seminoles just to name a few.

I would have to question these extremely SENSITIVE people, whom in My Sports Mind have never grown up OR matured, but only live for reasons to CRY FOUL or COMPLAIN about such childish issues. Also our government officials giving in to these groups have obviously NOT gave much thought into just how DEEP this goes and the enormous impact that it’s going to end up having on OUR sports world as a whole. But how much THOUGHT PROCESS has been given to this by these SO CALLED organizations that supposedly represent human rights interest? Plenty and believe ME, they have ONLY just begun.

Here’s a list of a few of the many other franchises and Universities that WILL be directly affected by the ruling in the Redskins case:

Minor League Teams:


Affiliates of the Atlanta Braves: Danville Braves (Danville, Virginia), Gulf Coast League Braves (Lake Buena Vista, Florida) – The team plays at the Walt Disney World Resort, Gwinnett Braves (Gwinnett County, Georgia) – formerly the Richmond BravesMississippi Braves (Pearl, Mississippi), Rome Braves (Rome, Georgia)

Affiliate of the Cleveland Indians: Arizona League Indians (Goodyear, Arizona) – previously the Gulf Coast Indians

Affiliate of the Pittsburgh PiratesIndianapolis Indians (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Affiliate of the Texas RangersSpokane Indians (Spokane, Washington).


Johnstown Chiefs (ECHL) — Named after the Charlestown Chiefs, the fictional team in the movie Slap Shot (partially shot in the real team’s home city of Johnstown, Pennsylvania). Team moved and became Greenville Road Warriors in 2010 (Putting the name Road in front of Warriors MAY have saved them), Malmö RedhawksMoose Jaw Warriors (WHL), Portland Winterhawks (WHL), Spokane Chiefs (WHL), Streatham Redskins (ENIHL), Chilliwack Chiefs (BCHL)


Lorman, Mississippi (Braves), Muskogee, Oklahoma (Warriors), Mount Pleasant, Michigan  (Chippewas), Murfreesboro, North Carolina (Braves), Cochise College, Douglas, Arizona (Apaches), Florida State UniversityTallahassee, Florida (Seminoles) – the mascot is Osceola and Renegade and FSU originated the Tomahawk chop performed by fans at games (You can KISS all of that goodbye), University of Hawaii at Manoa , (Hawaiʻi Rainbow Warriors), Clinton, Mississippi (Choctaws). Ottawa, Kansas (Braves), San Diego State University  (Aztecs), Tyler Junior College, Tyler, Texas (Apache), University of North Carolina at Pembroke (Braves) – originally created to educate American IndiansUniversity of UtahLake City, Utah (Utes).

There are WAY too many High School teams to begin to mention, So I think you can see where I’m going here and mark my word once the Redskins are FORCED to change their name, These teams WILL be where those 115 organizations are going to be headed next….

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject? Do YOU feel that after 69 years of being called the Washington Redskins, that its fair for the team to be FORCED to change their name?

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