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June 30, 2015


Do The Seahawks Really Appreciate QB Russell Wilson?

by Larry Leek
Seattle Seahawks QB, Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks QB, Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawk QB, Russell Wilson has proven time and time again thru out his young career that he’s a winner and not only that but a proven Champion. But when you start to compare Wilson’s salary to other SB winning QB’s there is no comparison and to make it WORSE, Even comparing his salary to some of the backup QB’s in the league has to have Wilson wondering just HOW much the Seahawks appreciate his effort?

When you compare this years Super Bowl MVP, Patriots QB, Tom Brady’s annual salary (12.0M) or even former SB, winner Eli Manning’s (16.3M) both of their annual income dwarfs that of Seattle QB, Russell Wilson ($749.2k).

In fact if you compare Wilson’s annual salary to even some of the backup QB’s in the league like Tennessee’s Charlie Whitehurst  (2.1M), Miami’s  Matt Moore (2.6M) or San Francisco’s Blaine Gabbart (2.0M), It’s SHOCKING to discover that even they made more than Wilson in 2015.

When you look at the achievements that Russell Wilson has under his belt thus far which includes two super bowl appearances which yielded one SB Championship you have to wonder what the Seahawks are thinking.

. I doubt very seriously that if Whitehurst, Moore OR Gabbart was the Seahawks starting QB the last two seasons that they would have made either of the last two SB’s or even the playoffs for that matter. My Sports Mind tells me NO to both.

Seattle made the announcement back in January that they will make Wilson the highest paid QB in the NFL, But that has yet to materialize and once it happens or IF it happens, how long will he sit on top as the highest paid? My Sports Mind tells me for about as long as it takes for a snowflake to melt in July.

Currently the highest paid QB in the NFL and deservingly so is Green Bay’s Aaron Rogers (22.0M annually). So for Wilson to become the highest paid QB, he is due for quite an increase. 21,999.251.1M to be exact, that would give him the edge on Rogers by a total of $1.

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject.

These numbers CAN be deceiving, when you consider that when Wilson signed this deal he was a rookie and with the rookie salary cap that the NFL put in place after the 2011 lockout, It drastically decreased the initial contract value for unproven rookies. by an average of 25m per the 4 years.

The actual salary a rookie QB can make can vary quite a bit depending on what round the QB was drafted in and also which pick in that round, but the term for all rookies has to be 4-years.

But when you look at some of the other recent rookie QB’s 4-year deals like Panthers QB,Cam Newton ($22 million) or Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts, ($22 million) compared to Wilson’s 4-year contract (2.9M), you can’t help but think that the Seahawks really got a bang for their buck. Even the Redskins RGIII made way more in comparison (21.1M).

To give you an idea of what the Seahawks thought of Wilson as a rookie, You would have to compare Wilson’s contract to the backup QB the redskins drafted the same year they drafted RG III, Kirk Cousins (2.5M).

Yet when you compare the accomplishment’s of Russell Wilson to ALL of the rookie QB’s drafted since the rookie salary cap was implemented, NONE of them comes close to Wilson.

So My sports Mind tells me that if Seattle does not stick by their word making Wilson the highest paid QB, even if it does last’s for only a couple of days at least they will send the message that he IS their man, you could possibly see Russell Wilson sporting another teams logo.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind on this subject?




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