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June 17, 2015

Championship Was Golden State’s Destiny….

by Larry Leek

2015 NBA Champs, Golden State Warriors

Last night the Golden State Warriors achieved the ultimate goal by winning the NBA Championship, defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 105-97 in Cleveland. It was the Warrior’s first title in 40 years when they last won it all in 1976. For Cleveland the well continues to remain dry with zero titles.

It appeared the Cavaliers had ran out of gas when they lost game 4, allowing Golden State to pull back even at 2-games a piece and it was confirmed in games 5 and 6 as the Cavaliers lost the last 3 games in the series.

For Cleveland’s Lebron James, It has to be heartbreaking after fighting so hard, but with little support through out the series from his teammates. Lebron now 2-4 in Championship series has to think about what could have been had other starters PG, Kyrie Irving and PF, Kevin Love been available for the series, thou Irving did give it a go and played decent with a already injured knee, before fracturing his knee cap during the series. Love did not play at all.

The win was indeed well deserving for the Warriors who was actually the best team thru out the regular season their Power Ranking of 109.96 was second to none and 1.41 % better than the second place San Antonio Spurs (last years champs) and their record (67-15) was 7 games better than the team with the second best record the Atlanta Hawks.

Considering that it took 82 games for the Warriors to loose only 15 over the course of the entire season, for the Cavaliers to manage to beat them four games in just seven, would have taken WAY more firepower than the Cav’s had with their remaining lineup so the series was pretty much over before it began when you consider the injuries on Cleveland’s side. But what could have been will never be known.

My Sports Mind tells me if you take the four players that started during the series with Lebron and run the entire season with that line up for the Cav’s, Its highly likely, they don’t even make the playoffs because the level Lebron would have to have played at for them to accomplish that feat would have been WAY too much even for him.

So is it fair to say, even before the playoffs started that it was Golden State’s destiny to win the championship?

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject….

To begin with congratulations to the New NBA World Champs, The Golden State Warriors. You did what you were expected to do and withstood a nice effort from the Cleveland Lebronaliers and I’m sure even a Great player and Competitor like Stephen Curry would be the first to admit that he would much rather played Cleveland w/ their full lineup in tact. But my Sports Mind tells me that had that been the case, we would be looking at a different champion right about NOW. But that’s only going by the hard time Cleveland gave Golden State in games 1-3, winning two of them. BUT, Alas we will never know….

The series could have been at least a much more even one between the two teams, talent wise. It was after all, That original starting lineup that got this team to the playoffs and. the help of an injured Kyrie Irving that got them into the championship game.. Even with a Kyrie Irving at 100% the Cav’s. would have been much more formidable.

SO for now the Warriors get to celebrate their first championship in 40 years and yes it was their destiny to win the Championship this season, Once the finals began 😉

But if the Warriors want to successfully defend that trophy next season they better not take too much time to savor the victory, Because I have a feeling that the Cavaliers will be back for another challenge, WITH a completely different and MUCH more competitive lineup in place.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind on this subject?



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