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June 12, 2015

Has Cleveland Ran OUT Of Gas?

by Larry Leek

Cleveland Cavalier, Lebron James

For golden State Starting Andre Iguodala gave the team an offensive lift and Iggy also did a great job covering LeBron James, who was held to a much lower scoring than in the previous three games. Not to mention that Head Coach Steve Kerr admitted to lying to the media prior to the start of the game, about who was going to be in the Warrior’s starting lineup, replacing Andrew Bogut with Iguodala.

But one BIG problem on the Cavaliers side of the ball was obvious, when you look at the fact that the warriors made over 40 uncontested shots from the perimeter shows with out a doubt, that the cavaliers were completely worn down over the grueling first three games of the finals.

Another sure sign, the cavaliers was 6 for 45 (13.3%) shooting from beyond the paint. It’s no wonder the game was decided by the biggest margin yet 21 pts. in a 103 to 82 victory by the Warriors.

Lebron’s injury in the 2nd period didn’t help, when he crashed into a cameraman behind the goal at the edge line cutting James head in the process. The cut required being glued shut to stop the bleeding, in order for Lebron to be able to return and shoot his free throws, from where he was fouled during the play.  If Lebron hadn’t been able to take the shots he would not have been able to return at all.

After the injury Lebron’s game got even worse than before the fall, he ended up with only 20 pts. (21 under his average in this series), In fact Timofey Mozgov led Cleveland with 28 points and guard Matthew Dellavedova, again battling leg cramps after a hospital stay after game 3, for dehydration, had 10.

The Cavs shot just 2-of-18 from the field and were outscored 27-12 in the fourth quarter. They also got nothing from their bench as J.R. Smith missed all eight 3-point attempts and Cleveland’s reserves combined to score seven points.

So has Cleveland ran out of gas? Is this the end for King James and the cavaliers for this season?

This is Whats On My Sports Mind About This Subject….

Like I said before, IF Cleveland has any kind of a chance Lebron has to get help thru out OR the Cav’s are doomed. With out the help he received in games two and three, the series would now be over and Golden State would have enjoyed a complete sweep.

I saw complete exhaustion on the part of the Cavaliers, I mean 48 uncontested shots is a HUGE amount and it’s apparent that Cleveland is in dire need of some well deserved rest, and recovery.

My Sports Mind tells me that Cleveland still has a chance and their best opportunity will be to take advantage of the break prior to game 5 and win that game, so they can force a game 6 back in Cleveland AND another break while they travel back. IF they can pull out the win in Cleveland in front of the home crowd, what better way to win the series. Sounds GREAT right?

Well if you think it’s going to be easy back in Oakland, it’s going to be anything BUT, now that the Warriors seemed to have figured out that Lebron can be harnessed with effective defensive play from Andre Iguodala  and IF Iggy can keep up the great job of doing so, I have to continue to stick with my prediction that Golden State will win the series in 6 games.

Also If Cleveland’s bench and supporting cast don’t do any better than what was witnessed last night, there is NO HOPE period for Cleveland. What the team did as a whole in game’s #2 & 3 MUST be the same approach for the Cav’s OR they will NOT win another game.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind on this subject?




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