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June 10, 2015

Lebron Has Cleveland On His Shoulders.

by Larry Leek

Clevelands Son

Perhaps no team in history that has played in a championship series has been considered as big of an underdog as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Due to the fact they lost their 2nd & 3rd best players on the team to injury.

When PF Kevin Love, (injured shoulder) and then Kyrie Irving, (knee) both were lost, Golden State became an overwhelming favorite to win it all and most (Including myself) predicted the Warriors to do it in less than seven games.

Now with Cleveland leading the series two games to one, thought it’s still too early to start retracting statements, you have to begin to believe it is possible the Cavaliers (or should I say Lebron), Could have been misjudged just a tad.

In Game three the Cav’s built as much as a 21 pt. lead, even though they allowed Golden State to get back in to the game in the 4th quarter, in the end they was able to maintain their composure and win the game, of course the home crowd can always be a plus. But Cleveland has shown the ability to dominate a much better team stat wise in both games two and three. Even though they lost game one they still managed to take Golden State into overtime.

The big key here is can Lebron and his supporting continue to play at this high level long enough to pull it off?

Tuesday night it appeared that the Warrior’s Stephen Curry finally found his game and for the 2nd  time in consecutive games the Warriors came screaming back from deficits of 11 and 21, tying the game on Sunday, sending it into overtime and pulling to within one last night ONLY to come up short in both come backs.

Many are saying that the last thing Cleveland wanted to see was for Stephen Curry to get settled and find his game and it happened last night in the fourth quarter and could spell doom for Cleveland.

This is What’s On My Sports Mind about this subject….

Curry may have found his game Tuesday night, but I’m not so sure that it will matter if Lebron James gets this team believing in themselves. You can already see the level of confidence in JR Smith, Matthew Dellavedova and Tristan Thompson building since game one. Also even though Curry played much better Tuesday night and the Warriors came ALL the way back from a 21 pt. deficit, in the end just like game in game two, the Warriors could not pull it off and should Cleveland win game four and go up 3 games to 1, My Sports Mind tells me it could be too much for Golden State to overcome. So to say that tonight’s game is pivotal is an under statement.

Cleveland continues to have guys with injury or other health issues. Matthew Dellavedova was hospitalized after Tuesday’s game due to dehydration, his tank had ran on empty. So how effective will he be for game four?

From what I have witnessed so far, you can see that Lebron wants SO much to win this title for his home town, to the point that he is playing the series of his career, It’s like he is carrying the entire city on his shoulders. A Cleveland victory could possibly be the BIGGEST win ever for a team that was a heavy underdog against Golden State and also for a franchise that has NEVER known what it’s like to be crowned a Champion.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind on this Subject?



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