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June 6, 2015


The Hard Cold Facts: LeBron Will Soon Be 2-4 In NBA Finals….

by Larry Leek

Washington Wizards v/s Cleveland Cavaliers November 18, 2009 at Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.                                                                                         PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS

If game one is any indicator, Even as close as the game was considering it went into overtime and also considering that Lebron’s performance was superb (44 Pts. 8 Rebs. 6 Asst’s). EXCEPT when it mattered most and the end result was a loss in game one. The Indicator witnessed, is indicating that it could be over quick for the Cavs. Now Today Cleveland received the BIGGEST indicator yet that it could be all OVER for them.

The bad thing is that Lebron is playing with four other players on the court as a team and while many were saying in the early aftermath of the Warriors home win, that James choked during the overtime, scoring just 2 of his 44 pts. you can’t expect James to take on and defeat the whole Golden State team.

Cleveland suffered a HUGE devastating blow today when it became known that Kyrie Irving had fractured his left knee cap and will miss the rest of the championship series and with that news it leaves Center’s Timofey Mozgov  16 pts. in game one, and Tristin Thompson a DISAPPOINTING 2 Pts. SG’s, Iman Shumpert 6 Pts. and JR Smith 9 Pts. as the remaining top four starters for the Cavaliers.

if you take away now departed Kyrie Irving’s 23 pts. for game one, that means the Cavs. would have lost 100 to 77, not counting what ever few other points Irving’s sub. would have scored had he not played in game one and that’s what Cleveland has to look at as they prepare for game two.

You cannot expect Lebron to be everywhere thru out the game, score double what the 2nd highest player on the team scores, haul in 8 Rebs. and still be completely fresh during OT . Even though 2 pt.s IS a significant drop off, the bottom line is that if Lebron had been out for any reason, The Cav’s would have never made it to OT in the first place YET alone the playoffs….

The Warriors point distribution, on the other hand shows a much more balanced all around team. SF’s Harrison Barnes 11 Pts. Draymond Green 12 Pts. C’s Andrew Bogut 4 Pts. Marreese Speights 8 Pts and Festus Ezeli 5 Pts. PG’s Stephen Curry 26 Pts. and Shaun Livingston 6 Pts. SG’s Klay Thompson 21 Pts. Andre Iquodala 15 Pts. and Leandro Barbosa even scored 2 Pts.

So that’s 10 players for the Warriors that contributed to the scoring vs 6 for the Cavs. It was rumored that the Warriors were thinking having a lottery during the overtime period with the winners from the crowd dressing out and getting in a few points for the team, but Lebron’s 42 Pts. during regulation made them second guess the move. OH well, maybe in game two….

So with Kyrie now gone from the Cav’s lineup how long can King James hold up? How many games will it take for the Warriors to clinch the inevitable? OR Can the Cleveland Lebronaliers manage a MIRACLE and pull it off?

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject….

It would have been impossible for Kyrie Irving to last the entire series with his banged up knee. He probably should have NEVER played at all….

Lebron cannot win the series alone and what speaks VOLUMES to My Sports Mind is the LACK of support from the rest of the team OTHER than Irving had, who still managed to contribute 23 Pts in game one, bad knee and all and scored MORE points than all other HEALTHY players besides Lebron and by more than double than all other HEALTHY players except for Timofey Mozgof’s 16 Pts.

I said in my article I posted on May 30th, that I expected the Warriors to win in 6, even though I didn’t completely count out the Cav’s since they do have Lebron on the team. If he was still in South Beach we wouldn’t even be discussing the Cavs. BUT even with Lebron on the team it’s time to start counting to ten and also time in My Sports Mind, to start re-counting the number of games it will take for Golden State to win the championship.

I think Lebron IS good enough and should get barely enough support from the Inadequate’s to muster up two home wins. So I’m gonna trim one game off my prediction for the Warriors to win it in six games and give it to Golden State in five….BUT if Cleveland can’t manage to win game 2 at Golden State OR game three in Cleveland, you can expect to see Warrior fans breaking out the brooms in anticipation of a sweep and that certainly would NOT set well with Lebron,,,,

So What’s On Your Sports Mind about this subject?


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