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May 30, 2015

Falcons Release Linebacker Prince Shembo After Charged With Killing Girlfriend’s Dog….

by Larry Leek
Prince Shembo

Falcon’s Prince Shembo

The Atlanta Falcons have had another player charged with cruelty to animals and YES it’s dogs AGAIN. Linebacker Prince Shembo surrendered to Gwinnett County police at the jail on Friday where his bail was set at $16,700, for killing his now former girlfriend’s Yorkie at Shembo’s apartment back on April 15th.

Police said in a release that Denicia Williams called police on April 19th to report that her boyfriend had killed her dog at his apartment after she said he had admitted to kicking the dog while she was out of the room. when she returned to the room Williams said the dog was unresponsive.

Shembo stated that he was putting the dog in his kennel and he kicked the dog after it bit his hand and didn’t realize he had kicked it hard enough to kill it.

A necropsy on the dog’s body was done April 21 and tissue samples were sent to the University of Georgia for further testing. Police got the final results on Thursday and was the reason for the delay in charges being filed.

While waiting for those results, a police investigator spoke to Shembo several times by phone. Police decided to take out a warrant for Shembo’s arrest because of inconsistencies in his account of what happened and because of the necropsy results, the release said.

The dog suffered extensive injuries, including a fractured rib, abdominal hemorrhage, head trauma, eye injuries and extensive bruising in the muscles of his front leg and shoulders.

Police said an investigator contacted the Falcons to let them know about the warrant.

The case is definitely NOT good PR for the Falcons especially considering what the franchise went thru back in 2007 when then Falcon QB, Michael Vick was charged with running a dog fighting ring and also for ruthlessly murdering some of the dogs. Vick served federal prison time and never played again for the Falcons and currently is a free agent looking for a team to sign him.

This is just one more case of violence in a rash of cases that has troubled the NFL recently.  Murder, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Cruelty To Animals to name a few are some of the charges that authorities handed down to players and it has given the NFL a black eye concerning player conduct OR the lack there of.

The Falcons wasted no time in cutting the linebacker after Shembo was charged.

This Is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject….

This is getting REALLY OLD and FAST!!!! What are these players THINKING????

First off here you have these NFL (so called) stars that are making millions of dollars that are NO WAY in position to handle it. They did not graduate Harvard or Princeton with a license to practice medicine or law, yet they became overnight millionaires because of their physical skills and now in many cases it’s becoming obvious that its NOT because of their MENTAL skills or capacity.

This guy considers himself a warrior on the field, even more so being on the defensive side of the ball. He is 6.0′, 254 lbs. of shear muscle, plays in the NFL taking on guys constantly, likewise his size, yet he cannot handle the pain coming from the bite of a small dog like a Yorkie without unleashing his power on the tiny dog????

This has to STOP, Roger Goodell!

Deflating a football has gotten more publicity than Shembo’s crime and it happened well over a month ago. it seems a bit twisted to me as far as what takes precedence to the NFL.

The report says the dog suffered extensive injuries, including a fractured rib, abdominal hemorrhage, head trauma, eye injuries and extensive bruising in the muscles of his front leg and shoulders, YET Shembo said he didn’t realize he had kicked the dog hard enough to kill it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!

$16,700 bond? That’s the BEST you can do? I realize many consider it just a dog (I do NOT). Maybe it should have been set by the victims owner.

The NFL has GOT to get the message across to these violent offenders and they have got to get it across in a BIG way. My Sports Mind tells me to the tune of PERMANENT bans if they want to decrease the occurrence’s that are currently at an all time rise among NFL players.

Maybe then players would think before they commit STUPID acts that the usual multi-millionaire normally does not, but then these guys are NOT of the usual….

Pete Rose was banned from baseball for gambling. He NEVER did anything near this bad and MLB took everything away. I never felt Pete deserved such a fate when considering the ambassador he was for baseball and the fact that he never cheated. His records and achievements certainly spoke LOUDLY then and still today, but in the end that didn’t matter to then commissioner Bartlett Giamatti who banned Rose.

Quite frankly My Sports Mind tells me NONE of these players would ever be missed, should the NFL ban them for such thoughtless crimes. The NFL would continue right along without them and everyone would be for the better. So WHATS UP Commish.??

Football is a violent sport, carried out by violent players, The NFL MUST find a way to keep that violence ON the field.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind on this subject?



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