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May 21, 2015

Ray Rice A Cowboy??

by Larry Leek

Former Baltimore Raven, Ray Rice

Now that Ray Rice’s domestic violence case has been dismissed, NFL teams are contacting Rice’s agent inquiring about the 7-year back and one of those teams is the Dallas Cowboys.

After the Cowboys lost DeMarco Murray to free agency this past March they signed Darren McFadden to fill the role, but skeptics have been saying McFadden is not what he was in college and NOT the Cowboys answer at RB. That still remains to be seen, In MY Sports Mind, when you consider that HUGE offensive line of the Cowboys that appears to have only gotten more formitable thru the 2015 draft and by signing undrafted frfee agent La’ el Collins out of LSU earlier this month.

Now sources are saying that Dallas is the front runner in signing Former Baltimore Raven RB, Ray Rice and if you were to put Rice and McFaddeen together in the backfield the possibilities are a real nice thought.

Over Rice’s 6-year career he has had 1,430 carries for 6,180 yds. and 37 TD’s. He also has good hands out of the backfield with 369 receptions for 3,034 yds and 6-TD’s. Rice should still have at least a half tank of gas left in him, so baring any other off field issues, he would be a great pick up for any team in need of Rushing help.

Four other teams are also interested in Rice, those teams being the Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts. Of the five at this time the Cowboys are believed to be the front runners.

Where will Rice end up and how effective will he be next season?

This is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject.

The Cowboys signing Ray Rice would definitely help boost their RB corps but if they sign the 7th year back, could they be getting in a little over their head with the off the field problem players? Dallas is known to have the best support program for these players, but they don’t want to run thin on counselors and My Sports Mind tells me it could happen.

The thought of Ray Rice and Darren McFaddden sharing the same backfield is indeed intriguing to say the least and both would complement each other nicely IF the Cowboys would allow that to happen. Throw in Joseph Randall from time to time and you have a backfield that could be solid for another 4 years +.

Rice could also pay big dividends other places as well, like New England or teaming up with Frank Gore in Indianapolis could also be a possibility. Since Rice’s domestic violence case was recently dismissed, so you can bet he will end up somewhere VERY soon.

My Sports Mind tells me that he WILL wind up with the Cowboys, because it’s the perfect fit for him and I will further predict that he and McFadden will have a BIG year together in BIG D next season and I will go out one limb further and predict that who ever starts at RB next season in Dallas WILL have a bigger year than former Cowboy DeMarco Murray will have in Philly with that suspect O-line he will play behind.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind on this subject…..


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