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May 16, 2015

With The NBA Finals Set, Who’s Gonna Win It ALL?

by Larry Leek

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With the final four now in place in the NBA Playoffs, Atlanta and Cleveland in the east, Golden State and Houston in the west, The BIG question remains, which team is in the best position to take home the NBA Championship?

Cleveland perhaps was probably the odds on favorite to win the title in most peoples sports mind, but perhaps that could have changed a bit now that starters Kevin Love out and Kyrie Irving is listed as day to day with a knee injury, the big three is currently down to the big one, in Lebron James and for now you have to give the edge to the Atlanta Hawks in that department over in the east.

Over in the west you have the James harden lead Houston Rockets with Dwight Howard playing some great b. ball as well. matched up against the Golden State Warriors whom seem to be unstoppable from behind the 3-point arch.

This is the Atlanta Hawks first time treading this deep into the playoff waters and with the team having one of the best seasons in it’s franchise history it’s no wonder. Even though the team has no super stars to name of the team has been very consistent thru out the season and very much so deserve to be in the position they are in.

But once all of the dust has settled which two teams will remain to fight it out for the title and of those two who will be the last team standing when all is said and done?

This Is Whats On My Sports Mind about this subject.

Two weeks ago I would have told you that the Cavaliers were going to be hard to beat if they made it to the championship and now that Kevin Love is gone for the season and Kyrie Irving is now questionable as to how healthy he can be for the remainder of the playoffs, that leaves just Lebron and the remaining supporting cast of the Cavaliers to try to get the job done, but will it be enough? My Sports Mind tells me NO. In fact getting past the Atlanta Hawks will be no easy task.

But of the four teams remaining (If you’ve noticed I’ve already bounced the San Diego Clippers even though they are mathematically still alive) at this very moment I would have to give the edge to the Golden State Warriors, who seem to be the healthiest and also the hottest team going, but that could change between now and the time the finals are over. To be honest I could see any one of the four taking the title home with none having a distinct advantage over the other and that’s what makes these finals a bit more intriguing than some of the more recent ones.

I’m gonna go ahead and put Cleveland in the championship, because somehow I think they will find a way to beat Atlanta and in the end King James and company could wind up taking Golden State in seven games IF Kyrie Irving can return and play effectively enough to take some of the pressure off James. If that doesn’t materialize it will go the other way and The Warriors will end up with their first NBA championship since 1975.

So Whats On Your Sports Mind about this subject?

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